Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities - Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Hotel

She rubbed her eyebrows . She knew that what she had done was a little unethical, but everything else was insignificant compared to Hua Hua’s life .

Therefore, she was somewhat relieved .

Devil . A devil, huh?

Heh .

The next day .

There were no changes from before . Xiao Huahua was not around . Jiang Tingxu personally sent the child to the old residence before going to work . Then, she went to the hospital .

However, she had difficulty staying calm the whole day .

She let out a long sigh when she was about to get off work in the afternoon .

She got up, took off her white coat, grabbed her bag, and left .

When she came out of the basement, the car did not head home . Instead, it turned around and sped towards the Yun Crown Hotel .

On the way, a phone call came in .

“Madam, everything is ready . ”

“Yes, I’ll be there soon . ”

At this moment, in one of the hotel rooms, a female member of Leng Zheng’s team was wearing makeup with a bitter face . The male members beside her couldn’t help but smile .

Leng Zheng glanced at them a few times, and they restrained themselves a little .

When Jiang Tingxu arrived, the hotel manager recognized her at a glance and quickly went up to her:

“Madam, why have you come over today?”

When he thought of the scene that was still fresh in his mind the last time, his attitude became more respectful .

Who would have thought that the Mo family’s eldest young mistress already existed?

Moreover, it seemed that the young couple were very close .

Of course, Jiang Tingxu didn’t know that the manager had so much going through his head . Under the manager’s lead, they went straight into the elevator .

When the hotel staff saw this scene, they couldn’t help but be suspicious .

Who exactly was that woman?

There were only a few people in Yun City who could make the manager treat the guests with such respect .

As for those few people, everyone had long memorized their names and faces .

Jiang Tingxu was indeed a stranger to everyone . After all, she hadn’t been here many times in all these years, and her identity as the Mo family’s eldest young mistress had never been exposed to the public .

Not to mention the hotel, even the Mo family’s head office did not have many people who knew Jiang Tingxu’s identity .

In the elevator, the manager stood at the side and asked in a low voice,

“Madam, are you going to the Young Master’s exclusive suite?”

Jiang Tingxu nodded:

“Yes . ”

After receiving a response, the manager swiftly swiped his card on the floor and the elevator instantly went into operation .

However, when they reached the seventh floor, the elevator stopped . Two foreigners, a man and a woman, came in from outside . The man even took a few more glances at Jiang Tingxu, who was standing at the back . He revealed a row of neat and white teeth and smiled:

“Hello ~” They greeted .

Jiang Tingxu responded with a faint smile:

“Hello . ”

The manager went in front of Jiang Tingxu discreetly . With a professional smile on his face, he greeted the man and the woman in English throughout the entire ride . Naturally, he also asked the two of them if they had any feedback on the hotel’s service .

When the woman greeted them, she spoke . For the rest of the time, she remained silent . The foreigner man was very talkative and chatted with the manager happily .

When they reached their floor, he still looked as if he hadn’t had enough .

The moment they went out, the manager immediately stopped smiling .

It was true . People were two-faced!

The floor that Jiang Tingxu was going to was one floor higher than that of the man and the woman, so they arrived in the next instant .

When they stepped out of the elevator, Leng Zheng and the others were already waiting outside:

“Madam . ”

Jiang Tingxu nodded and said to the manager beside her,

“Go get busy . ”

Of course, the manager wouldn’t have any objections:

“Okay, okay . If you need anything, please feel free to ask, Madam . ”