Chapter 899: 899

Chapter 899: Taking Full Advantage

Zong Shou shook his head and said, “All this is because of the pill Master gave . All this started because of Master…”

Lin Xuanshuang laughed coldly when she heard this, “Didn’t I tell you beforehand that it has a repercussion? That it might provoke your Sky Fox Bloodline and nature?”

Zong Shou frowned . She did say those words . However, she first spoke about the benefits of the pills, as for the repercussions it was just a probable outcome . She didn’t say much about it, obviously, so as to tempt him to do it… However, it didn’t make sense if he was to use this to blame her .

Lin Xuanshuang asked, “Cultivators like us need to remember our own hearts and cannot be tempted by our emotions and desires and immersed in lust . At this moment, you didn’t reflect on yourself and even want to blame your Master? To push everything to me . ”

Zong Shou was speechless and couldn’t retort .

What she said did make sense but the medicinal properties of the pill were just too intense, exceeding what he could take .

Actually, it wasn’t that he had no way to suppress it . He could actually do it but he was a step slower, causing everything to fall into place . What was done had already been done…

If he didn’t vent it out and suppressed it, the medicinal properties would hide deeper into his body . Once it exploded out it would only become more intense .

However, Lin Xuanshuang’s words weren’t wrong .

He was speechless . Moments later, he thought about something else, turning around his head to ask, “Then, why did Jingyin run over for no reason?”

Jingyin was startled and then looked toward Lin Xuanshuang at a loss .

“I also don’t know . There were some changes in my thoughts like someone was calling me over…”

Zong Shou was back on the front foot as he looked coldly at Lin Xuanshuang .

There were only three people here with such ability . Lu Wubing, him and her . Lu Wubing wouldn’t be so bored and as such she was the most suspicious .

“Is it me?”

Lin Xuanshuang used her fingers to pinch her chin and then she cupped her hands together and said in embarrassment, “Oh ya! I remember now . I was planning to teach Disciple and then talk to her about her last life . In the end, there were some changes and I forgot about her matter . Speaking of which, I do indeed have some responsibility over the matter . It is my fault . Jingyin don’t blame me!”

Jingyin was tearing up when she heard those words and she inhaled and shook her head .

At this moment, no matter how pure one was, one would know that she was plotted against by Zong Shou’s Master and bullied .

However, seeing her apologize so sincerely, she couldn’t be angry at her .

In her entire life, apart from Lu Yantian who liked to eat Xiantian Fire Essence Marrow and break apart her family, even if others did any hateful things to her, she had never hated anyone . It was the same situation today .

Lin Xuanshuang said in guilt, “It is all my fault . Although Jingyin doesn’t blame me, I still feel uneasy . I will punish myself to go into secluded meditation for 30 years to reflect . In the future, if there is a chance, I will compensate you . Also, Zong Shou you are my Disciple, since you did such monstrous actions, you should take up responsibility . You can’t let this girl feel abandoned . ”

After saying this, before Zong Shou was even able to say anything, she left the room with her face tensed up .

Zong Shou was stunned . His Master brushed across this matter so simply and it was over?

He hatefully stared at Jingyin . No matter, what he wanted to ask Lin Xuanshuang for an explanation .

But, this little nun was really a letdown .

Just as he was at a loss and didn’t know what he should have done, Lu Wubing burst out laughing .

“Who knew that Xuanshuang was so good at the Art of War…”

Zong Shou and Jingyin looked on in shock, only to see him smile and say, “To avoid you when you were totally furious to avoid your glow . You have no place to vent your frustration and as time goes on you will calm down . This is a great strategy on the battlefield…”

Zong Shou’s brow rose up when he heard this, so that was the case . Yesterday when he woke up he was extremely furious . If he met her then, he would have really done anything .

Today, she called him out, that was after a night of thinking which calmed him down . This energy had weakened .

It was indeed a strategy that strategists often used, to weaken enemies that were eager to fight…

Speaking of which, he fell into her plot without himself even knowing?

“Her avoiding the situation like it is a simple one was also expected . ”

Lu Wubing shook his head and laughed, “Based on what I predict, in around 45 more minutes we will arrive at Nine Extreme Death Jail…”

Zong Shou was speechless . In other words, he had to even beg his Master to not lock herself up . For her to forget about her secluded meditation punishment…

He couldn’t help but feel depressed . This Xuanshuang really played him like a toy .

In the next instant, Lu Wubing laughed, “However, Ruler allow me to be direct . The one who obtained the most benefits and ate one clean was still you right? What are you trying to do? You obtained the benefits but still want more?”

Zong Shou held his breath, the rage in his heart dissipating, thinking to himself that it made sense . One Xuan Comprehension Pill allowed him to totally comprehend the Source word, saving him 1,000 years of cultivation . He also obtained large amounts of Virgin Essence Yin .

In a short amount of time, even when he stepped into the Saint Realm, he didn’t need to bother about Yin and Yang balance .

At this moment, his body was unprecedentedly balanced . The benefits he received were tough to describe in words .

No matter what methods Lin Xuanshuang used and what she plotted, he as the Disciple had benefited .

However, now he felt sorry for Jingyin .

He looked at her, only to see that her face flushed red as she bowed toward him .

“Using my clean body to serve the Unlimited Buddha is my wish, you don’t have to worry much . ”

After saying that, she couldn’t sit still anymore and dashed out .

Zong Shou sighed, after hesitating, he didn’t immediately chase after her .

If it was another time, that was to be expected . However, at this time, he couldn’t worry about her emotions .

Thinking about that Nine Extreme Death Jail that they were about to reach, he clenched his fists, a vengeful expression appeared on his face .


Pretty much at the same time, within Yuanlian World which was who knows how much further away .

The other Jingyin got out of bed, her entire body felt really weak .

Her body was filled with a joyous sensation . Her jade hand tightly clenching her lower body area where the stream originated from, unwilling to leave . She felt her body was really empty but also exceptionally satisfied .

She was stunned as she looked at the bed and blanket which was in a mess . Around it, there were also sticky transparent liquid on it .

The entire room was filled with a really lustful aura .

However, at this moment, Jingyin didn’t know what had happened .

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