Ex Rank Supporting Role’s Replay in a Prestigious School - Chapter 150

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Heukmak seemed to be targeting first-year Eungwang High students. 


‘Was the youth retreat incident caused by the black screen to procurement…?!’ 


The youth retreat in the game came to mind. The training center had been completely cut off from the outside due to communication failure. The cutscene I had witnessed through the game screen was still vivid in my mind. 


‘Since we have blocked the number of black screens so far, we will prepare more thoroughly than then.’


The performances of teachers including Joo Soohyuk, An Da-in, and Ham Geun Hyeong, as well as Kim Yuri’s runaway overlapped, so the black screen retreated without being able to carry out its purpose. 


However, some unlucky students died without even knowing English. 


‘I don’t know what sacrifice means, but it is certain that they are trying to kill the students.’ 


Hwang Jiho continued, “We are also considering changing our plans, but if we do that, it will only change the number of his goals.” 


“Yeah, I think the same.” As I spoke calmly, Hwang Jiho looked at me quietly. 


“I am not surprised. Did you know this too?” 


“I didn’t know about sacrifices.” 


“Did you know that youth retreats are being targeted?”


Hwang Jiho immediately changed the subject, as if he knew he wouldn’t answer even if he asked how he knew. 

“…Let’s discuss this quietly later. This is because the story spreads among the students and might reach his own ears.” 


I nodded at Hwang Jiho’s words. Following Kim Yuri’s runaway measures, there were more things to think about. 

*    *    *  

Lunch hour. 


Hong Kyung-bok was looking at the portfolios of art club students. Although he did not formally discipline the students of Eungwang High Min Green did, he was going to teach them as a teacher at a school. 


‘I think it would be worthwhile to teach…’ 


Disappointed with the attitude of young people towards Min Green, they once turned away from the world, but there were still many talented and sound-minded young men who were worth the time that had been wasted. 


Students belonging to the art club of Eunwang High who passionately follow the two priests Hong Kyung-bok and Min Green. There were also the cadets of the Military Academy who flew all the way to the mountains for their friends. 


Recalling their faces, Hong Kyung-bok made quite a happy expression. 


“Painter!” It was Takgeo, an old man in a hanbok who was looking for a temporary apprentice who had run away all lunch time. 


He rushed towards Hong Kyung-bok and said hurriedly, “The bastard whom the painter threatened to cut his hand off… His hand was cut off.” 


“What do you mean? Tell me more!” 


Takgeo-san began to speak of his own kind.


It was said that the disciple was found with his wrist cut off while handling a cutting machine, and was treated at the hospital before getting arrested. 


“How the hell did such an accident happen…” 


“Looks like he got a job while drunk! At that time, the blood alcohol level was over 0.2. And the drug test came out positive…” 


If one were to drive in such a drunken state, their license would be revoked, even if they did not cause an accident, and would then be subject to criminal punishment. 


If he had taken medicine in that state, it would not have been strange if his hand was cut off. 


“You have been punished! Even if that bastard’s hand was cut off, it was cheap.” 


“Huh…” Takgeo uttered with a broad smile. 


He seemed relieved at the thought that the reason for Hong Kyung-bok’s nonsense and the subject had disappeared. Unlike the former, Kyung-bok Hong’s thinking soon turned complicated. He did not believe in the existence of a nemesis.


If there was such a thing, even if they had their hands cut off a hundred times, there would be no way for them to still be aching and living. 


‘…Someone disguised as an accident and cut off his hand. It is possible to deceive the police, and it must have been done by those who were aware of this situation.’ 


The first thing that came to mind was the Balaur, who had soon become the burden of the Year 1 Class 0 students. 


‘It would be possible if the Balaur came forward and hid it systematically. However, they won’t do it that much unless it’s something of their descendants.’ 


The next candidate that came to mind was the chairman of the Hwangmyeong Foundation, which was known to carry the Jinjok behind it. 


The man whose wrist was severed must have had an accident at this particular group, so it was no wonder he had been retaliated against. If he had been the Hwangmyeong Foundation, he would have been able to check that his image of himself raging to cut off his hand was left on the recording device. 


