Chapter 559

“Oh!” A trace of impatience emerged in Su Jing’s subconsciousness who was always getting stopped by one person or another, so he subconsciously released his Spiritual Force .  

In an instant, everyone around Su Jing felt a buzz in their heads and it shook their minds a little . While they were shaking their heads, they saw Su Jing going to the ring without stopping .

When Jin Chixu, Zuo Xian, and others saw Su Jing finally entering the ring, a cold light flashed in their eyes .  

Jin Chixu was about to take the stage but Zuo Xian grabbed Jin Chixu’s hand and said, “Brother Xu, dealing with such a drunkard doesn’t require your presence and it doesn’t need you to take action . If you go up there to beat him then the guys standing behind that drunkard will find an excuse to pull him out . ”

“Well, then you go in the ring and beat him to death . ” Jin Chixu’s eyes flashed with a cold light .

“Okay . ” Zuo Xian stepped into the ring without saying anything and he directly rushed towards Su Jing, it was obvious that he wanted to quickly beat down Su Jing .

At this time, Huo Hongyang, Wang Siya, Huo Feiyun, Cai Wufeng, Ji Xiaoting, Dong Xun, and others finally woke up . Seeing the situation on the stage, the complexion on their faces suddenly changed, and they couldn’t understand the situation for some time . Why didn’t they pay attention and how did Su Jing get on the stage?

“Stop it . ” Huo Hongyang shouted . Cai Wufeng and Huo Feiyun quickly rushed up but they were a bit late . Zuo Xian had already grabbed Su Jing, and it seemed that in the next second, he would give Su Jing a shoulder throw, Professionals can see from his movements that this over-the-shoulder fall will be very rough .

At this moment, Su Jing’s footsteps suddenly swayed, he looked like a drunk man staggering, and then unexpectedly, he escaped from the Shoulder throw by coincidence . Zuo Xian frowned and turned around abruptly, and swept his legs toward Su Jing’s neck . Su Jing’s body shook again, and he avoided the attack again .

Zuo Xian continued to make moves, standing on one foot for three or four seconds, and kicking out six or seven kicks with his right foot in a row . Su Jing’s figure continued to sway and he escaped from all of Zuo Xian attacks .

“What the hell, what’s with this situation?” Cai Wufeng, Huo Feiyun, and others who wanted to rush to the stage to rescue Su Jing were all taken aback and stopped involuntarily .  

The look on their faces held their shock . If someone dodges once or twice, it can be counted as a coincidence, but Su Jing has been attacked six or seven times in a row, and he has avoided all of them without letting any attack touch the corners of his clothes . Is this really a coincidence too?

“Die you bastard . ” Zuo Xian frowned slightly and kicked out with a backspin, his attack was ferocious and quick . One has to say that this Zuo Xian’s basic skills are very good . It would be too difficult for anyone to dodge this attack at such a close range and at such a fast speed .

However, Su Jing’s figure still just swayed and he completly avoided the attack . Because of his drunkenness, he staggered and took a step in Zuo Xian’s direction . He squeezed his elbow along the way and hit Zuo Xian, Zuo Xian groaned and took three steps backward, revealing an expression of pain .

“Hahaha…” Seeing Zuo Xian’s embarrassed look, Huo Feiyun, Cai Wufeng, and others couldn’t help but laugh out loud .

“Zuo Xian, what the hell are you doing, don’t shame us and Taekwondo . ” Jin Chixu shouted angrily .

“Die . ” Zuo Xian became angry . He was actually injured by a drunkard . It is really a shame . He rushed forward again and used more ferocious leg techniques, which fell on Su Jing like a storm .

“Help A’Jing . ” Wang Siya was anxious and almost rushed up by herself .

“Oh, yes . ” Huo Feiyun and Cai Wufeng then reacted and rushed towards the ring while wondering why they got so distracted just now and forgot to do their business . Su Jing is drunk and the coincidence just now will not necessarily happen again and again .

However, the next scene stunned them again .

Under the stormy attack of Zuo Xian, Su Jing’s drunken figure swayed from side to side, either dodging or blocking the attack at will . The other party’s attack did not really work even once .

“Damn, is it really a coincidence?” Cai Wufeng was dumbfounded .

“Brother Jing is drunk, is he just this good?” Ji Xiaoting’s eyes seemed to spot something new .

“Is this even possible?” Dong Xun was stunned .

“Punch . ” Wang Siya looked at Su Jing’s drunk and cute look but after seeing him looking so powerful, she couldn’t help but smile, and she was also a little relieved . But after some time, she again became a little nervous .

“Zuo Xian, I will give you ten seconds, hurry up, and beat him down . ” Jin Chixu probably felt ashamed of Zuo Xian and said angrily .

“Haa . ” Zuo Xian suddenly yelled . He was depressed and anxious . It was obvious that the opponent’s footsteps were unstable, and his figure swayed from left and right so why couldn’t he attack? 

He couldn’t even beat a drunkard . He has lost all of his pride . As a result, he launched more ferocious attacks, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t successfully attack Su Jing .

“I see, this is the Drunken Master Martial Arts, this must be the Drunken Master Martial Arts . ” Huo Feiyun suddenly screamed with excitement .

“The Drunken Master Martial Arts? This is the legendary Drunken Master Martial Arts?” Many Dojo member’s eyes lit up . Of course, they had heard of the Drunken Master Martial Arts . Simply put, this is a traditional Chinese Boxing Technique that imitates the movements of a drunkard .  

This kind of boxing looks like a drunk man staggering and swaying after drinking, but in fact, it just looks like a drunken man and they are not really drunk . It is a routine composed of strict martial arts techniques, footwork, and bodywork . It has some hight practical value in Kung Fu .  

It is also highly artistic . However, as far as everyone knows, the Drunken Master Martial Arts is mainly used in artistic and performance shows . No one has ever used it in real combat .

In the past, they wouldn’t have believed that the Drunken Master Martial Arts could really be used against the enemy, but now, their concept has changed a bit . Su Jing’s now drunk and crooked boxing technique belongs to the Drunken Master Martial Arts .  

Most people use the Drunken Master Martial Arts, but they are not really drunk .  

(To be continued ~^~)