Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 33

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Whats in the box to shock you so much? Yin Shaojie, amused by the expression on her face, moved forward curiously . When he saw what was in the box, his expression changed and mirrored Mu Xiaoxiaos .
Both of them looked dumbfounded:(⊙_⊙)
Then they turned towards each other in dismay .
Hahahahahaha… Mu Xiaoxiao dropped down on the bed, rolling in fits of laughter while holding her stomach .
My goodness! Mama Yin is superb! To think that she would gift this to us, hahaha, Im dying from laughter! This is hilarious!
Yin Shaojie reached into the box and rummaged through it . It was filled to the brim with nothing but Durex condoms, and it looked as if there were hundreds of them in there .
He didnt know whether to laugh or cry . Theres so many of these here . When will we ever finish them?
Mu Xiaoxiao rolled over and sat up . Glaring at him, she retorted, Who wants to use them with you!
Suddenly, Yin Shaojie quirked his lips in a sinister smile and flipped her onto the bed below him . Wielding a condom between his index and middle fingers, he lowered his gorgeous face and blew on hers . Why are you so shy? Were already engaged . Come on, lets use this one tonight . I wonder if this brand is good to use, he teased darkly .
Mu Xiaoxiaos delicate face flushed red . Using her arms and legs, she pushed him off forcefully and hugged her arms to her chest . Yin Shaojie! You pervert! On her guard now, she glared at him .
Cheh . Looking at her, he teased, Its just a condom, so what is with the huge reaction? Have you never seen such a thing before?
Goaded by him, Mu Xiaoxiao got riled up instantly, displeased that she had lost to him . She held her chin high and retorted, Who says I havent seen this before! I just dont want to use it with you . Humph! Youre a playboy whos had so many exes . Who knows if youve… contracted something dirty!
Yin Shaojie was displeased when hearing this and was especially provoked by her look of disgust .
He pouted and said, Im still a virgin! If you dont believe me so be it!
Mu Xiaoxiao studied him with doubt . Really? Youve had so many girlfriends, yet youre still a virgin? I bet no one would believe you if you told this to them .

After Mu Xiaoxiao said that, he regretted revealing this secret . At any rate, like she had said, he had gone out with countless girls . If word got out that he was still a virgin, he would lose his dignity as a man .
Xiaoxiao, pretend that I never said anything to you and that youve heard nothing, okay? Yin Shaojie said good-humoredly while bewitchingly smiling, the smile reaching his beautiful almond-shaped eyes .
Mu Xiaoxiao instantly understood his motives for keeping this secret . Grinning broadly, she said as if she were a cat that had just eaten pilfered food, You want me to keep this a secret for you?
Yin Shaojie nodded .
Mu Xiaoxiao cackled evilly . Holding her chin up high like a proud missus, she said, Its not that I cant, but you have to listen to whatever I say . If you do that, then Ill pretend to not have heard anything .
My dear lady, your wish is my command! Yin Shaojie lifted her little hand and gave it a peck .
This attitude is much more acceptable . Im really easygoing, so I wont put you in on the spot or force you to do anything illegal . The things simple… Mu Xiaoxiao chuckled . From now on, this room is mine and youll — sleep on the sofa!
Yin Shaojies smile froze on his face . He looked at her with disbelief, wondering if he was hallucinating . Sleep on… the sofa?

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