Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2718

Just a Mere Tattered Flag

This was the Heaven and Earth Dragon Vein but it’s also dangerous, truly mysterious indeed…

“No spiritual qi, so what? Haha, do we need to worry about anything with our firepower?” Feng Luojiang said with a smile .

“You don’t know anything . ” Jiang Chen sighed . It’s so tiring to preach to deaf ears .

“This basically meant that our strength will continue to drop as we continue to expend our divine origin energy . We cannot replenish our energy pool, just like a pool of water becoming a bucket . ” Dongpo Tianchi’s expression changed and said .

Jiang Chen just silently nodded . He couldn’t understand why was the dragon vein such a deathly place? And their situation was extremely dangerous .

A well would become a single bucket of water after the water’s gone, there won’t be anything left . Feng Luojiang became slightly nervous from this description . However, he still ignored Jiang Chen’s advice .

“This is just excessive worry . Let’s see what formation this is . ” Feng Luojiang said as he walked towards it .

Feng Luojiang then put his arm out, and tried to pull out the flag .

“Stop…!” Jiang Chen shouted .

However, Feng Luojiang still touched it . Feng Luojiang laughed in disdain as he pulled out a flag .

“Stop what? It’s just a broken flag, what can it do to me?” Feng Luojiang said arrogantly .

He didn’t like Jiang Chen’s suspicious expression, a cowardly man, why did he bother entering the dragon vein? Is he looking to die?

“Isn’t this fine? You’re overreacting, even if it’s a formation, it has already been here for far too long, it is already broken . Plus, you said there’s no energy here, what formation could last millions of years? I don’t believe it . Haha . ”

“Don’t include me if you wanna die!” Jiang Chen stared at Feng Luojiang coldly .

“Did you think that you could remain alive to this day if it wasn’t for Brother Yu?” Feng Luojiang stared at Jiang Chen .

He didn’t like Jiang Chen from the start, acting all smug and all . As if he knew everything under the heavens . It’s just a broken flag? SO what if I took it out?

“Enough, Feng Luojiang . ” Yu Huagan shouted .

Feng Luojiang harrumphed and went silent . However, at this moment, the whole underground dragon vein started to tremble, a huge quake was happening as stones started to fall upon their heads .

“Damned fella!” Feng Luojiang gave Jiang Chen a stare .

This fella is a fool! Although there isn’t any spiritual qi, the flags could defend the formation, like how I can’t set up the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation, however, the Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation only requires its divine tools to operate .

It’s most likely caused by Feng Luojiang’s action, Jiang Chen was extremely furious about this .

“Be careful, the ground is shaking . ” Yu Huagan said with a gloomy expression .

They could only take care of themselves in this situation . They wouldn’t be trapped underground even if an earthquake occured as they were all Divine Kings . However they would still be injured if it happened .

Jiang Chen quickly backed off and protected himself with divine origin energy as he placed his back into a corner . The trembling lasted for around ten breaths, they thought it was a massive earthquake but it was not as none of them suffered any injuries .

“Overreacting” Feng Luojiang said .

The flag suddenly flew back to the altar and this gave him a good startle .

“How could this happen?” Dongpo Tianchi was also shocked .

“God playing havoc on us is forgivable, but the evil we bring onto ourselves is the hardest to bear . ” Jiang Chen said while gritting his teeth .

At this moment, blue-ish eyes demonic beasts were crawling out from the surrounding tunnels, slowly moving closer towards them .

“This… this… why are there so many beasts? Each one of them is at least at the Divine King Realm!” Feng Luojiang’s expression finally changed .

“You’ll have to ask yourself . ” Jiang Chen would’ve gladly smacked this fella to death .

“If it wasn’t for you pulling that flag out, the quake would not have happened . Why are there so many demonic beasts under the dragon vein? Those are the demonic beasts that were sealed within the crystals . All of this is caused by you, Feng Luojiang!”

Yu Huagan and Dongpo Tianchi looked at Feng Luojiang with anger .

Feng Luojiang said unhappily:

“Don’t you dare frame me . Why is this my fault?! Why didn’t you tell me that those flags couldn’t be taken out?”

Jiang Chen chuckled . I’ve told you but did you listen? Now you’re trying to push the blame to me .

“To think there’s more than a dozen . This is getting troublesome . ” Dongpo Tianchi murmured as he started to get nervous .

Several dozen Divine King Realm tiger-shaped demonic beasts were pretty hard to deal with . Moreover, they were stronger than the ones before . They clearly felt the difficulty in facing one of them earlier and to have this many coming at them… they felt the pressure and danger this encounter posed .

“Feng Luojiang… you! This is your fault!” Yu Huagan shouted in anger .

“Enough bullsh*t, let’s first eliminate these beasts . ” Jiang Chen said .

Several dozen beasts came rushing out from all directions, each and every one of which was filled with extreme violent anger, the four of them were forced to deal with caution .

“Screw you all!!” Feng Luojiang said while gritting his teeth as he launched himself forward .

It’s pointless to deny them now . He can only try to make up as much as possible, and presently, they have to eliminate these beasts to survive .



Several dozens of tiger-shaped demonic beasts came rushing, the strength behind their tackle was pretty immense . These Divine King beasts were out of the norm . A normal Divine King would easily be shredded by them . Although they were just at the Early Divine King Realm, their combat strength was at the Mid Divine King Realm . Their body was sturdy and without fear of death, it’s like a steel puppet .

Jiang Chen backed off and a dozen beasts encircled him .

Jiang Chen took on a dozen beasts with his physical body without fear . Yu Huagan, Feng Luojiang and Dongpo Tianchi silently acknowledged his strength as they were shocked by it . As they were hard-pressed on dealing with these beasts themselves, they could only use their best techniques and constantly evade as they looked for an opportunity .

Whereby Jiang Chen was different, each and every punch he threw caused a giant pit on the beast’s body . He liked to go into a melee as this conserves the divine origin qi within his body as not even the wood spirit was infinite .

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