Endless Pampering Only For You - Chapter 75

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Mu Xiaoxiao looked around at the crowd, and there were 20 to 30 people .
She accidentally exchanged glances with a girl and subconsciously stopped for a moment . The girl appeared sexy in her dress, deliberately revealing her outrageous figure . However, the gaze that met hers was unfriendly .
She suddenly felt that the girl looked very familiar, and it was as if she had met her somewhere before .
You look dazed . Whats the matter with you? Yin Shaojie noticed that she appeared odd and waved his hands before her .
As she retracted her gaze, Mu Xiaoxiao acted as if nothing had happened . She laughed and said, Will you be competing later? How is it played? You said earlier that you havent lost even once . Is that true? Are you really that good?
You talk too much . He gave her an annoyed look but confidently smiled and said, Just watch the results, and youll know, wont you?
Then I shall wait and see!
She followed Yin Shaojie as he walked towards the crowd . The people whom they passed all called out to Young Master Jie as if he held a high status among them .
What was more peculiar was the girl, who was staring at Young Master Jie with an alluring gaze as if she was attempting to seduce him .
It was a pity, however, that Yin Shaojie was all too familiar with that and wouldnt even return a glance .
At this moment, Han Yuner shook her hips as she approached them . Acting as if it was a natural thing to do, she hugged Yin Shaojies arm and said in a soft voice, Young Master Jie, I didnt expect to see you here . What a coincidence!
Yin Shaojie frowned, and smoothly pulled back his arm from her .
Then, he conveniently held onto Mu Xiaoxiao and gave a disapproving look to Han Yuner . Why are you here?
Though Han Yuner felt unhappy, she kept her feelings to herself . Feigning magnanimity, she laughed charmingly and said, I came to accompany my friend . I heard that someone named Young Master Jie was really good at racing and hadnt met with a single loss . I had my suspicions it might be you . It turns out I was right .
Yeah . Yin Shaojie did not show much interest and looked toward some other direction .

Ignored, Han Yuners expression became slightly stiff, but she still dared not to express her dissatisfaction . Even if she were dissatisfied, it wouldnt mean anything to him .
Mu Xiaoxiao remembered her and pointed at her in astonishment . Its you!
It was the night when she had returned to the country and was searching for Yin Shaojie at the bar that she had clashed with the girl .
Han Yuner was scornful, but she still smiled pleasantly as if she had only just noticed Mu Xiaoxiao . She laughed and said, So it is you . Im sorry for what happened last time . This is what they meant by an exchange of blows leads to friendship, right?
Im not friends with you! Mu Xiaoxiao scorned the notion .
The girl seemed to be a hypocrite and extremely pretentious . Mu Xiaoxiao had already disliked her since her first impression .
At this moment, the man from just a while ago returned and told Yin Shaojie the rules to the competition .
Since Yin Shaojie had brought along a girl, they had decided to make the game more exciting by bringing people along for the competition .
Yin Shaojie frowned . He looked towards Mu Xiaoxiao and asked, Are you okay with that?
Mu Xiaoxiao had no idea what they were talking about . Looking confused, she asked, Ah, what?
Han Yuner laughed and said, Young Master Jie, why dont you bring me instead? Im not afraid .
Mu Xiaoxiao was displeased upon hearing that because it was as if she was being mocked for being afraid . She was aware of the girls provocation, and without a second thought, she told Yin Shaojie, Im okay with that!
Are you really okay with that? Yin Shaojie looked at her doubtfully .

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