Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3791

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The addition of Phantom Sacred Child emboldened the third prince. His confidence virtually doubled.

Putting Phantom aside, this meant that Divine Ghost Division also had his back. They would be one of the main forces for his royal competition later on.

Two geniuses out of the four were on his side now. He was confident that his group would be able to take down Li Qiye.

“The guy is done for this time.” A youth on the prince’s side laughed boisterously.

“He can’t escape death even if he has three heads and six arms.” Others shouted with palpable excitement.

“Right, he can’t act arrogant for long, the trio will definitely be able to kill him.” More joined in.

“It’s too early to draw a conclusion, Li Qiye’s methods are unfathomable, always exceeding expectations.” A big shot pondered while looking at Li Qiye’s calm expression. This wasn’t going to be so simple.

“So what? He can’t be as strong as Righteous Scion.” Another old expert argued: “Otherwise, other methods are just useless and can’t match absolute force.”

“Just wait, the show is about to begin.” A more neutral member said.

The young ones, especially the fans of the trio, started shouting: “Sacred Child, show this brat the immensity of heaven and earth, rid our holy ground of a vermin.”

“Scums like him deserve to be eliminated!” One more bellowed.

Others showed no hesitation in expressing their disdain. They had animosity towards Li Qiye not because of any existing feud. It’s just that his prior comment insulted their dignity and pride, hence their hatred.

Because of this, how could they not be excited to see the trio going up against Li Qiye?

“Rumble!” Suddenly, loud explosions came from the horizon and silenced the crowd, causing them to shudder.

Everyone turned back and became startled.

“Righteous Scion… Righteous Scion is here…” The young ones became overwhelmed with shock after seeing the chariot.

Yes, another cultivator has arrived - Righteous Scion. The wheels of his chariot issued loud grinds and dao explosions, seemingly crushing the myriad worlds and the heart of the listeners.

His reputation preceded him. Even those who haven’t seen him before turned pale.

He stood on his chariot, still as dominating and impressive as ever. His domineering aura suffocated those nearby.

The ones who witnessed the previous two battles were even more afraid.

“So soon.” One old expert took a deep breath.

Everyone knew that he had entered Metropolis. However, they didn’t expect him to arrive at Minor Sacred Mountain so early, thinking that he would spend more time sightseeing at the capital.

The two top geniuses, Hu Ben and Phantom Sacred Child, had a stoic expression. They knew just how strong he was.

In just a short time, people down by the base receded like the tides to make room for him. The shouters earlier kept their mouth shut, not daring to utter a single word.

Righteous Scion perused the area before stopping at Li Qiye. He smiled and bowed: “Young Master, your fame resounds like thunder piercing the ear. It is an honor to see you today.”

Among the crowd were members of the previous generation such as ancestors, Hu Bens, and Phantom. However, he ignored all of them and respectfully greeted Li Qiye instead.

This was rather unexpected so some speculated that these two knew each other beforehand.

Li Qiye glanced at him and commented: “Actually not bad. Righteous does have plenty of talents.”

“You’re too kind, Young Master. All the talents in the world can’t compare to you alone.” The scion laughed.

“I am indeed fond of flattery.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Righteous Scion then stared at the trio and declared: “Those three? No need for you to waste your time, Young Master. Just give the command and I’ll crush them for you.”

The trio and the rest of the crowd’s expression immediately changed.

The scion’s power was one thing but these two seemed to have a special relationship. First, he should have no problem defeating the three. The problem was - Li Qiye was the saber messenger of Vajra while the scion was the successor of Righteous. The two seemed to be aiming at the holy ground right now.

“Hmph, clearly colluding with the enemy.” One youth quietly said: “Traitors should be executed.”

This sentiment permeated the spectators. It looked like Li Qiye had sold the holy ground to Righteous, hence the youths’ indignation and resentment.

However, most remained quiet due to the scion’s presence.

Hu Ben’s group was alarmed. They had no confidence in stopping the scion. Right now, they needed Dugu Lan to shoulder the burden.

“Find a nice and cool place with shade and wait.” Li Qiye waved dismissively at the scion: “A little exercise is good.”

This attitude towards the scion was unheard of. Not to mention the young generation, not even older experts would dare to talk to the scion in this manner. Li Qiye waved his hand as if he was swatting a fly.

“I don’t dare to disobey, Young Master.” The scion cupped his fist and smiled then retreated to the sideline.

This naturally shocked the crowd further. Li Qiye’s arrogance was one thing since he has always been like this. It wasn’t particularly strange for him to act this way towards Righteous Scion too.

However, the scion didn’t become angry at all. The right word to describe his attitude would be “subservient”. 

Was this due to him being awfully magnanimous and not minding the trivial detail? This became the key question in everyone’s mind.

Both Hu Ben and Phantom Sacred Child stared at each other, feeling as confused as the rest while trying to guess the relationship between Li Qiye and Righteous Scion.

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