Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 56

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However, Mu Xiaoxiaos mysterious disappearance did make him anxious . He was worried that she would do something silly or get into an accident in her unhappy state .
He couldnt help but berate himself internally . He should have run after her from the beginning! Why had he frozen for those few seconds?
It was because she had cried suddenly, which had dumbfounded him a little . If not, he would not have made such a simple mistake .
Wu Hao could be considered the know-it-all of Shangde . He knew a thing or two about the school, and he swiftly compiled a list of spots in the school where one could leave unnoticed if they had not gone out from the main entrance .
Oh, and Young Master Jie, doesnt the school have surveillance cameras? There may be a lead from searching their surveillance feeds .
Yin Shaojie had forgotten about this from his moment of panic . He nodded and said, Do that then! Go comb through the feeds now .
Feeling trapped, Wu Hao looked at him . But… only the Principal has the right to look at the surveillance feeds .
Thus, he had no way to check the feeds . This needed Young Master Jies personal intervention .
Right, Yin Shaojie said calmly before walking in the direction of the Principals office .
Wu Hao rushed after him .
In the Principals office .
The chair behind the office table was occupied by Yin Shaojie . The Principal was standing beside him and could only smile helplessly . Respectfully, he told Yin Shaojie, Young Master Jie, this is the schools surveillance system, and it has 300 surveillance points in total . Please feel free to look through any of them .
300? There are so many of them? Yin Shaojies brows furrowed .
Wu Hao knew what he was thinking at once when he said that expression . He stepped forward and offered, Young Master Jie, should I look through them instead?
Surprisingly, Yin Shaojie rejected him . No, Ill do this myself!
Wu Hao was a little dumbfounded, but he did not dare to say anything . He stepped back and waited for further instructions .

Yin Shaojies beautiful fingers pounded on the keyboard deftly . This was supposed to be his first time interacting with this system, yet he seemed very familiar with it without asking the Principal to guide him, and he navigated it by himself proficiently .
Wu Hao was stupified at this display . Even though he was only familiar with using computers to play games, he could tell from Young Master Jies actions that he knew his way around the computer like the back of his hand .
He had been Young Master Jies follower for a long time, but he had not known that Young Master Jie had such a great skill .
Yin Shaojie soon picked out the few locations that Wu Hao had mentioned and fast-forwarded six of the feeds simultaneously .
He looked as if he could see everything in a glance, staring at the feeds without blinking .
Behind him, Wu Haos eyes were blurry from observing . Only ten minutes had passed before his eyes felt extremely astringent, dry, and uncomfortable .
However, Yin Shaojie looked unaffected at all and even increased the playback speed .
Another ten minutes passed .
Wu Hao felt that his head was beginning to swell, and that his discomfort would be unbearable soon . However, he didnt dare to laze off and continued to stare at the feeds .
Suddenly, Yin Shaojie snapped and said, Found it!
Wu Hao jumped in fright, and his senses were roused . He quickly shifted his gaze over .
Yin Shaojie maximized the feed that he had found . They could clearly see that Mu Xiaoxiao was led into the physical education equipment room by a guy .
When Wu Hao saw who the guy was, he was inevitably astonished and cried out in surprise, Lu Yichen? Why is it him?
Yin Shaojie had also seen that it was Lu Yichen . Instantly, his expression turned cold .
Pow! A fist landed on the table loudly .

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