Eternal Reverence - Chapter 832

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ER – Chapter 832: Thunder Beast’s Evolution

ive sword techniques allowed Li Fuchen to understand a lot of the human body. With the special trait of the primary extreme sword dao, Li Fuchen quickly created the 1st rank of the Primary Extreme Sword Technique.

The 1st rank of the new Primary Extreme Sword Technique was actually the simplification of the first 6 ranks of the old Primary Extreme Sword Technique. But be it purity or power, it was far superior. In terms of power, Li Fuchen reckoned that it was already at the 8th rank of the old Primary Extreme Sword Technique.

2nd rank, 3rd rank…

Li Fuchen created the first 6 ranks of the new Primary Extreme Sword Technique.    

These 6 ranks of Primary Extreme Sword Technique were already equivalent to the 36 ranks of the old Primary Extreme Sword Technique. But the first 6 ranks of the new Primary Extreme Sword Technique involved six human body mysteries, its strength was already comparable with the 41st rank of the old Primary Extreme Sword Technique.

Of course, it didn’t mean that the involvement of more human body mysteries would give a greater strength.

To be actual, the involvement of more human body mysteries would have a greater potential. Strength was only a bonus.

The new Primary Extreme Sword Technique involved six human body mysteries at the 6th rank, but the old Primary Extreme Sword Technique involved five human body mysteries at the 42nd rank. The latter had strength that was much greater than the former, after all, the latter was already close to apex.

“For the first 6 ranks, each rank involves one human body mystery. The 7th rank should be involved with two human body mysteries.”    

Through five sword techniques, Li Fuchen discovered 21 human body mysteries. Along with the five human body mysteries he had already discovered previously and after some elimination of repeats, Li Fuchen had a total of 23 human body mysteries.    

Not all 23 human body mysteries could be blended into the Primary Extreme Sword Technique. The first 6 ranks could only cover 6 of the human body mysteries, if he tried to put in more, they would become worthless and it would affect the continuation of the technique.

Of course, in Li Fuchen’s plans, there would be a day when the Primary Extreme Sword Technique would become a supreme rate sword technique. By then, it should cover all of the human body mysteries, but Li Fuchen didn’t know of the exact number.

Just as Li Fuchen was creating the 7th rank of the Primary Extreme Sword Technique, the Thunder Beast was going through its most important transformation and awakening of its lifetime.   

Back then, when Yan Qingwu promised that she would let the Thunder Beast evolve into a beast overlord, there was a little exaggeration. After all, the resources for the Thunder Beast to reach adulthood early wasn’t a small sum. A Law Phase Realm emperor wouldn’t be able to afford it, at least not within a short period of time.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen killed several saints and were able to find plenty of thunder dao resources in their storage bags. He had handed over all of them to the Thunder Beast.

Inside a giant manor within the Wind Cloud City, the Thunder Beast was roaring towards the sky on a spacious land. Its body was emitting dark purple thunderbolts.

“The Thunder Beast is about to break through to a beast overlord?” There were plenty of people living in the manor’s vicinity, they ran over to observe the sight.

Bang Boom!

The thunderbolts were increasing in frequency and were getting increasingly horrific. They were slowly becoming gray.

Everyone knew that the Thunder Beast’s bloodline was being transformed.

Unlike humans, when demonic beasts evolved, their bloodlines would transform first before their bodies were enhanced. But when humans broke through in cultivation, their bloodlines would be enhanced.

Due to the tempering of the gray thunderbolts, the Thunder Beast’s scales and skin were constantly cracking and falling off. Blood was spraying everywhere, but before the blood could spray far, they were disintegrated by the thunderbolts.

But as time elapsed, the thunderbolts around the Thunder Beast were weakening and the Thunder Beast’s qi presence had yet to reach the level of a beast overlord.

“Is it because we are inside the array?” Yan Qingwu frowned.

When a demonic beast evolved into a beast overlord, a calamity had to be overcome. But this was the main city, Wind Cloud City and it was enveloped with an array. The calamity couldn’t sense the situation within the array.

The Thunder Beast knew clearly that it couldn’t evolve into a beast overlord within the Wind Cloud City, therefore, it rushed outside the city immediately.

Once it was out of the city, the skies suddenly darkened and countless black thunderbolts were streaking around and emitting destructive aura.

To avoid harming any innocent people, the Thunder Beast and Yan Qingwu flew over 10,000 miles away from the city.


