Earth's Greatest Magus - Chapter 460

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Time passed by and the ceremony finally reached the part where each kingdom would show their support by presenting the gift they had prepared. This part of the ceremony was also considered a way to send a message of how each kingdom's relation and reaction toward the Logress Kingdom.

It was the Norgales Kingdom's envoy who came forward first and presented the gift prepared by their nation. Apparently, he had come bearing the gift of the sword. Other people, specifically those outside the noble circle, might not notice what the gift represented, but most nobles certainly knew better.

This gift was a way for Norgales to insult the Logress Kingdom, for their inclination of not being in the frontline like them. However, it seemed this gift was to be expected as Emery could see Arthur accept it with open arms and calm expression.

The second kingdom who came forward was the Demate Kingdom, the kingdom of hunters and tamers. The envoy gave appropriate respect before presenting Arthur what Demate Kingdom had prepared - the gift of the most luxurious quilt, a way to show prosperity to the kingdom. 

It was clear and predictable that the Demate Kingdom supported the Logress Kingdom, as they had always been a good supporter of the latter.

The third was the Cantiaci Kingdom, which presented a luxurious box embedded with many precious jewels. But when it was opened, everyone could only see the sand inside. 

The Cantiaci emissary gave a poem-like speech about their sincere wish to Logress on the riches of the land, but most of the people here knew with Logress' current relation with Cantiaci, the sand actually meant the ashes of nothingness. To put it simply, they were expecting the end of the Logress Kingdom's existence.

Despite knowing entirely well of this, Arthur still accepted the five with open arms. He even told the emissary to convey his gratitude to the Cantiaci King.

The fourth emissary hailed from the Iceni Kingdom, which was situated at the east of Logress territory. It was apparent that the gift brought by the emissary caught Arthur off guard, as Emery could see his face change. The Iceni Kingdom decided to present a box, filled with coins. 

At first glance, it might look like a good gift. However, most nobles usually didn't give coins in ceremonies, especially one as such. The gift actually signified their disappointment toward the Divine Order for not doing anything significant regarding the raids coming from the seas.


The fifth was from the Gangani Kingdom, the kingdom situated at the north west, one that was known as the land of the horses. They were also considered as a long time ally of the Logress Kingdom, but to everyone's surprise, the envoy came bringing nothing but good words from the Gangani King.

The Gangani Kingdom's unexpected decision caused a ruckus, as people began talking and whispering with each other. This could only mean that the Ganganis would not be involved in whatever was going to happen. They decided to take a neutral stance and not help any side.

The gift definitely brought disappointment to the Pendragons. They didn't expect the Iceni and Gangani Kingdom's stand on the matter and were disheartened by their decision. Meanwhile, the two parties who didn't like Logress, the Norgales and Cantiaci, looked very happy with the disadvantageous situation the Logress had gotten themself in.

The current situation could be concluded as three against, one support, and one abstain. Emery could see why the Logress was quite desperate on their attempt of getting close to the Lioness.

The last who came forward was the Lioness Kingdom. When it was finally Lioness' turn, everyone's attention was automatically fixed at the golden-haired beauty.

Gwen walked with elegant confidence in her steps. She gave her respect to the new crowned king and said, "Your Majesty, pardon me but I came today with nothing to give."

Her words immediately caused turbulent waves throughout the crowd, as everyone didn't expect it. They thought Gwen had come to show her support to the Logress' new king, her words made everyone confused, even the Pendragon duo of father and son.

Ignoring the ruckus caused by her, Gwen turned around facing the audience as she continued her words.

"Everyone knows how the Lioness Kingdom is no more. Hence, I have nothing to give. However, I am here to personally give the new king something from me - a gift of peace."

Then, everyone was once again surprised, as the beautiful golden-haired princess suddenly open her voice and sang.

Gwen, who stood in the middle of hundreds of nobles, was singing a simple song about the love for the people. The reason she sang this was to remind everyone here about how war should not be carried out so easily.

It was exactly a song about peace, that somehow was able to reach the heart of the people in the room.

As he heard the melodious voice of Gwen, Emery was reminded of what Abe said about her.

When the song was over, to everyone's surprise, the former king of Logress, Uther Pendragon, gave a big applause, which was then swiftly followed by everyone else. Afterwards, he approached Gwen and spoke to the audience.

"Such a beautiful song, sung by a beautiful princess. How befitting! Don't we all agree?"

Everyone subconsciously nodded their head, as it was true that everyone in the room was mesmerized by Gwen's voice. However, it seemed Uther wasn't satisfied with what Gwen presented. It didn't really show her support to Logress.

"We, the Logress Kingdom, were so honored by the presence of such beauty. Furthermore, my son and I are honored that the princess is willing to sit with us at the main table."

The words Uther spoke quickly caused murmurs among the nobles because sitting at the main table for a single woman like Gwen could be considered as her being accepted into the family.

Seating on the main table might seem to be just a simple gesture, but for her, who only wishes to help on the sideline, this would mean a commitment for herself to be involved in all of this.

This sudden move by Uther made Gwen uncomfortable and it also made Arthur stand from his sits and approached the two.

Arthur whispered to his father not to push her, but Uther stopped his son and whispered to Gwen.

"My apology princess, but you understand the situation we are in, just play along and I promise I will protect your people"

With enhanced senses, Emery could hear the threat from the corner of the room and at the same time, Gwen was staring at him with confusion in her eyes. 

Not thinking any further Emery walked up from the back of the room, all eyes seeing him.

He approached Gwen and gave his hand to her.

"Don't let them force you to do anything you don't want. Just come leave this place with me."

All eyes watching them and people started to judge Emery, a shameless low rank nobody who dares to say things like that to the beautiful princess. 

Gwen was moved by Emery's gesture, but unfortunately at the moment she can only see the confusion in the face of the nobles, most she knows really well. If she didn't do it right, all she has worked for the last few weeks would be for naught.

She looked at Emery and with a heavy heart, she slowly said. 

"I can't... not now… I am sorry Emery" 

She turned around give a gesture of gratitude to the Logress king and walked towards the main table followed by the two pendragons.

Emery was left standing there in the center of the hall, all eyes watching. 

Suddenly a slight memory of that night once more resurface 

Unconsciously Emery tapped his chest unsure why it was aching.

He once more took a quick glance at Gwen, who currently looked at him with guilt. He took a deep breath and decided to leave the place, 


It was then when suddenly Emery felt a disturbance with his spirit reading.

Whatever caused this disturbance was just about to walk inside the hall. He quickly readied himself for whatever that will come.

To his surprised, the Logress minister came in and shout giving out an announcement

"Emissary from far away land. The land of Egypt, we are honored to welcome Queen Cleopatra."

No, Emery definitely was not ready for this one.

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