Chapter 942: 942

Xia Anlan spoke while laughing however, his words were indeed true . The Xia family did not have any grandchildren until today . The old couple had once used various schemes against Xia Anlan in the past, hoping that he would get married and have a child . Eventually, they lowered their expectations such that even without marriage he should at least…fathered a child . The Xia family’s bloodline must not end at Xia Anlan .

However, Xia Anlan continued as he had been, not marrying and keeping his purity as if everything was perfect, unlike any mortals .

Grandpa and Grandma Xia had also found many different ladies . Some of them were beautiful, some elegant, and some were kindhearted ladies . In short, both of them had introduced Xia Anlan to all types of ladies . He treated all of them warmly but would not give an opportunity to either of them .

Later on, as his position got higher and higher so was his workload . He became even busier . Grandpa and Grandma Xia were unable to take further action, hence the marriage discussion had to be put off temporarily .

Xia Anlan had remained single until today . He was really glad and felt fortunate when Yan Qingsi was found as she was the only grandchild of the Xia family at the moment .

Yan Qingsi had a sorrowful face on and asked curiously, “Why don’t you get married? Is it…because you haven’t met the right person?”

Xia Anlan smiled lightly . “Perhaps…”

There were in fact many reasons behind him not being married . The most important reason was after the death of his dearest sister, he had been unable to move on .

He had a girlfriend when he was in university . That girl got jealous when she saw his sister’s photo which Xia Anlan had been keeping in his wallet but refused to put in hers and said, “She had been dead for so many years, isn’t it about time to let go? Is she even worthy of being commemorated? Could she be even more important than me? If you do not replace your sister’s photo with mine, let’s break up . ”

Without even giving that girl a chance, Xia Anlan decisively broke up with her .

If a woman could not even be tolerant toward his premature deceased sister, what qualifications does she even have to be with him?

People like Xia Anlan were very indifferent . They become cool-headed and unflustered when encountering problems, not showing their emotions on their faces . In such situations, it would become even harder to emotionally move him .

If a woman was unable to move his heart, why should he be married to her?

One should not get married for the sake of having a wedding . If that marriage was just to obtain a progeny, he would rather not get married .

Work got busier later on and with an even higher position, his heart hardened and it became even more difficult to trigger him emotionally . In fact, people like him no longer needed any love in their life . He was just like those who had abandoned seven emotions and six desires, cultivated to the supreme state in the fantasy novels .

Yan Qingsi showed her sadden expression and asked, “Uncle… Do you…feel desolated when you are alone?”

Even if he was powerful, a person would sometimes still feel lonely and desolate .

Xia Anlan found it very interesting that questions this child asked were different from the norm . No one had ever paid attention to whether he would be desolated .

He replied, “No, when I am alone, my mind is filled with…diplomatic ties, people’s welfare, country’s economy, territory matters, military affairs, and too many other businesses . There was no time to enjoy the solitude . ”

Yan Qingsi sighed in her heart . ‘Did you see that? It’s not easy being a bigshot . You can’t even rest your mind even when you are alone . Your mind is filled with all aspects of protecting this country’s core . ’

Yan Qingsi tilted her head and asked, “In that case, you are really too busy . But…you will have to retire eventually . By the time you vacated your position and no longer had to deal with these matters, what will you do?”