‘I’ve been taken care of…’


At this, Hong Kyung-bok found himself immersed in deep thought. 

*    *    *  

After school, Moon Sae-ron was busy organizing articles about the confrontation between the Great Tak, the temporary disciple of Takgeo.


He spoke coldly. “From now on, it won’t be an article. I can’t hit the shield until I hit it. Bread Yoon-seop is too weak!” 


Moon Sae-ron said this while floating a report analyzing Bang Yun-sub’s power as a hologram. Short videos of people smoking or possessing a cigarette and caught by Maeng Hyo-don and futilely caught running away were placed all over the report. 


I knew that my bread shuttle was weak, but seeing him robbed me in vain by Maeng Hyo-don, who was a lot shorter than me, made him seem even weaker. “Maeng Hyo-don and Bread Shuttle. The difference in fighting power between the two is far too great! Bang Yoon-sub thinks he’s okay even if he loses anyway, so he just runs away from the Great Tak. I can’t even imagine how desperate he will be!” 


Maeng Hyo-don was someone who had been on an equal footing with Joo Soo-hyuk since middle school and had experienced harsh real-world combat in the Fight Club. 


Bang Yoon-sub who had grown a little with the Eungwang High training course, was still a long way off. If he did not receive proper guidance from Tak Do-in, the result would be obvious. 


‘If we go on like this, I think Maeng Hyo-don will win too easily,’ said Moon Sae-ron, who vomited ardently, looking at me with a look of anticipation. 


“In that sense, I want the suspicious vice-president to help.” 


I understood why Moon Sae-ron was holding me and saying this. Moon Sae-ron and my interests coincided. She wanted that match to be a little more intense, and I wanted Maeng Hyo-don to become Tak Do-in’s disciple.


“Shall we help Bang Yoon-sub become more motivated?” 


“What do you know! Please!” 


I called up a message room full of bakery names in the conversation history. 


[Me] It’s me. 


The message was read, but the reply didn’t come right away.


After a while, a very short message arrived. 


[Bang Yoon-sub] ㅗㅗㅗ 


What did that even mean? 


Did he really want to get beaten for three generations or that you want to buy three loaves of bread? It was amazing in a sense that Bang Yoon-sub did not lose his feisty spirit.


‘Let’s be patient.’


 I didn’t feel very good, but I decided to put up with my playable character Maeng Hyo-don to grow and strengthen his power. 


[Me] If Maeng Hyo-don wins, I’ll break the contract with the tweezers of the promise. 


[Bang Yoon-sub] What? 


[Bang Yoon-sub] Really? 


[Bang Yoon-sub] Aren’t you kidding? 


His messages came in quick successions. 


[Me] If you don’t believe me, I’ll also publish an article through Moon Sae-ron. 


Even if this guy believed it, the article would be good. Moon Sae-ron, who was peeking at the hologram over my shoulder, seemed to have the same thoughts as me. 


[Bang Yoon-sub] If you go back on this, you’ll die.


Considering his skills, he definitely wouldn’t be able to beat me. After making contact and closing the hologram, Moon Sae-ron began to speak in a satisfied voice. 


“Now it will be worth a look! Then let’s do some publicity and location setting!” 


“I have hired you.” 


“Ha ha ha ha ha! Shall we set off fireworks that day?” 


“Oh, Hwang Jiho, will you give me money? If so, then call!” 


After that, the newspaper members discussed how to set up a confrontation between the two. With the exception of Maeng Hyo-don, the children in my class were also expected to expect this event, so I knew I had to prepare thoroughly. 


“Are you going to play the game today?” 


“Yeah, you can go first.” 


“Then, I’ll be going.” 


After leaving the newspaper office, Hwang Jiho and I moved to the bad stalemate room. 


Of course, it was a welcome sight to see Sawol Saeum and Han-yi, who are passionate about studying chess. 


“Wait! Take a seat!” In the game room, there was Ma Jin-seung, the opponent of today’s game. 


The loud voice hurt my ears, but seeing my playable character’s lively appearance didn’t make me feel bad. 


