Fatal Shot - Chapter 612

Chapter 612: Pirate Sentry

At the forefront of the squad, the ones opening the path weren’t the three Scout players .

Instead, 10 Bladed Beetles were moving forward in stealth mode while another four Scout Beetles were scattered to four separate directions in the air!

“With them around, even if the Rebel Army sent hidden sentries who detected any sounds or discovered dead monsters, they would only think that it was the work of these odd-looking wild beetles, and as a result, they will also let their guard down . ” Zhao Yun grabbed a light green crystal and with an intrigued expression, placed it beside 24K’s mouth .

This resulted in 24K, who usually ignored the feeding of just about anyone else, suddenly extended its tiny claws to grab the crystal .

It could not be helped . This guy was, after all, feeding it the crystal core dropped by a Level 60 Commander Grade monster that they fought with previously, and was a lot tastier than diamond crystals .

“Not bad, Mr . Feng . Concerning this pet of yours, I’ve gotta say, I am quite curious . It can summon wild monsters; moreover, it can summon a lot of them . In addition to that, they can even use long-range scouting abilities . I’m afraid it’s at least a mutated Commander Grade pet, right?” Jing Kong raised his head and said to Feng Luo, who was holding the Wings of Death, during the brief gap he had while scouting .

24K had unique stats and attributes . Even the Detection skill did not provide a lot of info . As such, even Jing Kong, who had a Legendary Grade recon meter in his possession, was not able to obtain concrete info about 24K .

Of course, it was due to this that he did not know that Feng Luo had only displayed a very small portion of 24K’s true strength .

He only let 24K summon ten Normal Grade Bladed Beetles, so its combat ability could only be perceived as around a unique type of Commander Grade pet . However, 24K was actually a real Boss Grade pet which was at a higher level than the Quasi-Boss pet biochip that many of these elite top-class players were vying for on that island . Moreover, it was also one of the unique types of Boss Grade pets .

Otherwise, many people would probably have been left speechless .

They were all top players . They not only have not yet found ways to awaken the Force, but they were also risking their lives to get a chance at purchasing a Quasi-Boss pet biochip at half price .

As for another person, he had become the second person to awaken the Force and had got himself a Boss Grade pet .

The gap was just a little too big .

After a dozen or so minutes, it was almost three in the morning .

“We’re almost there . It is around the valley terrain over there ahead of and below us . That is the location of the sixth base . ” The top elite squad had finally reached the sixth base .

“Alright, everyone, slow down . Something’s happening up ahead!” Jing Kong shouted suddenly to halt those who were about to take action as he looked at the feedback he received from the Legendary Grade recon meter after he used the Detection skill .

“Over there! There are four sentries!” Jing Kong pointed at a few gray dots on the recon meter’s screen that was on night mode . Then, he made a “four” gesture with his hand .

“Huh… They’ve put up sentries, huh?” After hearing this, each of the players began to hide . They took out their night vision devices to look ahead .

In the direction where Jing Kong pointed at, two NPC pirates holding AK rifles and wearing tattered combat uniforms were pacing back and forth .

“Why are there only two? Didn’t he say there were four?” After looking through the night vision binoculars, Big Pineapple found that there were only two people, and he felt a little bit suspicious .

“Be more thorough!” Jing Kong pointed again .

“Holy crap! There are two black dudes!” Big Pineapple looked speechless .

In the sentry post that barely had any cover, apart from the two yellow-skinned Asian sentries walking around with their AK rifles, there were two more hidden in the dark . Two dark-skinned sentries who barely even moved .

However, those two pirates were both black, and in a dark environment like this, their natural camouflage was amazing . For warriors and manipulators whose vision was not comparable to gunners, it was a test .

Of course, whether they were normal sentries or “dark sentries,” under Jing Kong’s Legendary Grade recon meter, the four pirate NPC’s hiding was all but for naught .

