Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 37

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Woah! You scared the heck out of me!
She didnt think that there would be a face right in front of her . Because she hadnt been mentally prepared, she was given a big shock .
Yin Shaojies handsome face was only a few centimeters away from hers, cocking a brow at her .
Mu Xiaoxiao woke up instantly . Her dark eyes roved around and settled on the all-too-close Yin Shaojie and accused, Did you sneak up on me? You even asked me to not do so to you last night, yet youre doing it to me now? You disgusting womanizer, you even want to do something to me…
She jabbed his chest repeatedly as she tore into him .
In a swift motion, Yin Shaojie grabbed her finger and narrowed his eyes at her . Look carefully now, this part of the bed is mine! Youre the one who invaded my privacy! he retorted bluntly .
However, he would not tell her what she had done last night while in the midst of sleep, of course .
Mu Xiaoxiao paused . It was only then that she looked at the bed and saw that it was half empty and that the two of there were squeezed onto his side of the bed .
Even more outrageously, she was hugging him like an octopus .
Looking at the situation, it was clear who had snuck up on who .
… Mu Xiaoxiao was a little embarrassed .
Amused, Yin Shaojie watched her and wondered how she would admit that it was her fault .
Luckily, Mu Xiaoxiao was quick on her feet and recovered swiftly . Like a proud princess, she harrumphed and said, What do you mean by this side of the bed being yours? Dont forget that this entire bedroom is mine, and Ive allowed you to use this bed only temporarily . Therefore, its still my bed!
Yin Shaojie was speechless .
Mu Xiaoxiao was delighted by his expression . If youre not happy about this, you can sleep on the sofa! Im lending you my bed out of goodwill, yet you dare to complain about me?
Powerless, he spread his arms open and said, Okay, you win .
He couldnt think of any reason to rebut her and could only accept his fate . However, he swore internally that he would reclaim the ownership of the bedroom!

With that, both of them got out of bed, dressed, and headed to school .
Together, they entered the garage . Yin Shaojie sat in the drivers seat, put on his seatbelt, and was observing Mu Xiaoxiao pulling on the handle of the car door unsuccessfully . She could only thump on the window and shout at him .
Oi, why isnt the car door opening?
Yin Shaojie narrowed his beautiful almond eyes and smiled at her . The cars mine; why should I drive you?
It had not crossed Mu Xiaoxiaos mind that he would do this to her . She pouted her little mouth and said, Yin Shaojie! If you dont drive me to school, am I supposed to hitch a ride on my own? How dare you do this to me!
Give me the right to use the bedroom, and Ill send you to school every day, Yin Shaojie said, listing his terms .
No way! Im not agreeing to this! Abandon me here if you dare! Ill rat on you to…
Before Mu Xiaoxiao could finish her threats, Yin Shaojie started the engine, and his dazzling sports car whizzed away from her .
Yin — Shao — Jie! Mu Xiaoxiao stomped her feet in rage .
She looked around the garage desolately . Because it was still early, there was no one else here . The spacious garage was empty except for some lifeless cars . Even the breeze that was blowing felt dark and chilly .
Yin Shaojie… you jerk! Feeling hurt, she squatted down helplessly .
Just then, she heard the revs of an engine . The sports car that had just left returned to her side .
Get in . Yin Shaojies pleasant voice rung out .

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