‘Ma Jin-seung is a lot like a chess beginner. This is enough to put a number that can be studied.’ 


Unlike me, who took careful steps, Ma Jin-seung boldly moved the chess piece. 


In the end, the game against him, who was immature and lacking in prudence, quickly ended. It wasn’t as good as the last time I was scholastic. 


“This time… … You’ve grown a lot since you put in a lot more effort! Great!”


Ma Jin-seung had a sad yet satisfied face. When he was about to leave the game room after a brief review. ..


“Eushin-ah, let’s talk for a moment.” 


Yong Je-geon grabbed me and made me stand up. “Oh, then we’ll go to Yuri’s house first.” 


“I will go first.” 


Sawol Saeum and Han-yi tried to disappear without notice, but Hwang Jiho did not. 




Hwang Jiho glanced at me and Yong Je-geon alternately, his eyes twinkling. I was curious about what to talk about. He thought about how to get rid of this guy, but the trouble was solved by the kind kids in my class.


“What are you doing, let’s go.” 


“Let’s go!” 


Hwang Jiho didn’t like it, but Sawol Saeum and Han-yi were talking from both sides, and thus, had no choice but to turn their backs. 


Eventually it was just the two of us, Yong Je-geon and I, in the game room. 


Right! Paah! 


When Yong Je-geon flicked his finger, the game room was covered with a jade-colored space. It seemed like he was trying to have a difficult conversation if anyone else could hear it. 


“Did you receive the message Jun-yeoul sent?” 

What the hell was this? 


“No, I never got it.” 


“The device code has been handed over, but the message hasn’t arrived yet.”


 Again, I had gotten caught up in that strange way of speaking. 


“Did you meet Jun-yeoul yesterday in the form of a Red Cliff thief? Thanks to that, Jun-yeoul’s expression has improved a lot. He must have seen it when he played, but he wasn’t in good shape, right? It was a big deal for both Blue Dragon and Yeom Bang-yeol to taste the droopy Jun-yeoul.” 


At this, I began to feel dizzy. I tried hard to make up my mind. 


‘…But I wouldn’t be in a position to talk to anyone else. There was also Yong Je-geon in the group that tried to hide the taste.’ 


The day before yesterday, Yong Je-geon walked with his shoulders drooping as if he was bothered by the way he treated Yeom Jun-yeoul a little hard. 


“Ah, Jun-yeoul said he didn’t know what to do with the new device he bought and liked it. Compose and delete a message and repeat… So I thought I would say hello, but didn’t you get the message? You didn’t give me a false device code, did you?”


 Of course, the device code was real. He seemed hesitant to send a message, but it would be better for me to send a message first. 


“Now that I see the reaction, the device code is real. Jun-yeoul seemed to be an exception to the Phantom of the Red Wall, who is meticulous in erasing traces and acts deliberately. It’s natural for our Jun-yeoul to do just that.” 


I simply kept my mouth shut and just listened to avoid getting caught in Yong Je-geon’s way of speaking. Yong Je-geon’s reasoning continued to see if he had even grasped the inner meaning of this reaction. 


“As for the results of my observations as a burden… You have a firm ‘standard’ when dealing with people. Right?”


There was something to be said for that standard, a playable character that had been with us for 10 years.


It was true that for those who had fallen into that category, though it was a bit of a retreat. 


“I think Jun-yeoul and I fall within that ‘standard.’ That’s why you react softly even if your identity is revealed, or the risk of being exposed increases.” 


“…I’m not sure what you mean. If there’s nothing more to say, I’ll go. I have a promise with my classmates.” 


I felt embarrassed to keep bringing up this topic, so because of this, I tried to change my mind. 


“Is this topic embarrassing?” 


Rather, it had been read correctly. Perhaps it was because Yeom Jun-yeoul was energetic, 


Yong Je-geon looked more energetic than usual. 


“I’m looking forward to what your ‘standard’ is.” 




When I turned my back and approached the door of the game room, the space skill turned out to be canceled. 


I went straight to Kim Yuri’s house without answering Yong Je-geon’s remarks.

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