Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 71

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Mu Xiaoxiao, stunned, said, Spend the night here? Why do you have to spend the night here?
But Yin Shaojie was not bothered by her, and he went into the shower .
Mu Xiaoxiao groaned and laid on the sofa .
She thought of something . She suddenly turned over, sat up, ran to the bathroom door, and banged on the door to speak to him inside . Oi, youre sleeping on the sofa! Dont think about sleeping with me .
It was late . While Yin Shaojie was still showering, she ran into the bathroom in the bedroom to shower . She even locked the door to the bedroom .
Now, theres no way he would be able to get in .
However, when Mu Xiaoxiao was done showering and came out of the bathroom, she saw Yin Shaojie wearing a bathrobe, casually sitting on the bed by the bedhead, and playing on his phone .
She asked in astonishment, How did you get in here?
She had definitely locked the door!
Yin Shaojie did not explain but patted the seat beside him . Come quick . Its late . Time to sleep .
Mu Xiaoxiao walked over and stood by the bed with hands on her waist . She pointed at him and said, Tell me how you got in here .
Yin Shaojies lips turned into a devilish smile, and he said, I have the room card . Did you forget? Also, next time, please remember to buckle the inner lock . That would have been useful . Come quick . Its not like we have never slept together before . Theres nothing to be embarrassed about!
Whos embarrassed? Mu Xiaoxiao walked over and climbed onto the bed . She lifted the sheets and slid in, laying beside him .
After keeping his phone, Yin Shaojie switched off the lights and laid down .
The room became dark .
More than ten minutes had passed, and Mu Xiaoxiao was still awake . She turned and looked towards Yin Shaojie . From the moonlight, she could see his dark silhouette . His eyes were closed, and it looked as if he was already sleeping .
She pouted her lips . How could he have fallen asleep so quickly?
She softly said, Yin Shaojie… Shaojie… Jie .

Actually, she didnt call him with the intention to wake him up, but only to test if he was still awake .
As she called out the last word, Yin Shaojie suddenly opened his eyes .
Even though it was dark, Mu Xiaoxiao had the feeling that his eyes were really bright .
What is it? he asked in an attractive voice .
Were you sleeping? I cant sleep… She lowered her voice as she spoke to him, her butt shifting towards him, afraid that he couldnt hear .
Yin Shaojie said jokingly, If Im sleeping, how can I be speaking to you right now?
How silly .
He too turned towards her . The two laid on their sides, face-to-face, a heads distance apart .
Xiao Xiao, it seems like a very long time since you have called me this way . His was was deep, and his eyes stared faintly at her . As she was facing the window, he could see her face clearer with the aid of the moonlight .
Mu Xiaoxiaos long and curled up eyelashes batted . Puzzled, she asked, How did I call you? Jie?
Yin Shaojie nodded slightly and said, Yeah, didnt you always call me that back when you were young?
Instead, now that they were older, she no longer called him such an intimate name . She would more often call him by his full name, and it was usually from annoyance .
Frankly, he would prefer it if she would call him as she had in the past . It was more intimate .
I almost forgot… Mu Xiaoxiao mumbled . She remembered that she really did call him Jie in the past . There were times when she would act coquettishly as she swung his hands and called him Brother Jie .

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