Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful - Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: Relationship Counselor (2)

“I…” After listening to these words, Mu Tingfeng kept wanting to say something to refute Su Ruixin, but he found that he had nothing to say.

In the matter of dealing with Zhao Youlin, he had indeed been too arbitrary and taken everything for granted.

After he realized that he had strange feelings for that woman, what he thought about the most was to get that person back to his side. However, he did not really make any plans to pursue that person. He was fooled by a certain someone and messed up many times.

When Mu Tingfeng thought about it, he felt a little bit of enlightenment, and the gaze on Su Ruixin also brought a little shame and enthusiasm. “Mom, I get it.”

Su Ruixin was satisfied to see her son’s rare gaze that was full of admiration. She inevitably smiled and said, “You’re really worthy to be taught. Since you’re ready to learn, I’ll teach you another tactic.”

Right after Su Ruixin finished speaking, Mu Tingfeng, who was on the hospital bed, turned his head in an instant to look at her. His intention was obvious.

Su Ruixin purposely tried to be mysterious by coughing twice softly and said unfathomably, “You’ve also seen the accident this time. It is not really an accident, but someone deliberately wants to kill Youlin. You did it well before as you know to do it when it is time to do it. Now that you’re injured because of Youlin, even if she is dissatisfied with you because of what happened before, she won’t really put you in a difficult situation because of your injury. Now, you just need a final push.”

“A final push?”

“That’s right,” Sui Ruixin extended her hand to pat Mu Tingfeng’s shoulder and said, “Let me tell you as someone who had experienced this. Even if a girl seems strong, courageous, and domineering, she still has a softer heart than a guy. This is especially true for a girl like Youlin. At this time, don’t cling to your worthless dignity. You have to know how to pretend to be weak, understand?”

“P-Pretend to be weak?”

“Yes, pretend to be weak. Do you know that there are people going around, pretending to be innocent these days? It is that kind of girl who is weak and likes to cry. They will pretend to be pitiful in front of men, and the men will be protective when they look at them. Of course, I’m not telling you to be like them. I’m just giving you an example. Pretending to be innocent is not only useful for dealing with men, but it is also useful for dealing with women.”

Mu Tingfeng was speechless. ‘So, are you telling me to go and pretend to be an innocent guy in front of that woman?’

Su Ruixin ignored her son’s slightly contemptuous eyes. She was self-complacent and continued saying, “I know what kind of a person you are more than anyone else. Your previous attitude toward Youlin must have been very tough and domineering. A girl like Youlin looks like someone who is yielding to a soft approach but rejects force. You will only achieve the opposite effect, so if you show your weakness properly, you may be pleasantly surprised. Besides, you are injured now. There is nothing more suitable than this trick.”

“Mom…” Even President Mu, who had always been calm, could not bear it under the attack of someone, so he whispered as he wanted her to stop.

However, Su Ruixin refused to give him this chance at all. She extended her hand and interrupted Mu Tingfeng’s words directly. She righteously said, “Don’t tell me that a cool and domineering president like you can’t do such a thing. Son, you have to be shameless when doing everything these days, especially when you’re pursuing someone. If you cling to your so-called dignity and refuse to do anything, she will only be pursued by other people, and you won’t have any chances. So, there’s actually no specific skill in pursuing someone. You just have to be shameless. Be shameless.”

Mu Tingfeng was speechless.

If Xia Zhetao was fortunate enough to stay in this room at that moment, he would definitely sigh and moan to himself as he heard Su Ruixin’s words. He finally knew why his cold and mature president, who was regarded as a god by everyone in the company, would have shameless actions from time to time when facing the former Mrs. President. The genetics were scary.

“Son, it’s right to listen to me. You should behave well in front of Youlin. As for those who want to harm your sweetheart, you don’t have to worry about them. They are obviously people from the gang. Since they are people from the gang, you should let people from the gang deal with them. I’ll call your aunt later and ask her to ask your uncle to find someone to help. I believe that there will be a result soon. At that time, Youlin would be able to see that you’re gentle and considerate as well as your shrewd, capable, and domineering side. It’s hard to not fall in love with you.”

Mu Tingfeng was silent for a while because of Su Ruixin’s words. After a while, he tried to speak out by asking, “Mom, did dad use this trick to…”

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“Oh, stop it. Don’t talk about this old thing anymore. It’s so embarrassing.” Before Mu Tingfeng finished speaking, Su Ruixin already shyly interrupted him and confessed without being questioned.

Mu Tingfeng was speechless.

Under his mother’s sickening sweet attack, Mu Tingfeng said expressionlessly, “Mom, let’s not talk about my business first. You should think about how to explain your head injury to dad.”

Su Ruixin’s happy expression inevitably froze because of Mu Tingfeng’s words. Her expression changed. She stared at Mu Tingfeng sadly and said, “Can’t you keep this from your dad?”

Mu Tingfeng raised his eyebrows and looked at the bandage on Su Ruixin’s forehead. He cruelly shattered her last hope. “Do you think that you can hide it from dad with what’s on your face right now?”

His father, who was crazily in love with his mother, had to have a sweet video call with his mother for one or two hours every day. Otherwise, he would call the home’s landline nonstop.

In this case, how could he not realize the eye-catching bandage on someone’s forehead?

Su Ruixin obviously knew her husband’s personality as well. She immediately sat listlessly in the corner like a deflated ball and completely lost her spirit.

The topic in the ward finally ended because Su Ruixin had stopped talking about it. However, the conversation outside the ward had just begun.

Zhao Youlin led Qin Huai to an empty corner at the end of the hospital corridor. She smiled and said, “Mr. Qin, thank you for today’s matter. If it weren’t for you calling the police, I’m afraid that I would not be standing here to talk to you.”

Zhao Youlin’s words were not exaggerated. Although the police did not help much when they came and only added troubles, those pursuers had to retreat after hearing the siren at that time. This was undoubted, so Zhao Youlin’s thanks was sincere.

Qin Huai smiled. “It’s nothing, so you don’t have to thank me, Ms. Zhao. But the reason why I am here now is that I have a question to ask you, Ms. Zhao.”

“What question?”

Qin Huai’s deep eyes stared at Zhao Youlin’s eyes without blinking. After a long time, he said, “Ms. Zhao, who are you?”

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