Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2854

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Chapter 2854

Choosing Sides

Donghuang Tai`A smiled bitterly but he was slightly relieved. When he was completely disappointed and helpless, he was saved by Jiang Chen. More importantly, the way Jiang Chen saved him was exactly the same as how he saved Jiang Chen before.

Fortune was in the east of the bank thirty years ago, but turns to the west when thirty years has passed. If Donghuang Tai`a was not drained, he believed that he would definitely not be kicked out by Gui Gu in participating in the fight for the Silver Dragon Fruit. His selfless act had become a ridiculous sacrifice. It was not appreciated at all.

Jiang Chen’s arrival undeniably cheered Donghuang Tai`a up, but how much burden can Jiang Chen carry? Although Jiang Chen was not weak at all, he might not get any advantage in competing for the Silver Dragon Fruit against Gui Gu and Xuan Shenji. Jiang Chen might even fall into the situation that he was facing just now.

“It’s you. Alright. Alright. Do you think that you would not be killed? Humph. Naive. Even Donghuang Tai`a is not in my eyes, how can you be more excellent than him?”

Gui Gu said in despise. He was very unhappy about Jiang Chen saving Donghuang Taia. He was going to give a lesson to this ignorant kid.

“You’re right. What you said is exactly right. A bastard from Eastern Emperor Sect. We must kill him as soon as possible. I am willing to submit to Brother Gui Gu.”

As soon as a cold laughter raised, a thin young man walked to them slowly. He was really skinny but his eyes looked incredibly ghastly.

“Shen Lianqiao, I didn’t expect that you have learnt to curry favour. The haughtiness of Shen Ying Sect is gone.”

Gui Gu said faintly.

“Smart people know which master to work for. Since Eastern Emperor Sect has been defeated, why shouldn’t I join hands with Brother Gui Gu and step the Eastern Emperor Sect under our feet? Hahaha. Don’t worry, I know my own strength and I will not take the Silver Dragon Fruit from Brother Gui Gu’s hands.”

Shen Lianqiao grinned and said. He was weaker than Donghuang Taia and the other experts, but he was not an ordinary cultivator either. That was why it was still quite shocking to see him submitting himself to Gui Gu.

“Only the people of Eastern Emperor Sect have survived through the battle of the Thunder Rush Sea. Doesn’t this explain everything? According to what I know, everyone from the ten major sects were killed tragically by the people of Eastern Emperor Sect. I must take revenge. I think Brother Gui Gu wants to take revenge too, am I right?”

“Traitors from the Shen Ying Sect are really everywhere.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Smart people are those who understand the situation. Since Donghuang Tai`a has been defeated, what can you still do now? Under our alliance, Eastern Emperor Sect doesn’t even have a place to stand.”

Shen Lianqiao was cold and stared at Jiang Chen without fear.

“I want to kill everyone from the Eastern Emperor Sect, too.”

Suddenly, a dragon figure arrived, stunning everyone. The dragon figure dispersed and a white-clothed charming young man stood on the void.

“I would like to join hands with Brother Xuan. At any cost, Long Xingyun, I would like to eliminate the people of Eastern Emperor Sect and kill Jiang Chen. That’s my will!”

“Another expert. Long Xingyun of Nine Dragon Palace. His strength is comparable to Shen Lianqiao.”

Zi Xi squinted his eyes and said with a deep voice.

“Alright. With the help of Brother Long, people of Eastern Emperor Sect will definitely not be able to escape from this ice canyon.”

Xuan Shenji said faintly.

“Xuan Qi Sect, Shi Qian!”

“Ba Gua Sect, Hua Ying Xiong would like to follow after Brother Xuan as well. May you fulfill my wish.”

Shi Qian and Hua Yingxiong chose to submit to Xuan Shenji at the moment. With their strength, it was impossible for them to fight for the Silver Dragon Fruit. However, if they chose the right team, they would be able to go through the coming journey smoothly and obtain the qualification to enter the Profound Connection Divine Palace.

“Many experts have arrived. I think I am going to be the public target now.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Obviously, Eastern Emperor Sect and he had become everyone’s target to attack.

“Long Xingyun, I can’t believe that your Nine Dragon Palace would be this ungrateful. Without Jiang Chen, Long Xinghua would have been killed in the Thunder Rush Sea. How could your Nine Dragon Palace forget the kindness and come to take revenge? I am scornful of you.”

Zi Xi said in anger while staring at Long Xingyun coldly.

“Hehehe. I was the one saved by him. Why should I repay his kindness? I only know that those who survive have the right to speak.”

Long Xinghua said with ridicule and ignored what Zi Xi said.

“This is the difference between a human and a dog. Dog is always a dog but a human can sometimes be a dog

Jiang Chen shook his head and smiled contemptuously. Although he had become the public target, these guys might also be sacrificed in the battle between Xuan Shenji and Gui Gu.

“Eastern Emperor Sect has put you in danger.”

Donghuang Tai`a smiled bitterly and glanced at Jiang Chen.

“Little Chen, I will always be by your side. I will not regret it even if I die.”

Yan Qingcheng stood by Jiang Chen and said gently.

“Don’t say such discouraging words. We might not be the one who dies. I can see that death is at their side. Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen said and laughed. There were still experts standing by his side, even though they were not as capable as Gui Gu and Xuan Shenji.

“Brother Jiang, A’mo Kehan would follow you until the end. We have been fighting together in the Divine Tomb, I will definitely not bring shame to you.”

A’mo Kehan said without doubt. He would never flinch. Although Moling Dongchen remained silent, her silence had already shown her decision.

Luo Ping and Mo Sanpao were almost as strong as A’mo Kehan. The people who could really help Jiang Chen were only Yan Qingcheng, Zi Xi and Moling Dongchen.

“Jiang Chen, don’t push your limit. It’s okay.”

Donghuang Tai`a tried to advise Jiang Chen to leave the place immediately. Although they might not be able to fight Gui Gu, Xuan Shenji and others, they might still have the chance to run away.

“Backing down is never a choice for me.”

Jiang Chen smiled. His steadiness had stunned Donghuang Tai`a. Had he underestimated Jiang Chen all this while? He wanted to fight Jiang Chen in the past, but now Jiang Chen chose to save him at the cost of his life. This made Donghuang Tai`A feel shameful. This might be a part of their destiny but Donghuang Tai`a really did not foresee that he would be the sacrifice of defeating the Dragon Sturgeon. Their chance of winning was very slim in this battle as it depended on Jiang Chen alone.

If Jiang Chen lost, they all would be defeated. If Jiang Chen remained strong, they might have a chance to stay alive. But the chance was really slim.

“Brother Xuan, let’s delay our battle. Since everyone want this guy from Easterm Emperor Sect to die, let’s fulfill their wish first. What do you think?”

Gui Gu smiled cunningly and said.

“Up to you.”

Xuan Shenji smiled but his eyes were like a sword, targeting Jiang Chen.

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