Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 473

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Chapter 473: World of Ice

Klein immediately sensed the mana fluctuations of Rakshasa.

Looking at the disk above Rakshasa’s head, Klein’s expression changed drastically.

‘What rich magic.’

At this moment, more than half of the basketball court-like magic appeared above Rakshasa’s head.

Such a massive amount of magic was enough to send chills down people’s spines just by looking at it.

They were deeply afraid that it would capsize.

But clearly, Rakshasa wouldn’t do such a boring thing.

Then, this spell?

Klein sensed it carefully. The spell within was extremely cold.

His perception came into contact with it, and it was immediately frozen by the spell within.

“So cold!”

Klein’s entire body shivered as he spat out a mouthful of white mist.

The perception was completely frozen as well. At this moment, Klein could no longer sense anything from the perception. All he knew was that it was extremely cold inside, a soul-stirring chill.

After the cold current froze Klein’s perception, it continued to pursue Klein’s other perceptions.

If it froze him, Klein would probably become a mindless puppet.

Sensing the threat of death, Klein’s expression changed drastically. He couldn’t care about anything else and could only grit his teeth and forcefully sever the perception.

After severing it, Klein’s face turned pale as a sense of weakness spread out.

But at the same time, there was still a lingering fear in his heart.

Fortunately, he had escaped at the last moment.

But now, the matter in front of Klein was even more terrifying.

If such a terrifying spell was released, how great of a disaster would it cause?

Furthermore, the Stone of Destruction below had clearly sensed it, so it had no choice but to say those words.

‘If it is really used, I’m afraid…!’

Klein looked at the humans below.

He immediately knew that he might not be able to withstand it, much less the humans below!

“Rakshasa, do you want to destroy this world?” Klein asked with a frown.

Rakshasa looked at him and said with a faint smile, “You’re thinking too much. This world is stronger than you imagine. But as for you guys, I can’t guarantee it.”

With that said, Rakshasa laughed sinisterly.

The voice was like an evil spirit that had crawled out of hell.

Just hearing the voice sent chills down people’s spines!

Klein knew that Rakshasa was right, because this world had already been reinforced by the Stone of Destruction. This had already been confirmed when they dug into the catacomb.

Therefore, the threat of this world had no effect on it.

“Hmph, do you think your magic can kill me?” Klein said.

With that said, he moved his finger slightly, and the long-range, ultra-fast Intermediate Whirlwind rapidly grew.

At this moment, he felt that the Intermediate Whirlwind was no longer able to deal with Rakshasa.

Therefore, he had no choice but to make two preparations.

“Oh, if I can’t kill you, why are you doing these little tricks?”

Rakshasa saw through Klein’s tricks and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Little tricks? It doesn’t seem like it. You seem to be very worried.”

“Worried? Hahaha!”

Rakshasa couldn’t help but laugh. Then, he revealed a mocking look. “You’re just an ignorant little ant, yet you dare to say such shameless words. Should I say that you’re brave or foolish?”

“Is that so?” Klein smiled and said, “No matter how much you say, I can hear the fear in your voice. I think you should run. After all, don’t you have spatial teleportation? You seem to be very adept at it.”

Klein didn’t mind stalling with it.

Therefore, he still needed time to prepare his next move.

It was the same for Rakshasa.

The more powerful the magic, the more time it would take to accumulate. Once it was accumulated, the threat it would create would be earth-shattering.

This was also why mages were called nuclear weapons.

“Hehe, interesting, interesting. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an interesting bug. It actually dared to provoke me. You’ve done well. In order to reward you, I can bestow you with death!” Rakshasa said.


Klein smiled. Through his senses, he knew that his magic was ready.

So, he said, “I’m looking forward to it!”

Finished saying it, the Endless Sword in his hand was directed to the place where Rakshasa was and ruthlessly cleaved down.

In an instant, six Intermediate Whirlwinds whizzed toward Rakshasa like unbridled wild horses.

Bzzz– Bzzz– Bzzz– Bzzz–

The terrifying Intermediate Whirlwinds cut through Rakshasa’s body like a cutting machine as it spins at high speed.

However, Rakshasa’s body was too hard. There was no qi or blood in its entire body. It was completely like a dried corpse.

Even so, with the speed of the Intermediate Whirlwind reaching 150 meters per second, Rakshasa’s body was starting to lose its endurance.

First was his thigh. More than half of it had already entered the Intermediate Whirlwind.

Under the terrifying wind force, countless winds continued to cut continuously.

Rakshasa’s skin was torn apart like a tarp.

Fresh blood flowed down.

This blood was very strange. It was not red, but black.

The kind of black where no light could be seen.

It was like oil that had just been extracted.


The continuous cutting caused Rakshasa to reveal a pained expression.

It let out a scream.

“Damn it, human, you actually injured me!”

It had to be said that Rakshasa had been careless. If he had attacked steadily, it would have been very difficult for Klein to resist.

However, he had chosen to decide the outcome with a single move. Clearly, it had given Klein a chance to counterattack.

Klein didn’t reply. Instead, he looked up into the sky.

Following that, he pointed the Endless Sword in his hand at Rakshasa. Countless Golden Spiral Shurikens followed Klein’s instructions and charged at Rakshasa frantically.

Looking at the densely packed Golden Spiral Shurikens in the sky, Rakshasa’s expression finally changed.

As a tier 9 powerhouse, it naturally knew how powerful this spell was.

‘Not good, I can’t let it get close to me!’ Rakshasa couldn’t help but think to himself. ‘There’s no time. Looks like I’ll have to use it.’

With this in mind, Rakshasa took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

He muttered, “Magic Freeze, activate.”

As soon as he said this, the elemental power in the entire space rapidly erupted.

The temperature in the space rapidly dropped, and countless tornadoes began to show signs of wreaking havoc.

Then, Klein looked at Rakshasa.

At this moment, Rakshasa’s palm instantly turned into five claws, as if it was very difficult to grasp the magic on it.

Then, he roared, “Open!”

From top to bottom, he pressed the magic on the ground.

At this moment, the sky suddenly became quiet.

Whether it was the wind, the dark clouds in the sky, or the ubiquitous elemental riot.

At this moment, everyone knew that this was only the eve of a storm.

Someone shouted, “Run!”

As soon as he said that, magic exploded in the air.

The first was the Intermediate Whirlwind spell.

All the Whirlwind spells that were centered around Rakshasa’s body changed instantly when they came into contact with the ice.

The purplish-black tornado seemed to have wrapped around countless water droplets.

Under the freezing spell, the water tribe began to form layers of ice.

At first, the Intermediate Whirlwind spell could still block it, but as more and more ice exploded, the amount of ice on the body of the Intermediate Whirlwind spell also increased. In the end, the Intermediate Whirlwind spell could no longer hold on.

The entire body was covered in ice. Under the burden of the ice, the Intermediate Whirlwind spell was like the last straw that broke the old horse. With a creak, it could not even explode and was directly melted.

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