Cultivation Online - Chapter 271

After the Sect Masters and their disciples left, Long Yijun returned to his headquarters with the other high-ranking sect elders .
Hahaha! What a bunch of idiots! They really thought they were going to defeat the tower! Long Yijun laughed merrily as he looked at the four Divine-grade treasures in his grasp .
Sect Master, what should we do now? While its great that weve obtained these Divine-grade treasures, I highly doubt the other sects will just let us keep them . Elder Xuan suddenly asked .
And he continued, Theyll definitely come back for them .
Long Yijun stopped laughing after hearing Elder Xuans words and nodded with a serious look on his face, I am well aware of that . We also have no need for these Divine-grade treasures, so I intend on selling it back to them .
How much do you intend on selling it for? Elder Bai suddenly asked .
Long Yijun showed a malicious grin and said, The full price, of course!
The sect elders were startled, but they were not shocked by Long Yijuns response .
A Divine-grade treasure is not something one can just buy even if they have enough money— at least not in the Lower Heavens where its extremely scarce, especially when they are powerful treasures that have been passed down for generations .
If the Dragon Essence Temple had lost their Dragon Slaying Saber, despite their wealth, they would have needed to sacrifice a few decades of resources at the very least to purchase it back from the other sects . Thats how ridiculously priceless these Divine-grade treasures were .
However, unless the other sects are willing to wage war against the Dragon Essence Temple to get their treasures back, they could only grit their teeth and pay the Dragon Essence Temple every coin for their treasures back .
By the way, hows Disciple Yuan? Is he currently training at Dragons Peak? Long Yijun suddenly asked Elder Xuan .
Yes, I took him there the same day you asked me . However, Disciple Fei is currently in closed cultivation, so she will have to enter the Dragons Peak at another time, said Elder Xuan .
Long Yijun nodded and said, Thats fine . With the Mystic Realm right around the corner, the most important thing right now is making sure Disciple Yuan is prepared .
Although we dont know what will happen in the Mystic Realm this year, its definitely not going to be easy even with Disciple Yuan assisting us . Therefore, we need to make sure he has everything he needs .
By the way, Sect Master, it appears that there are many people looking for Disciple Yuan . Its also why weve been bombarded with visitors lately . Apparently, they are here for Disciple Yuan, and Disciple Yuan doesnt want to be found by them— at least thats what I think .
What? Who are these people looking for Disciple Yuan? And what do they want from him? Long Yijun immediately frowned .
We only know that these people are mostly rogue cultivators without any backgrounds . The sect elders have questioned a few of them, and these rogue cultivators all say the same thing— I just want to speak with Player Yuan, said Elder Xuan .
Player Yuan? Is that Disciple Yuans title or something? Long Yijun raised his eyebrows in a puzzled manner .
And then he said, Anyways, regardless of their reason, if Disciple Yuan doesnt want to be bothered by these people, we will assist him . Tighten up the security . Nobody is allowed near the sect unless authorized by me from now on . If they dare get close, beat them up!
Hearing Long Yijuns command, the sect elders responded, Yes, Sect Master!
One more thing, Sect Master . This is regarding the last two spots for the Mystic Realm . Elder Shan said a moment later, and she continued, Do we have any names yet?
I was just about to bring this topic up . Long Yijun nodded .
Does anyone here have any recommendations? Ive been too focused on Disciple Yuan and havent paid much attention to the other Core Disciples .
Well… Besides Disciple Yuan, I can only think of two disciples who qualify for the Mystic Realm . Elder Bai said .
So youre also thinking about those two, huh? Long Yijun mumbled .
He then looked around and asked, Do any of you have objections to letting those two disciples participate in the Mystic Realm with Disciple Yuan?
Elder Shan then asked, Just to be clear, these two disciples are…
Its Gao Dongya and Xue Jiye, said Long Yijun .
Gao Dongya is the current leader on the Core Disciples Power Ranking . He only became a Core Disciple three years ago and immediately shot up the rankings within months, reaching first place in less than a year of becoming a Core Disciple, and he has been in that position since then like an immovable mountain .
As for Xue Jiye, while she is only ranked 13th in the leaderboards, she only recently became a Core Disciple half a year ago . In terms of talents and potential, she was on par with Gao Dongya .
When should we make the announcement? Elder Xuan then asked .
Tomorrow . Long Yijun immediately responded .
The sect elders there nodded their heads .
Meanwhile, in the real world, after dinner, Yuan said to Meixiu, The Mystic Realm is coming up and I am very close to making a breakthrough, so I will stay in the game tonight to cultivate .
Okay . Meixiu agreed without any complaints .
Thus, Yuan went back into the game sometime later, and he proceeded to spend the entire night cultivating . While increasing his cultivation in the real world is important, he also didnt want to disappoint those who were counting on him for the Mystic Realm .
[+8,019 Qi]
[+8,132 Qi]
[+8,252 Qi]
After spending the entire night cultivating, Yuan gained another 250 million Qi, moving towards Spirit Master at a rapid rate!
I have only about a billion Qi left . If I continue to cultivate at this pace for two more days, I should be able to breakthrough to Spirit Master! Yuan thought to himself as he logged off at sunrise for breakfast before returning to the game for another day of cultivation .