Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226 – Two-pronged approach

Feng Yu was in a good mood when he heard about the imitations .

“Old Li, this imitation is discovered in which city?”

“Beijing . ”

Feng Yu was shocked . These imitation sellers are too bold to sell in Beijing . They must have targeted Beijing because the market is bigger, and they can reap higher profits!

“What about other cities?”

“We found imitations in several cities, and I had asked our distributors to investigate . Luckily, our distributors are not selling imitations, or else it will become a big issue .

If customers bought imitation products from elsewhere, the company could still explain . But if they bought it from their distributors, it will not be settled easily .

Those distributors can sell imitations, but they are working with Bing City Machinery Manufacturing Group to sell electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, motorcycles, and even cars .

They don’t dare to risk getting their distributors’ status removed for some profits . Furthermore, they know Songjiang is created by Feng Yu, China’s wealthiest man . If they offended Feng Yu, it is no longer the issue of getting their contracts canceled and compensating Songjiang . It might be worse .

“Not only the distributors need to check, but we must also take precautions . We must do something which those factories cannot imitate . You don’t need to worry about higher-ups . I will speak to them . ”

Feng Yu had created this brand and even exported it overseas . If he got dragged down these imitations in his own backyard, he would be a laughing stock .

“Oh, did you find any imitations in Bing City?” If Feng Yu’s home base also have imitations, that means this problem had become very serious .

“No . Not only in Bing City, but we had also checked the whole Longjiang Province and did not find any . Even Lin Province does not have any imitations . But we are still waiting for news from Liao Province . ”

Feng Yu was relieved . At least this problem has not become too serious .

“Are there any electric motorcycle imitations?”

“No . Those factories that can manufacture electric motorcycles have some technical skills . Although they are copying our designs and technologies, they did not use our logo . ”

“They used our patented technologies?”

“Yes . ” Li Mingde felt embarrassed . He still has the old way of thinking and felt he should let these factories off if they didn’t harm the company’s interest . In the past, he can be ruthless and didn’t let anyone who copies his products off . But he changed as he becomes older .

“Old Li, we had spent lots of money to develop these technologies . If other people want to use it, they must pay for it . It would be our loss if they used it for free . The company is successful now is because everyone worked hard . You might not care about these minor losses . Still, suppose we can collect 1 million patent fees annually, we can give out more bonuses to our workers, or even upgrade the quality of the food at the canteen . ”

“Manager Feng . I know what to do . I know some of those people, and it’s not nice for me to go after them . But I will get the department in-charge of this issue to go after them . I will make sure we will get back every cent they owe us!” Li Mingde felt he had let Feng Yu down .


A few days later, Feng Yu returned to Beijing and called Liu Chuanzhi . “Manager Liu, are you familiar with the leaders from the Industry and Commerce Bureau?”

“Do you mean the city level or the higher-ups?”

“The higher-ups . ”

“I am quite close to a Vice Minister . If you want to know him, I can ask him out for dinner tonight . ”

“Ok . Please arrange for the meeting .

When Feng Yu arrives at the restaurant, Liu Chuanzhi and a man walks up to him . “Manager Feng, let me introduce . This is Qian Liang, Minister Qian from the Industry and Commerce Bureau . Minister Qian, this is Manager Feng, Feng Yu . ”

“Manager Feng . Nice to meet you . ” Qian Liang extended his hand for a handshake .

Everyone who got close to Manager Feng will become successful, as he is influential in China .

“Hi, Minister Qian . Let’s go in . ” Feng Yu smiled .

When they are seated in the private dining room, the waitress started serving the dishes . Liu Chuanzhi had ordered the food in advance, as the main reason for this meeting is not for dinner .

“Minister Qian, I will be straight forward . I need a favor from you . ”

“What is it? I will definitely help . ” Qian Liang agreed without hesitations .

“A lot of Songjiang electric bicycle imitations have appeared in the market recently . I hope your department can investigate and impose a crackdown on these imitations . Of course, I will not let your department work for free . We will donate a few Songjiang vehicles to your bureau . ”

Qian Liang smiled immediately . “Ah… Manager Feng, you don’t need to do this . Eliminating imitations is my department’s duty . Have you all investigated this? If you have any information, let me know, and it will be easier for our work . But don’t worry . I will issue the orders to let each province crackdown on these imitations . ”

Feng Yu is satisfied with Qian Liang’s attitude .

“Minister Qian, I will publish an article on this issue on the newspaper and internet . Please be prepared . ”

“What do you mean?”

Feng Yu took out a document and passed it to Qian Liang .

Qian Liang opened the document and start reading . The more he read, the more he frowned .

“Manager Feng, is there a need to do this?” This article is about the number of imitation products in China and their impact on the market .

If this article is published, it will be a slap to the Industry and Commerce Bureau!

Qian Liang is unhappy . He had agreed to help Feng Yu settle this issue, but Feng Yu still want to blow up this matter .

Feng Yu laughed . “Minister Qian, what if this article is published by your department?”

“Published by my department? Are you saying you want us to report this article?”

Qian Liang kept quiet . Although this will expose their department’s failure and show their determination to crack down on imitations . The higher-ups will also like to see this .

Even the civilians will know they are determined to eliminate these counterfeits and will support them .

In the past, when his men went after those imitation sellers, they will be accused of bullying them, making it hard for them to work .

“Minister Qian, I can let your department publish this article . I can wait three days . If I don’t hear from you within three days, I will get my men to publish it . ”

Qian Liang thought for a while . “Ok . I will definitely get back to you within three days!”

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