Earth's Greatest Magus - Chapter 456

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It was quite an exhilarating meet. The high priestess ended it with another reminder of the disaster that will come, hence its importance for Emery to succeed.

Even at this moment, Emery was still not sure about the true nature of this so-called 'disaster', but at least now, his cultivation path was clear.

He won't let the priestess' sacrifice go to waste. He'll do everything in his power to make the seed bloom before his recall.

The vision from the Gaia tree had shown a path to the east. It's irritating that the priestess' so-called 'divination' was never really clear, but he believed it will be enough to lead him to his destination. 

Either way, it appeared Emery had a long journey ahead and a limited time. He needed to prepare as soon as possible.

Emery had enough coins to charter him across the sea. But there were still some things to do here, some matter to settle.

For now, he should visit the fey sisters before he left. Unfortunately, when he went to see the sisters, he couldn't fin Morgana among them.

"Brother… Sister Morgana has left." said Glita

"Where did she go?"

"She didn't say… She only told us she'll be away for a while."


Considering the last time he saw her, there was no way she left too long ago. He activated his spirit reading and was about to chase her, but right as he was about to activate it, Tyra, the oldest sister, blocked his way.

"Emery, she doesn't want to see you. What you are doing right now only forcing her to run even further, please give her some time."

He had half a mind to chase her despite that, but he realized that, even if he managed to catch up with her, he had nothing to say either. Staying away for a while might be for the best.

He should not think too much about this and decided to see Killgragah next.

It was probably an unwise decision, but recently the dragon has been helping him so much. At least, he owed the dragon an explanation before leaving for his journey.

He went inside the khaos space but right as he entered, just a few seconds it needs for the dragon to read his mind and shrieked.

"That is a bad plan! No, I can't approve it! Double core! No human body would be able to handle such a thing!"

Although Emery tried to negotiate, the dragon seems unwilling to listen, causing him to have to exaggerate his reason, about how important are those nature elements for his future.

The Dragon doesn't really care about any of those, but it currently has no other solution that doesn't involve risking Emery's life. Emery can see the dragon's irritation but it had no choice but to accept. For now, Emery could only ask for the dragon to be patient.

Emery did not forget to express his sincere gratitude to the dragon before opening up the [Spatial Gate], this time directed towards the stone formation outside of Camelot.

When he arrived, he realized the town was more crowded than usual. He saw people coming and going. Many nobles and citizens alike had gathered and, along the way, there were rows upon rows of knights carrying different banners. The situation was as festive as it was at the time of the yearly tournament. There must be something happening here.

As he walked towards the castle gates, he was stopped by the guards.

"Hold it. Please state your identity and origin."

This time, Emery came as himself and he didn't use the Lanzelot identity. Thanks to that, nobody recognized him.

"If you come for sightseeing, this is not a good time. Bugger off!"

His curiosity was peaked. He gave the guard a polite smile and asked.

"Excuse me, may I ask why it is so crowded today?"

"Why are you still here?!" The guard narrowed his eyes. "No identification, No Entry, go away! we are busy?"

It's not that he needed the permission to enter, he can just blink himself in. But sometimes he just needed to interact with these people.

While the guard was focused on scolding him, Emery secretly opened his [Spatial Storage]. He took a small, metallic emblem from within and showed it to the guards.

Their eyes instantly bulged out in shock.

"The honorable wizard of the Divine Order! Our apologies, master wizard"

He pocketed back the emblem and let out a sigh. The power of his title really did have its perks.

Once again, Emery asked the guards and they quickly spilled the truth: tomorrow was the long-awaited day when Prince Arthur would be officially anointed as the king of Logress. 

High rank nobles from the seven kingdoms would come and, considering the state of the streets, several had already arrived today.

Not only that, there would be representatives from neighboring kingdoms, including Gaul and even Rome. This gathering would be a milestone in a renowned kingdom's history, of course, other kingdoms from across the sea would be interested. 

It appeared Emery was almost left out on such an important event. Fortunately, he arrived at the right time.

Emery was allowed to pass the gate right away and, after he was inside, he used his spirit reading to look for Gwen.

She might have a noticeable spirit presence, but it was still difficult to find her among thousands of people.


Surprisingly this time, Emery felt some kind of strange feeling in his reading. He tried to find the source, but it had completely disappeared.

Thinking about the possibility, he instantly thinks of Maeve, but on the other hand, it may be just a side effect of his cultivation problem. Even Maeve couldn't be powerful enough to avoid his spirit reading.

Either way, more of a reason to find Gwen right away, it's been almost a month since he last saw her.


Written by Avans, Published exclusively by W.e.b.n.o.v.e.l, 

User rating: 2.5

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