From Sidekick to Bigshot - Chapter 517

Chapter 517: Not that Kind of Relationship

Because of him?

Qin Chuan paused when he heard this . He was rather surprised to hear such a response .

Then, he took a serious look at the woman in front of him .

If he was honest with himself, Qin Chuan would admit that he wasn’t very touched by her actions . However, he still recognized the effort that she had put in . He knew that it wasn’t easy for her to do this .

When Mo Shiyun felt Qin Chuan’s gaze on her, she started to feel nervous . Small beads of sweat came out from her palms .

However, she was still worried about Qin Chuan refusing . And thus, Mo Shiyun quickly added: “I don’t mean much . I just paid attention to you for quite some time… I see you as my idol…”

Qin Chuan smiled politely before he shook his head: “I’m not as good as you think . ”

“No . You are . You’re an amazing person . Even without the support of the Qin family, you’re still an amazing person . You managed to achieve success using your own efforts . ”

Then, Mo Shiyun told Qin Chuan about her past . She told him about her experiences and the hardships that she experienced in the past three years .

Qin Chuan quietly listened to Mo Shiyun . Mo Shiyun’s words were incredibly sincere and heartfelt . As a result, Qin Chuan felt rather touched by her words . He started to develop a new understanding of the girl in front of him .

“Mhmm . Let’s make a deal then . You can use your VIP card to help me . In return, I’ll assist you in your career . ”

Qin Chuan was very clear with his words .

Mo Shiyun nodded . Although Qin Chuan still had a business-like attitude, at least this time, he would remember her .

She was no longer an insignificant stranger to him .

“Also… I have one more question…”

“Hmm? What is it? Just ask me . ”

Mo Shiyun bit down on her lips . Finally, she asked a question that had been buried in her heart for a long time:

“Do you like Jian Yiling?”

“Why do you ask that?”

Jian Yiling was indeed special to him .

However, Qin Chuan didn’t necessarily like her romantically . He wasn’t too sure about his feelings towards her .

However, he would definitely try his best to protect her .

Jian Yiling saved his mother’s life . In addition, he enjoyed occasionally spending time with her .

“I feel like… You treat her quite differently… And I guess, I’m just a little curious . ”

“Really? Well, she’s very important to me . However, it’s not what you’re thinking . It’s not that kind of relationship,” Qin Chuan explained .


This answer gave Mo Shiyun’s heart some solace .


After walking out of the café, Mo Shiyun contacted a reporter that she had messaged in advance .

This was another preparation that she made .

The reporter had taken pictures of her and Qin Chuan together . There were photos of them seated together and photos of them walking out of the café together .

Once upon a time, she hated using these ambiguous photos to gain fame .

However now, she took the initiative to do such a thing .

She knew the distance between herself and Qin Chuan . As of present, she knew that it was impossible for her to cross over that distance even if she used all her strength .

And thus, she wanted to use Qin Chuan to become popular again . She wanted to become a topic of conversation again .

If she couldn’t get love, she would at least try to make her career progress out of this .

Three years ago, she would not have done such a thing .

However, three years had passed . She was no longer the same girl . Mo Shiyun had experienced the ups and downs of the entertainment industry .

In those three years, she saw the cruel side of humanity . She encountered so many walls and so many disgusted looks .

She knew that she had to make herself popular again . By becoming popular, she could gain the respect of others .

By becoming popular, she could rightfully gain the attention of Qin Chuan .

Furthermore, Mo Shiyun believed that such a post would not harm Qin Chuan .

She knew that the post would be deleted rather quickly .

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