Chapter 940: 940

He had been waiting until his limit was crossed . The two days that he had promised was almost up . He was just preparing himself to go out and find Yan Qingsi himself, no matter how his family tried to stop him . He never expected that she would have gone to Rong City .

 “Grandma Xia is being hospitalized now . Her condition doesn’t look too good . It’s probably because of this . ”

 “I was just about to leave for the capital,” Yue Tingfeng replied immediately, “I’ll make a move now since she’s in Rong City . ”

 “Alright . Let’s talk more when we get there,” You Yi said .

 After he hung up, Yue Tingfeng immediately grabbed his wallet, phone, and ID . He was ready to leave, not even bringing a single suitcase .

 He went to Mrs . Yue’s room first . “Mom, Qingsi is in Rong City,” he said, “I need to go find her . ”

 Mrs . Yue was taken aback . “Now? Then what about your uncle?”

 “You can tell him once I’m on the plane . He keeps preventing me from going . That’s my girlfriend . He may not be worried, but I can’t be at ease . ”

 Mrs . Yue nodded her head . “Well…then don’t worry . I haven’t been sleeping peacefully these few days . See, Qingsi had been such a great catch, and you managed to court her successfully . So much time and energy had been spent on that . If Qingsi’s true identity is about to… Well, you’re definitely no match for her . It makes me depressed when I think about it . ”

 Yue Tingfeng was speechless .

 “Alright, Mom . Don’t talk about it anymore . Don’t worry . Your son is going off . I won’t leave that city until I bring your future daughter-in-law back . ”

 Mrs . Yue patted Yue Tingfeng’s shoulder . “Good job, my son . I’m so proud of you . Go ahead without worries . You have me over here . I’ll hold the fort down for you . ”

 “I’m off then . ”

 Mrs . Yue pumped a fist into the sky, encouraging her son . “Go on . I’ll support you!”

While Xia Anlan was having a meeting, Yan Qingsi rested in the breakroom . It was very boring . There was nothing she could watch on the television, but she did manage to catch the trailer for Beauty’s Rival in Palace . It was going to air very soon—next Wednesday, in fact . She suddenly felt a little nervous . This was her very first drama . The trailer pieced together by the TV station was very elaborate and beautiful . Yan Qingsi had quite a few appearances in it too . Although she was not the main female lead, she had pretty good screen time .

 After she finished watching the trailer, the nervousness wore off and Yan Qingsi started to feel drowsy .

 She woke up from the nap after half an hour . Xia Anlan was not done with the meeting yet . She stretched her limbs, then saw that there were some fruits and desserts on the table . Someone had probably placed it there while she was asleep .

 Yan Qingsi released a sigh . She did not know how long this meeting would go on for . It was kind of boring .

 She drank a gulp of water and paced around the room . There was nothing of interest here . She opened the door, wanting to go out and take a stroll . In the end, she saw that six foot three man standing at the entrance the moment the door swung open .

 He was wearing a black suit, standing as straight as a pole . Even though he was not in military uniform, you could still tell that he was part of the armed forces .

 “You saved me from drowning a few days ago,” Yan Qingsi said to him, “I didn’t get to thank you, so thank you . ”

 “It was my duty,” Yuchi replied .

 “You’re called Yuchi?”

 “That’s right . ”

 “Nice name . ”

 Yuchi did not answer that . He stood ramrod straight, his eyes pinned onto the space before him .

 Yan Qingsi released a sigh . This person was not the best conversation partner in the world . However…with his body, even though he was just standing guard here, he looked as though he could be standing on the world’s top runways . It was a shame that he was not a model .

 Little Lin rushed over and saw that Yan Qingsi was standing at the entrance . She thrust a phone towards her . “Miss, this is the phone that the master provided for you . I only managed to give it to you now . My apologies . ”

 Yan Qingsi snatched the phone away, her eyes brightening . “Don’t worry, don’t worry… There’s a SIM card inside, right? Can I make a call?”