Digging to Survive: I Can See Hints - Chapter 91

The other production of the runic refrigerator required wind and water runes .

The function was naturally to be used for refrigeration .

If nothing unexpected happened, the soul would definitely be added as an energy source .

Klein looked at the Ice-Cream Fruit seeds .

Klein was rather curious about the new seeds .

Since they were called Ice-Cream Fruits, could the fruits that grew out be like ice-cream? They could still be used to make ice-cream!

[Ice-Cream Fruit Seed: A small tree seed . The flesh of the fruit is sticky, like mud . If it can be frozen, you can obtain delicious ice-cream . It will be refreshing and uncloying . ]

Just as Klein expected, it could indeed be made into ice-cream!

“This thing is good . I’ll expand the greenhouse today and plant it . ”

Klein had no intention of eating ice-cream right now .

That was because the surrounding environment was too cold!

The temperature and humidity of the underground world would change according to the location of the catacomb .

If it was cold here, other places would be hot . Wouldn’t it be wonderful to taste ice cream when the time came?

Klein thought for a moment before saying, “The snow outside can also be used . ”

Klein took out his shovel and went outside to dig for snow .

When the snow melted, it could be used to irrigate it .

After scooping up a water tank, he hid in the runic base for warmth .

The inside of the base was much warmer than the outside .

After almost recovering, he continued shoveling snow and ice .

Klein got a few large stone vats to fill with snow .

The snow was relatively clean, and with great difficulty, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to drink the melted snow water .

Klein went in and out and finally filled up ten water tanks .

The top layer of snow in the catacomb was swept clean .

A water tank had a capacity of 60 liters .

When it melted, the snow water would definitely be less than 60 liters, but a water tank could have a capacity of more than 600 liters!

It could be used for watering or drinking .

After bathing, it could precipitate some substances and be sold as second-hand bath water .

Previously, a bunch of people were fighting over second-hand hot spring bath water . There were fewer harmful substances in the snow water, so it should be more popular .

“Let’s go to the next catacomb . ”

Klein put away the runic base and took out his shovel .

He checked five directions .

There was nothing too special in each direction . There were only treasure chests in two directions .

[In the catacomb on the left, there’s an Iron Treasure Chest and some resources . It’s easy to obtain resources . ]

[In the catacomb on the right, there’s an Iron Treasure Chest that can yield good items . There are two passing Bear Goblin mercenaries resting . Perhaps you can have a good talk with them . ]

There was danger on one side and nothing on the other .

However, the treasure chest on the right had a hint that it could yield good items .

Klein decided to go to the right .

“Bear Goblin mercenaries?”

He opened the illustration manual and looked it up .

[Bear Goblin: A cousin of the Goblins and the Earth Goblins . One of the Goblins that live for battle and violence . They plunder and hunt . They aren’t afraid of death . They believe that a howling soul can be a four wind god . If you offer enough, they are willing to be hired . They value their promises and fulfil their duties after being hired, even if it means sacrificing their lives . ]

[Ability: Violent Strike]

[Weakness: Simple-minded]

[Danger Factor: 40]

There was nothing special about their ability .

When they were enraged, the power of their attacks would be greatly increased .

‘Can I hire them?’

Klein’s heart stirred .

The last time he encountered a Gold-Digging Dwarf, he wanted to gather information but the Gold-Digging Dwarf had to leave .

And the underground Treant tribe was unhappy with Klein . The Treants weren’t willing to tell him about the information he sought .

Now that he met a Bear Goblin that could be hired by the system… Perhaps he could give it a try!

Klein decisively chose to dig to the right .

The tunnel gradually grew longer .

About thirty meters .

It was dug through!

One person and two pets entered the next catacomb .

The 50th catacomb!

Klein, Little Wind, and Little Fox had already appeared, immediately attracting the attention of the two creatures not far away .

They were sitting by the bonfire, grilling meat . When they heard something, they immediately got up and grabbed the mace beside them .

They were also careful of Klein and the two pets .

Klein was also sizing up the Bear Goblins .

Their faces weren’t exactly like bears . They still had the face of Goblins, but their noses were like bears .

Their bodies were covered in brown fur .

They were 1 . 78 meters tall and had a muscular body .

Their ears were long, and their lower teeth had a bunch of sharp teeth that stuck to their upper lips .

Their eyebrows were thick, and they grew upwards diagonally, exceeding their heads .

They looked a little fierce .


A Bear Goblin on the left asked in a muffled voice .

It spoke in the common language of the catacombs world .

“Yes . ” Klein looked at the roast meat on the bonfire and said with a smile, “Do you mind if I stay here?”

The Bear Goblins looked at each other .

The Bear Goblin on the right said nonchalantly, “Whatever . ”

They continued to sit down to roast the meat, but their voices were lowered as they whispered to each other . From time to time, they would glance at Klein .

This was especially so for Little Fox and Little Wind . When the Bear Goblins looked at them, their eyes glowed green .

If Klein hadn’t been there, they might have pounced on them and roasted Little Fox and Little Wind .

“It’s good that they didn’t attack me . ”

Klein smiled and took out a barbecue rack .

He lit a fire and took out a few large pieces of raw meat .

The meat in the Bear Goblin’s hands was probably a large rat . It was very small, and it was probably only enough for them to take two or three bites each .

In comparison, the pieces of meat on Klein’s side were large and numerous .

The Bear Goblin’s eyes immediately widened .

It was even tempted to commit robbery .