Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 10

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Oi, Xiaoxiao, wake up; were home . Dont think that I dont know youre pretending to sleep—you want to be carried up? Dream on! With an air of successfully perceiving her deception, he nudged her with his hand .
However, not only did Mu Xiaoxiao not wake up, she even raised an arm to swat at his hand as though it was a fly .
Yin Shaojie frowned . Could it be that this girl had really fallen asleep?
Looking at the time, it was already way past midnight . He remembered that she had only arrived today, having been on a plane for more than ten hours—of course she was jet-lagged and tired .
Tsk, I owe you this much anyway, he muttered . Getting out of the car, he headed over to the passenger side . Hoisting her up, he carried her on his back .
Mu Xiaoxiao smacked her lips, her face against his back . It looked comfortable, and rubbing her face against his back, she proceeded to fall asleep .
Yin Shaojie remotely locked his car before carrying her up the lift .
He stayed on the top floor of this luxurious condominium, for he liked the feeling of being able to oversee the world . However, it being in the middle of the night, the lift was empty except for the two of them .
Mu Xiaoxiao, flat against his back, slept soundly and comfortably .
Yin Shaojie stood in the lift . Peering at the mirror and seeing Mu Xiaoxiaos sleeping face, he shook his head instinctively .
At last, they arrived home . He pressed his palm against the scanner and deliberated over where he should put her down . In the end, he chose the guest room . Placing her on the bed, he even graciously covered her with a blanket before leaving .
Yin Shaojie stretched and went to shower .
Ten minutes later, he was out of the shower with nothing but a towel around his waist . Suddenly, a petite figure greeted him out of nowhere .
He jumped in surprise . He had forgotten about this wretchs presence .
What are you doing? Trying to sneak up on me while Im showering? Yin Shaojie teased . Looking down, he saw her small frame against his chest, her eyes still half-closed from drowsiness .
Apparently, she hadnt even woken up completely .

Could she be sleepwalking?
Mumbling, Mu Xiaoxiao said, So dirty… I wanna wash up… so uncomfortable…
She pulled on her clothes as she said this .
With her having only a tank top on and pulling on it, the milky white skin of her chest was exposed .
Yin Shaojies eyes bulged, and he hurriedly stopped her actions . If she continued, she would probably have taken off her top .
How are you going to take a bath when youre still so groggy with sleep? he asked as he detached her from his body . With both arms on her shoulder, he steadied her and thought of whether to wake her up properly .
If she was so tired, she should have just kept sleeping . He couldnt understand why she still wanted to wash up—was she a clean freak?
Mu Xiaoxiao reached out and touched his chest . After his shower, his skin was slightly damp . Not only did it have a comfortable cooling sensation, but it also had a nice fragrance .
Yin Shaojie, why are you topless? she mumbled sleepily . She continued to stroke his chest as though she had developed an addiction to it .
It felt so good under her hand . One stroke, another stroke…
Yin Shaojie could stand it any more . Even though he was proud of his figure, he couldnt allow her to touch him carelessly any longer .
Thats enough; can you wake up a little? With one hand, Yin Shaojie grabbed her hand this time while the other held her chin . He shook it, trying to wake her up enough for her to realize what she was doing .

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