Fatal Shot - Chapter 611

Chapter 611: Super Tactical Squad

The moon in the sky above the island had already moved . It was two o’clock in the morning .


A Hypertoxic Chameleon resting on a moist mossy boulder suddenly raised its head as if it had heard something .

Its eyes still under its camouflage moved . The chameleon, which used infrared light to see, could still see things within 10 meters of it, even in this darkness .


However, just as it raised its head, the golden afterimage of a sword had slashed through it . Its body, along with the rock it sat on, were both easily and silently sliced in half .

“To encounter a Hypertoxic Chameleon over here . Good thing there was only one . If it were a group, we’d be in big trouble . ” Jing Kong used an area-of-effect Detection skill on his Legendary Grade recon meter . After confirming that there weren’t any other Hypertoxic Chameleons around, he continued to follow behind the Heavy Armor Warrior holding a raised shield who was opening the path in front of him .

“It is alright, with our squad’s strength and with the poison resistance potion, we’ll probably be able to deal with a group of them . ” Frontline Command said, his hands holding onto a special device while looking at the surroundings of his teammates progressing forward .

Inside the humid forest, there was nothing they could use to illuminate their surroundings .

The number of people in the squad that had to determine their path forward was low . There were only about 20 of them .

However, if any of the Storm City superstar fans were here, they would be in for a shock of their lives .

Among the 20 or so players within the squad, almost all of them were the best superstar players of Storm City .

The third-ranked player on the Sniper power ranking list – God Y; the fourth-ranked player on the Scout power ranking list – Jing Kong; the fifth-ranked player on the Machine Gunner power ranking list – Barbaric King; the third-ranked player on the Heavy Armor Warrior power ranking list – Douchebag… And then, there was also the player touted as the number one expert in Storm City – Sword Ki Long River .

One could say that all the top gunners and warriors of the Nine Star Guild were gathered here .

Apart from that, there were also several other signature superstar players from allies of the Nine Star Guild .

Of course, apart from these superstar players, the others from the squad might not be known by anyone else at the moment but it would not be long before everyone knew them .

“I gotta say Old Kong, this is the job of you gunners and warriors, why do you have to bring me along? Later if y’all really succeed in luring those people out, you’ve all got acceleration skills and your endurance and stamina will also allow you to get away . I’m different . There’s no guarantee that I’ll get away . ” The squad had a unique makeup . The squad members were mostly warriors and gunners . Only Zhao Yun – the only Earth Manipulator present, was the exception .

Due to this, he had a pained expression on his face when he spoke to Jing Kong, who was staring at his recon meter .

“Old Zhao, you can’t complain about this to me . Although it was my suggestion, you’re the one who pumped your chest and agreed to it confidently when guild leader Zi Wei extended the invitation to you . Moreover, you helping us with this isn’t exactly a loss for you either . Apart from being able to temporarily use two Legendary Grade items for free, you’ve also earned the right to buy a Quasi-Boss chip at a 50% discount . That is what I would call incredibly sincere . ” Jing Kong laughed and said to Zhao Yun .

To ensure the success of the operation, apart from providing the non-Nine Star Guild members the right to purchase the Quasi-Boss chips that their guild produces at half the market price, the Nine Star Guild also gathered all the Legendary Grade items that they possessed and placed it in the hands of the members within this “Top Elite Squad . ”

At that time, everyone in that squad had at least two Legendary Grade items . In total, there were around 50 Legendary Grade items in the team .

In particular, almost everyone was equipped with one Legendary Grade defensive item .

This also made the players in the squad, even if they were glass cannons like gunners, under the effects of potions, had more than 10,000 HP .

This was enough to guarantee that none of the players in the squad would be killed in an instant in their upcoming “enemy luring” operation .

This was a squad that assembled all the true warrior and gunner experts in Nine Star Guild . And right now, they were all heading to base number six to lure the enemy .

The modified battle plan of the commanding team of the Nine Star Guild was to split the team into two squads .

The main squad would bring along the suspected spies and head towards the fifth base which was already cleared by the Rebel Army group .

Of course, when they get there, they will have to be shocked and surprised that the base had been emptied . After that, they would have to suspect that it was the North City players who got there first .

After that, Zi Wei and a few others would discuss before finally deciding to head to the main base .

As for this elite squad that consisted of around 20 people who, on paper, were heading to the sixth base to try and disturb North City’s exploration progress .

However, in reality, they were heading to the sixth base to lure the Rebel Army group to the ambush set up by the North City players, which would result in a clash between both sides . After that, when both sides were battered and damaged, the remaining Storm City players would arrive and pick up the pieces .

Of course, this is just a very simplified explanation of the battle plan and objective .

In reality, to realize this battle objective, there were many factors and complexities that they needed to consider and account for .

For example, how were they going to get close to the sixth base without being detected? How were they going to lure the people from the Rebel Army camp, to make sure that they would be interested to pursue their squad of only around 20 uninteresting players? Also, how were they going to ensure the players from North City and the Rebel Army camp would engage in a large-scale battle?

All these problems had to be handled by the 20-man elite squad themselves .

“The area ahead of us is secured . No sign of any monsters or invisible sentries . ” Wearing a pair of Legendary Grade long combat boots, the female Scout – Green Arrow, walked in the front . She kept observing the surroundings .

Behind her, fully clad in a camouflage combat uniform, Black Panther held his sniper rifle and scanned the area using a standard tactical movement . Slightly in front of Green Arrow, Neutron Star held an alloy sword with both his hands, slashing away the vines and weeds along the way .

As to how and why Black Panther, Green Arrow, and Neutron Star joined this squad, to be honest, Feng Luo was slightly surprised .

The reason was that compared to the other players present, Black Panther and the other two, all of whom did not own any Legendary Grade items and were inferior in terms of their combat strength .

However, after Red Queen went and spoke with the one who selected members of the elite squad – Zi Wei, she nodded and agreed to it .

This only meant one thing, this was that Red Queen and Nine Star Guild’s relationship was a lot more than he had expected .

However, Green Arrow’s addition helped the elite squad a lot .

While Jing Kong had the Legendary Grade recon meter, his Detection skill would still have to go into cooldown at some point . Without the Detection skill, he would not have been able to detect everything along the way .

With Green Arrow’s scouting talent, she did not need the Detection skill to obtain information on the things that she saw . It was the equivalent of owning a weakened yet constantly activated Detection skill .

A combination of both made the squad’s ability to detect enemies reach the peak .

In the team, there was another Scout who was adept at anti-detection skills, which thoroughly minimized the likelihood of the squad being exposed .

One had to admit that for an operation that required stealth, a Scout’s importance was way above high damage output professions like Machine Gunners .

“But I must say, Old Feng, your pet is a lot more useful than a Scout’s skill . ” Zhao Yun said after complaining to Jing Kong . As he spoke, he looked curiously at the thing that had been painted black and was sitting on top of Feng Luo’s shoulder munching on an energy crystal – 24K .