A black thunderbolt struck at the Thunder Beast.

Yan Qingwu could naturally see that this heaven thunder was the Destruction Heaven Thunder and it contained the destruction law.

Once the Destruction Heaven Thunder entered the Thunder Beast’s body, the body expanded and the scales were instantly cracked open.

“The bloodline is rapidly transforming again.” The Thunder Beast was greatly delighted.

When the Destruction Heaven Thunder fused inside the bloodline, it felt as though the bloodline was boiling and was flaring up.

Rumble Rumble…

More Destruction Heaven Thunders struck down.

If it was a regular demonic beast, it would be turned into blood mist by the Destruction Heaven Thunder. But the Thunder Beast had the bloodline of a low-tier tyrant beast, therefore, the thunder dao bloodline was powerful. Once the Destruction Heaven Thunder entered the body, 90% would be absorbed, while the 10% would be dissipated and used to temper the body.

“Intriguing. It should be good to capture a low-tier tyrant beast and put it in the Zhu Clan.”

In the void, there was an indiscernible green flame. Inside the green flame, Zhu Nanshan was looking at the Thunder Beast with a rather interested expression.

“But I am more interested in that woman as compared to the low-tier tyrant beast.” Zhu Nanshan switched his eyes onto Yan Qingwu.

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At his level, he wouldn’t just look for appearance and aura from a woman, he would also see their potential.

A woman with looks and aura would be considered a vase that was dull.

But Yan Qingwu was a woman with great potential. Furthermore, her looks and aura were among the top of all the women Zhu Nanshan had encountered.

“Li Fuchen, since you killed my Zhu Clan’s saint, I will take your woman and pet as a collection of interest first.” Zhu Nanshan grinned. 

After absorbing enough Destruction Heaven Thunder, the Thunder Beast’s thunder dao bloodline had completely awakened. As of the mysteries of thunder dao, they were flowing into its heart and its body was starting to transform. Previously, the Thunder Beast was only giving off a fierce and tyrannic feeling. But now, there was an additional noble feeling. Many of the low-tier tyrant beasts didn’t have such aura, but the Thunder Beast possessed it.

“I am finally a beast overlord.” The Thunder Beast was overjoyed. If it didn’t follow Yan QIngwu, it would only be able to evolve into a beast overlord after one or two centuries.

Becoming a beast overlord in advance would allow its potential to be fully utilized, allowing it to evolve into a mid-tier beast overlord with ease.

“Since you are a beast overlord now, follow me then!” A green flame was rapidly expanding and a man with terrifying qi presence walked out.

“Who are you!?” The Thunder Beast roared and blasted a thunder sphere at the enemy.


The man flashed with a green flame and the thunder sphere was extinguished like a small candle flame.

“What?” The Thunder Beast’s eyes contracted.

It was a low-tier tyrant beast. After becoming a beast overlord, its strength was comparable to a low-level saint. That thunder sphere earlier would injure a low-level saint. But the enemy casually destroyed the thunder sphere. Such strength was far beyond a low-level saint.   

“Thunder Pool!”

Since normal attacks were ineffective, the Thunder Beast started to activate the innate ability.    

During the evolution to a beast overlord, it awakened a new innate ability. This innate ability was far superior to its previous innate abilities. It was still unfamiliar with the new innate ability, therefore, it needed time to activate it.

Tss Tss Tss Tss Tss…

There were electric currents everywhere.

“Interesting, but I don’t have time to waste with you.”

Zhu Nanshan waved his hand and a green flame turned into a whip. It wrapped around the Thunder beast and the electric currents scattered.

“You shall follow me too!” Zhu Nanshan waved his hand again and wrapped another green flame whip at Yan Qingwu. 

“Zhu Nanshan, you can touch anyone but the two of them.” A cold sword qi dispelled the green flame whips.

“Mystic Deep Sword Saint, are you sure you want to make things difficult for me?” Zhu Nanshan glared at the Mystic Deep Sword Saint who wasn’t far away.

“They are Elder Li’s friends, you cannot touch them.” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint said indifferently.

“What if I insist?”

If it was the Phenomenon Sword Saint, Zhu Nanshan might back off. But he didn’t have to fear the Mystic Deep Sword Saint.

“You can try.” The Mystic Deep Sword Saint’s cold sword qi was getting concentrated and the void was freezing up.

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