Eternal Reverence - Chapter 41

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Exhaling a deep breath, Li Fuchen said calmly, “These treasure fish is of use to junior too . Please accept my apologies . ”
Huang Shitian’s expression went cold, “Junior Li, if you insist on ruining our camaraderie as fellow disciples, then don’t blame me for being ruthless . ”
The air was penetrated in an instant, a ruthless fist the size of a brick appeared in front of Li Fuchen .
Fighting the punch with a palm, Li Fuchen used his Mountain Splitting Palm against Huang Shitian’s fist .
As the palm and punch connected, an explosion sounded in the air, coupled with an intimidating wind pressure .
Huang Shitian took three steps back and Li Fuchen took four .
“Actually blocking my punch…” Huang Shitian squinted his eyes .
At the age of 17, Huang Shitian had already attained the seventh level of the Qi Realm, as for the Cang Lan Sect’s entry technique, his Purple Qi Technique was at the fifth rank . In normal scenarios, Li Fuchen who was just a newcomer at the sixth level of the Qi Realm, shouldn’t have been able to take a single strike from him .
“Try one more of my punches . ” With the ignition of Huang Shitian’s strength and qi, the punch felt like a meteor descending from the sky, homing right at Li Fuchen .
Noticing the dominance of Huang Shitian’s punch, Li Fuchen decided not to fight head on with it . With the ball of his foot gently pushing off from the ground, he lifted himself off the surface and rained kicks towards Huang Shitian .
“Not good!”
Huang Shitian crossed his arms to desperately blocked against the incoming kicks .
One of the kicks landed on Huang Shitian’s shoulder and sent him to the floor scrambling .
“So this is the strength of a Cang Lan Sect disciple…”
Numbness continued to linger on Li Fuchen’s right hand, the ability of Huang Shitian exceeded his expectations . Had it not been for his seventh rank Red Jade Technique, he would have required at least 100 exchanges before defeating his opposition .
“His fundamentals aren’t better than mine, but his combat skills are terrifying like no others . ”
Taking a hit from Li Fuchen’s kicks, half of Huang Shitian’s body was numbed, as his qi and blood was clogged .
In the world of martial artists, a higher cultivation didn’t guarantee a higher combat ability . The purpose of martial arts was to win against the strong even if one was weak . A martial art is rigid in form, but the human is flexible . Only by adapting and utilizing the martial art properly can one fully exhibit the true potential of the martial art .
It was clear that Li Fuchen’s kick arts had been mastered to an extreme state .
“Senior Huang, excuse me . ”
Li Fuchen brushed past his opponent .
Huang Shitian held his shoulder with a pale face .
With his consciousness projected on the hook, the world below the lake looked as if it were right in front of his eyes .