[Pirate (Level 50 Elite) . HP:5067 . ]

Feng Luo had placed the targets within the sniping scope of the Wings of Death and had obtained information about the targets .

Level 50 humanoid Elite Grade monster with low HP . To Feng Luo, he could easily guarantee a one-shot kill .

However, there were four of them and they needed to kill all of them in the first attack .

Communication was impossible on the island . While Scout players could block and interrupt communication between the opponent and the outside world, it did not mean that they could not signal any warning alarms . Whether it was a gunshot or firework displays or even a loud sound, these were easy and convenient methods for one to alarm others, it wasn’t easy to contain .

The good thing was that Feng Luo was not the only Sniper in the squad .

Considering the advantages of Snipers in a mission like this, among the 20 plus players in the squad, there were seven Snipers, which was around one-third of the total .

As such, there was more than enough to deal with these four Level 50 Elite Grade pirates .

“I’ll take care of the one under the tree . ” Nine Star Guild’s signature Sniper player who once faced off against Feng Luo in the arena – God Y, had raised his yellow-colored 14 . 5mm caliber Desert Tiger and was moving quickly to find a spot with a suitable sniping angle when he spoke .

“Then, I will take that black pirate on the left . ” Another Sniper who was holding a half-completed Legendary Grade sniper rifle said as he chose one of the black guys as his target .

“I’ll take the right one . ” Another Sniper said . At the same time, he picked up his purple-red sniper rifle to indicate his intention .

“My damage output might not ensure a one-hit KO, so I’ll choose to fire a makeup shot . ” A non-Nine Star Guild Sniper player said while shaking his head .

Apart from him, the other two Snipers also indicated that they could not one-shot kill the target .

After all, while it was a humanoid monster with low HP, it was still 5,000 HP . Even with Legendary Grade items, if it weren’t a Legendary Grade weapon, it was hard to guarantee a one-shot kill .

“Alright then, that last guy belongs to me . ” Feng Luo nodded . He picked up the Wings of Death and began to aim while crouching .

With sufficient strength and vitality stat points, even if he were to shoot while holding the gun up, Feng Luo could still ensure stability .

They did not have to kill these sentries . Even if the four sentries failed to sound the alarm after getting killed, if the enemy’s security arrangement was tight enough, the Rebel Army camp might still become alarmed .

However, since the position of the sentry post was in the middle of their planned route of retreat to lure the enemy, they could not leave any stone unturned .

Moreover, even if they were to cause a commotion, it would be fine . After all, their objective was to “lure the enemy . ”

“Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!”

After a few seconds, four light pops sounded as if someone had opened wine bottles in the night .

After that, the two Asian pirates who were patrolling the area had blood spurt out of their chest before collapsing on the ground . As for the two black pirates, their heads were pierced as white and red liquid flowed from their skull .

The other Snipers in the squad did not disappoint Feng Luo .

All four of the shots were Fatal Damage . Moreover, they had achieved the level of a fatal shot . The other three Snipers who were in charge of firing make-up shots did not have a chance to do anything .

It was natural that Feng Luo was not the only one with attacking types of talent . There were certainly players who were confident and capable enough to one-shot Elite Grade monsters .

“Yes, all done and dealt with . ” Jing Kong said after using another Detection skill on the Legendary Grade recon meter . “All four sentries have been killed . No one got away . ” He repeated it after the first sentence .

However, when he said “no one got away,” he seemed to have paused for a brief moment .

Moreover, when he spoke, Jing Kong quietly placed the recon meter in front of Feng Luo . At the same time, his fingers in front of his body made a gesture towards a position behind the two of them .

“Yes, in that case, let’s continue pressing forward so that we can complete the mission as soon as possible . ” Feng Luo understood immediately and pretended to move forward .

However, the moment he raised his leg to move forward, he turned around very quickly and suddenly . Then, the muzzle of Wings of Death instantly turned towards the location where Jing Kong was earlier gesturing towards .