Chapter 287
After a few days, Xiu Tao told Zhou Ziyao the location of their meeting, it was the same exact location where Mo Mushan and Lee Xuiye had met and just beside the location where Lee Xuiye's accident or you could say attempted murder had happened.

Zhou Ziyao was startled for a few minutes when she heard the location of the meeting, but her madness to kill Lee Xuiye soon overwhelmed her thinking process and she didn't probe further.

Even if she would probe further, it was going to be worthless as Xiu Tao wouldn't attempt to answer her question and in fact, she would offend Xiu Tao which would bring disadvantages to her instead.

Therefore, Zhou Ziyao left Zhou Mansion without letting her parents know. Even Mr. and Mrs. Zhou didn't notice when their daughter left the house. Zhou Lizhong was just busy with his work while Zhou Xiaoyan was busy playing cards with her friends.

Perhaps, they would regret later. If they should have been so busy in their work and fun activities, then perhaps they could have saved their daughter.


Well, time would tell about it…

Usually, when Zhou Ziyao went to meet that driver, she drove her car and didn't take anyone with her. So today, she did like her usual practice and drove alone.

Zhou Ziyao heard a lot about Xiu Tao and she really wanted someone talented like him to work for her throughout her life. Therefore, she drove to the location and reached there before the decided time of the meeting to impress Xiu Tao about her seriousness to work with him.

However, to her astonishment, Xiu Tao had already reached there before her.

He had worn a funky jacket which covered his shirt and ripped jeans, he was completely looking like an innocent and charming young guy, unlike what Zhou Ziyao had thought about for him as she didn't meet him before.

Even Zhou Ziyao thought that he was someone else instead of Xiu Tao until she went in front of him.

"Hello, Miss Zhou!" Xiu Tao greeted her with his charming smile completely like suitors greeted her usually.

"Xiu Tao?" Zhou Ziyao asked as she confusingly looked at him because he didn't look like a criminal at all.

"Who else could it be apart from me, huh?" Xiu Tao amusedly asked as it wasn't the first time people mistook him based on his appearance.

Well, what could he say?

He just liked to look like an innocent to whom people mistook him unlike Lee Xuiye and Mo Lingtan who could look through him and could tell about his true nature for which Xiu Tao was quite unhappy about but as the saying went, there is the exception everywhere. Therefore, Lee Xuiye and Mo Lingtan were the exceptions in his case.

Zhou Ziyao still didn't seem to believe him and was about to ask him to present the proof for his identity " Could you…."

But before she could get the chance, Xiu Tao already brushed her off "I am Xiu Tao, believe it or not!"

Zhou Ziyao didn't like the way he interrupted her, but the way he interrupted her, she had confirmed that he was really Xiu Tao as she had just talked with him through a telephone conversation so she somehow understood how he liked to interrupt the other party's words and causing them to be irritated for that. 

Nevertheless, Xiu Tao didn't give a damn about it!

If there was somebody else then Zhou Ziyao wouldn't attend to them, but he was The Xiu Tao so she swallowed her anger and put a bright smile on her face and said: "Nice to meet you, Mr. Xiu!"

"Well….I wish I could say the same thing for you as well!" Xiu Tao retorted with an innocent smile on his face which had caused Zhou Ziyao's smile to be frozen in place because of his rude comment.

"Anyways! Tell me, why do you want to meet me?" Xiu Tao ignored her angry expression and asked without beating around the brush.

"I want you to work for me in exchange I will give a huge amount of money…" Zhou Ziyao again swallowed her anger and said in a sweet voice but again, she was interrupted by him.

"Do I look like someone who is in need of money, huh?" Xiu Tao chuckled and looked disdainfully towards Zhou Ziyao as if she was the dumbest person in this world.

Xiu Tao's car was more expensive than Zhou Ziyao's and he wore expensive clothes, so in what way did Xiu Tao look like he needed money to do her work.

Whereas, in Zhou Ziyao's mind was going to explode in rage seeing Xiu Tao was continuously belittling her. She didn't like people looking down on her. Moreover, Xiu Tao's attitude was very unfriendly towards her.

However, Zhou Ziyao had learned that Xiu Tao's mood could be friendly and unfriendly depending on the person's concern. 

Perhaps, Xiu Tao was just testing her through his friendly behavior.

Therefore, again Zhou Ziyao swallowed her anger and smiled brightly as if Xiu Tao's disdainful expressions towards her didn't bother her.

However, Zhou Ziyao would never forgive those expressions of his in her heart and would definitely make him pay for it someday.

"Then what do you want?" Zhou Ziyao asked sweetly.

"Would you give me whatever thing I want?"

"Sure!" Zhou Ziyao confidently replied as for her, there was nothing in this world which she couldn't get.

Hearing her reply, Xiu Tao nodded in the satisfaction which also increased the smile on Zhou Ziyao's face as she felt that she had passed his test.

However, her smile was once again frozen when she heard his next words.

"Then I want your life!" Xiu Tao said with a sinister smile on his face which caused uneasiness in Zhou Ziyao's heart that she hurriedly asked "What do you mean by you want my life?"

"Simple! I want you to die!" Xiu Tao replied innocently.

This of course came as a complete shock to her as she never expected this answer.

And in the next moment, Xiu Tao took out a gun and pointed at Zhou Ziyao's head.


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