Epic of Summoner: Supreme Summoner System in the Apocalypse - Chapter 130

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While Gustav was sitting leisurely as he summoned more Elemental Spirit Beast to boost his troop's power, the Gungnir Spear rushed through the skies, piercing through the enemies before its path!

The giant spaceships were made into Swiss cheese, almost falling into pieces as they were later on ganged by all of the armies of tamed monsters and Undead led by Cuco!

Like flies dying by a pesticide, they all began to fall over the ground one by one, causing loud explosions!

The Gungnir Spear alongside Gustav's equipment and accessories were all upgraded to new levels, after being fused over more Mythical Items, they reached Legendary Rank, and became incredibly powerful.

Especially the Gungnir Spear, which had gained a greater height, and new abilities that made it even stronger.

One of such abilities let it have a soul connection with Gustav, which let him infuse energy into it from afar, while Gungnir used its other abilities to absorb all the life essence it got from killing a living being and then converting it back into other types of essence, such as Mana!

Through this, Gustav didn't even need to move from his current position, sitting leisurely as he massacred the enemy troops using Gungnir and his troops, like a true and calculative Summoner and Tamer!

He created a constant cycle of mana and energies, as he gave away his energies to his allies while they also gave it back to him through slaughtering enemies. Additionally, he was constantly regaining his mana back with the full healing effect of leveling up, which was still present even after he had grown so strong! Through this broken cheat, his Mana refilled to full every time he leveled up, and as there were so many EXP-rich enemies all around being slaughtered, Gustav was quickly leveling up!

Kireina, Katrina, Ervas, and Vudia came together, they defeated a powerful Infantry-type Shield user Celestial, breaking his divine shield and devastating him into a pile of mashed flesh over the ground! The mercilessness of his powerful summons knew no bounds!

After seeing another Celestial fall without him even moving an inch, Gustav saw the EXP quickly fill his EXP Bar and bringing him to the last level!


[Your Level has increased to Level 100!]

[You gained EXP]

Level 100!

At level 100, Gustav couldn't help but open his eyes wide in surprise and awe, he couldn't help but feel exhilarating adrenaline pumping through his blood vessels, a smile emerged on his lips as he quickly decided to change Jobs! He had also been gathering Gold and Hero Feathers through the battle, as he had made some materialized Elemental Spirit Beasts bring him all the loot, which he saved inside his Inventory.

Gustav smiled as he decided to change jobs in the middle of this chaotic battlefield, receiving a large boost on his power!


[Available Job Options]

[Divine Summoner Sorcerer of Sacred Blazing Sun Inferno]

[Divine Psionic Mind Sorcerer]

[Divine Spear Grand Master of Seven Brilliant Elements]

Three new Jobs!

Two of them seemed like upgrades of his previous Jobs which he didn't pick. This time one of them gained the Summon word on it, and both became "Divine" meaning that Gustav was probably getting closer to reach a higher tier of divinity.

Gustav thought about things at an amazingly fast speed, as he decided to pick the first option.


[Do you wish to exchange 50.000 Skill Points, 120.000 Gold, and 50.000 Hero Feathers to change Jobs into [Divine Summoner Sorcerer of Sacred Blazing Sun Inferno]?]

Gustav quickly pressed yes, making sure that he had enough resources, as a large wave of new energy began to surge through his entire body an instant after!


[You exchanged 50.000 Skill Points, 120.000 Gold, and 50.000 Hero Feathers!]

[You changed Jobs into [Divine Summoner Sorcerer of Sacred Blazing Sun Inferno]!]


The moment he changed Jobs, Gustav felt as if a wave of searing flames began to consume his entire body and soul, purifying him through constant burning and searing agony.

The Slarkob Leader and the Celestial King suddenly felt the essence coming from Gustav, both of them realizing that his power was advancing by leaps and bounds!

"What is this?! His power is increasing out of nowhere! Is this… this damn system they have?! But how can it give so much power!" said the Slarkob Leader.

"Haha! It is as if the kid had suddenly eaten a Fire God out of nowhere! Amazing! Now I really want to fight him!" laughed the King, glancing with fascination as Gustav enhanced his power.

Gustav felt a bit nervous by doing so, knowing that the Celestial King's divine eyes were glaring at him! But he was using this opportunity to boost his power, as this entity seemed to be waiting for him to finish off his army before battling against him!

Gustav knew very well that the bastard had his eyes locked on him…


Gustav's eyes opened once more as they released divine flames, the enhancement of his entire body was clear as he gained a new powerup that clearly dwarfed the previous Fire-related Job he had taken before!

His Blazing Soul Core gained an even stronger fire, as it resembled a small sun living in the middle of his soul!

The brilliance of this divine fire was so great and mesmerizing that everyone on the battlefield noticed how Gustav was shining with a blazing golden light, it was as if he had become the incarnation of the sun itself!


Gustav began to slowly compact this power into his own body again, without letting it leak outside! As he did, he refined this energy and began to cultivate without realizing it, enhancing his Soul's power to a new realm, while his Beast Orb was also being nourished greatly by this, growing bigger and changing its color into a more radiant gold, with several blazing tones around its splendorous appearance.

Gustav's body was reinforced by this power as well, enhancing his physique to a new level of divine power. Lastly, a blazing sun tattoo emerged in the middle of his forehead, flashing with even more power!

It was as if Gustav had truly become a God of Fire!


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