Evil Emperor's Wild Consort - Chapter 1799

Ye Sihuang did not speak as he hugged the young girl in his arms tightly . His blood-red eyes were shrouded with a gentle light .
Master Dongfang released the sharp aura from his body and burst into laughter . So, hes also family . Since were all family, I wont be calculative with him over his crime of intruding into the Dongfang family home . Alright, its almost time . Lets continue with the beginning of the banquet . Once the banquet is finished, we will hold Xueer and Xuners wedding ceremony .
After Master Dongfangs declaration, the entire great hall returned to a joyous and harmonious atmosphere .
Gu Ruoyun took Feng Qianhuans hand and pulled her aside, wanting to bond with her daughter-in-law . Qianbei Ye and Ye Wuchen would not bond unless they were fighting so the pair stepped aside and drank and ate merrily . As for Qianbei Xun . . . He was put to the test by his two older brothers-in-laws, Zi Qianjing and Ye Sihuang .
Lan Yuge observed the members of the younger generation as the corners of her lips curled into a gentle smile . Suddenly, she sighed . Shaoze, look, Xuner is going to have a wife soon . As his great-uncle, you still havent taken a wife .
Just as Lan Yuge said this, Master Dongfang immediately turned his gaze towards Dongfang Shaoze . The look in his eye caused Dongfang Shaoze to jump in fright and he hurriedly slipped away, afraid that he would have to endure Master Dongfangs ceaseless nagging once again . . .
. . .
Ten years later .
In the Cloudy Wind Empires Imperial Palace, an absolutely beautiful woman dressed in crimson robes was seated on the phoenix throne . Her children were circled around her knees as she gently raised her phoenix-looking eyes and turned towards the man next to her, Xun, Im going to visit my mothers home in the next few days .
Her mothers home was, naturally, the Godly Mainland from a different dimension .
Alright . Qianbei Xun pulled the woman into his arms and smiled tenderly . Ill go with you . However, my father had just sent a messenger over several days ago bearing a wedding invitation . That stupid girl, Gu Wanbai, is getting married .
Oh? Feng Qianhuan s eyes flickered, Whos managed to tame her?
Guess .
Qianbei Xun grinned . Actually, you might not be able to guess it at all . That person is Zuo Chen . Bet you never thought that those two would have hidden it so carefully .
Zuo Chen?
That name had shocked Feng Qianhuan to the core as her eyes widened in surprise . Did you just say Chener? Hes going to marry Gu Wanbai? Why was I not aware about this?
Ever since that year when Gu Wanbai had stripped Zuo Chen of his clothes in order to save him, Zuo Chen had sworn that he would get his revenge! Therefore, ever since that moment, Zuo Chen had vehemently pursued Gu Wanbai and vowed to make Gu Wanbai his . He had even begun working hard in his cultivation because of this . Now, his powers have improved by leaps and bounds .

However, because Zuo Chen was younger than Gu Wanbai by nine years, Gu Wanbai had found the little kids pursuit largely annoying . Who would have thought that Zuo Chen would end up being successful and had kept this from Feng Qianhuan?
I have a whole new level of respect for this kid, Zuo Chen . Qianbei Xun narrowed his eyes and smiled . He actually has the courage to marry that little witch, Gu Wanbai .
When are they getting married? Feng Qianhuan asked with a raised brow .
In half a months time .
Half a month? Feng Qianhuan rose to her feet . She held her children with one hand as a smile bloomed on her magnificently beautiful features . Come, lets be on our way . I want to interrogate Chener on how he had managed to touch Gu Wanbais heart .
After Feng Qianhuan had said this, she immediately left the room .
Qianbei Xun looked at Feng Qianhuan as she left . His black eyes were filled with happiness and contentment .
Having a wife like this in this lifetime was truly a blessing .
He has no regrets!Looks like even Lan Yuge has lost her patience . Poor Shaoze . ^^;