Epic of Summoner: Supreme Summoner System in the Apocalypse - Chapter 132

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The massive illusory elemental spirit beasts formed from Gustav's new Skills and Auras combined into his Beast Orb rampaged the entire battlefield as they enhanced the power of his army. Without doing anything but stand still, Gustav was already dominating the battlefield! This was the true strength of a Summoner!

And as the massacre continued, the Celestial King wasn't able to contain himself anymore, he wanted to battle Gustav and see all he could do! He wanted to corner him and see how far he could reach!

The Celestial King's name was Athos Adonn, part of the Adonn Family of Celestials within the Celestial World, he was the father of many children, none of them present now.

Since he was born that he was seen as more talented than other Celestials, his levels of Divine Essence were way higher, and he developed his Divine Aura and other powers just as quickly.

The power he exuded from his body was all of the high quality as well, and when he reached maturity, his powerful Divine Weapon, the golden spear of divine brilliance, had acquired several powers, one of them being the ability to open space and crack it open!

Seeing such outstanding talent, the Celestial Elders gave him the title of Celestial King, a higher authority amongst Celestials, and he was given a large army to command and nurture to grow strong.

Celestials, despite their amazing power, didn't leisurely sit down in their essence-rich worlds doing nothing, they trained their powers and bodies every day, as they reached the confines of their world and conquered each other's Empires in immense wars of massive destruction.

However, no matter how many landscapes they annihilated, their world was so rich in essence that such landscapes would quickly be shaped into new biomes, and new Celestial Beasts would occupy them. Celestials not only fight against each other but against the ever-expanding Celestial Nature of their world, which possessed a will that rejected their existence.

By using their powers, the Celestials carved a path through this insane world of bloodshed and monsters capable of shaking heaven and earth!

Through their long history, they always ought for supremacy not only against each other but nature… however, this one day ended as cracks in space emerged and the celestial worlds will suddenly become weaker due to this.

The Celestials found this new opportunity to conquer other worlds, finding out that their power was way higher than the vast majority of other worlds they visited and conquered. It seemed that they were born in a naturally stronger world power level-wise.

Due to this immense difference in power, the Celestials thought of themselves as a higher race, and conquered many worlds, mercilessly slaughtering anything on their path, they took the joy of slaughtering the little ants before them, something that they could rarely do in their original world where anything that roamed in nature was immensely strong and took many of them to take down.

The Celestial King here had fought and conquered a dozen of worlds with his army and had recently arrived here, doing the same as usual. Throughout his entire life, he had felt like he had never been able to exert his full power, his full potential.

However, things changed now, greatly!

Out of all the planets filled with weaklings, this one was the most boring yet, until now!

Gustav had changed his complete perception of these measly mortal beings that couldn't compare to the glory of the Celestials, showcasing his amazing power to grow stronger in such a little time, he overpowered the threats before his path and slaughtered hundreds of beasts through his path to save his home, managing to destroy the powerful spaceships of these aliens and ultimately managing to enhance the power of his troops through his mysterious and colorful powers.

Could there be a chance that these mortals were actually stronger? That they could have the chance to grow as Gustav did at the end? No matter what he thought, the reality was here. And Gustav and his army of former mortal-like entities were devastating the Celestials that had slaughtered hundreds if not thousands of ants just a few minutes ago.

It was as if they were paying them back for all the sins they had committed. The Celestial King felt utterly frustrated deep down, feeling like such weaklings shouldn't have dared to come to fight back against them!

However, it was obviously way more than this…

Aside from this frustration of an inferior species trying to fight back against him, he also felt fascinated by it! He wanted to see how far Gustav could go, how far were the limits and growth of a mortal from this planet!

The very mortal that was fighting against his troops and using his own troops to slaughter his! All these mortals daring to attack and even kill Celestials, what kind of insanity was this?

It felt as if flies had suddenly revealed against humans and began to kick and punch them to death! That's the only description of how crazy this entire thing felt!


The giant spaceships fell over the ground and exploded, as the Celestials were slaughtered one by one, their powerful divine weapons and powers were frightful and made for great challenges, but the troops of Gustav were prevailing at the end, even more as he shared even more power by using his powers as a summoner and summoning powerful elemental spirit beasts to infuse on his allies to enhance their strength, or using them as distractions, or even as projectiles!

The Celestial King covered himself on his divine aura as he summoned his spear, the same one he had used to open a crack in space in here and enter this world forcefully! This spear was powerful, and it emanated a golden brilliance that seemed even superior to Gustav's weapon!

"Heh… Hehahaha! It is the time! It is time, earthling! Show it to me! Show me how strong your race of maggots can truly become!" roared the Celestial King, his divine aura emanated a brilliance equal to the sun itself, shaking the heavens!



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