Soon, Li Fuchen focused his attention on a meter long fish which had slight electric currents running through its ink blue body .
“This is the second tier, Blue Electric Fish!” Li Fuchen’s eyes shot with radiance .
First tier treasure fish were worth a hundred contribution points per kilo, but second tier fish were worth a thousand points per kilo! It was said that eating a second tier treasure fish is almost equivalent to soaking in the Tempering Pool .
But among the outer sect disciples, there was rarely anyone that could catch a second tier treasure fish . The last time someone did was three months ago . With caution, Li Fuchen placed the hook right beside the Blue Electric Fish .
The Blue Electric Fish seem to dislike the bait and didn’t bite on immediately .
Li Fuchen gave a bitter smile, second tier fish generally liked baits that were better than the second tier . But the price of second tier baits were relatively expensive at 50 gold per box, it was even pricer than gold blocks by ten-fold .
Li Fuchen was in disbelief, he persisted and moved the hook right in front of the Blue Electric Fish’s mouth .
It was still a first tier bait, and since it was already in front of its mouth, the Blue Electric Fish extend its mouth open and prepared to swallow the bait . The speed of the fish was just too fast that the hook didn’t had any response, but luckily Li Fuchen’s consciousness was still attached to the hook .
Right when the Blue Electric Fish snapped at the bait, Li Fuchen tugged on the rod and managed to hook onto the fish’s mouth .
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With an indescribable strength, the Blue Electric Fish almost pulled Li Fuchen into the lake .
“This is at least the strength of a thousand kilograms!”
With a firm horse stance and body leaning backwards, Li Fuchen pushed his physical strength and qi to the limit .
The surface of the lake billowed, along with ink blue electric currents, a crackling sound could be heard .
“What a huge motion, did he hook another first tier treasure fish?”
“I’m afraid this ain’t any fish . ”
With all the attention drawn, many even put down their rods and came to stand behind Li Fuchen .
“Get out of the water!”
Pulling hard with both his arms, the rod arched into a shape of a crescent moon . Unprecedented! This rod in Li Fuchen’s hand was a second tier rod worth 3000 gold and it should never bent over so drastically!
A water stream bursted up, as a meter long ink blue fish broke through the surface of the water and soared into the sky .
With the electric current exposed in the air, a crackling sound was clearly heard .
“Heavens, it is a Blue Electric Fish!”
“Against the heavens, this is against the natural laws, could he be the rebirth of a fishing master?”
Shocking everyone, what followed after were heavy breaths and blood red gazes, greedily staring at the Blue Electric Fish .
Li Fuchen didn’t bother about the people behind him, he retrieved his rod and reached out to grab the Blue Electric Fish .
With a spark of the electric currents, a hand grabbed onto the fish, but it wasn’t Li Fuchen .
It was the stalwart youth .
Underestimating the electric current of the Blue Electric Fish, it paralyzed the body of the stalwart youth as green smoke rose from his hand .
Coldly glaring at the stalwart youth, Li Fuchen snatched the Blue Electric Fish out of the stalwart youth’s hand .
The Blue Electric Fish continued to struggle, but with it being out of the lake, its strength was reduced sharply . And with the usage of the electric discharge earlier, how could it escape Li Fuchen’s grasp .
“How dare you!”
Recovering from the paralysis, the stalwart youth gave a vicious glare at Li Fuchen, his eyes filled with killing intent .
Li Fuchen didn’t show any courtesy against people who treated other’s reward as their own .
“Seeking death, you dare speak in this tone to Senior Luo . ” The tanned youth who stood beside densely spoke .
“I am not acquainted with you, so please do not come and interrupt me . ”
Throwing the fish into the specially made basket, Li Fuchen intended to leave .
“Leaving? Not so easy . ”
The tanned youth reached out to grab Li Fuchen’s shoulder .
With a sway of his body, Li Fuchen avoided the grab and with a spin he leapt into the air and delivered dozens of kicks to the tanned youth . His kicks were like a torrential rain, many of the onlookers turned pale with fright and thought Li Fuchen wasn’t just any pushover .
The tanned youth backed off again and again, his face flushed red trying to withstand the kicks .
When he was right at the edge of the platform, the stalwart youth made his move .
Just like Li Fuchen, he used kick arts too .
If Li Fuchen’s kicks were like a violent storm, then distinctive thunderbolts was the perfect description for the stalwart youth’s kicks . They were ferocious, and with a sweep of the leg, the kicks by Li Fuchen were dispersed .
Li Fuchen was forced back by the qi force .
“Eighth level of the Qi Realm!” Li Fuchen’s mood turned heavy .
Standing tall in front of the tanned youth, the stalwart youth stated his terms clearly, “You have two choices . One, give up all your fish . Two, get beat up like a dog by me . ”
His declaration filled with killing intent, everyone around knew the stalwart youth wasn’t kidding .
“This newcomer has the worst of luck . Luo Kai is at the eighth level of the Qi Realm, just 3 months ago, he defeated a senior disciple who was at the ninth level of the Qi Realm . ”
“Human beings die in pursuit of wealth, and birds die in pursuit of food . It seems to me this junior isn’t to be trifled with either . ”
(TL note: Human beings die in pursuit of wealth, and birds die in pursuit of food means when one is obsessed over something, they forsake even their own life)
Everyone started to spread out and offered a big space for the two of them .

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