Genius Daddy in the City - Chapter 628

Chapter 628: 628

Chapter 628: Fire Emperor and Titan Attack!

On Mount Fuji’s Sword Peak, everyone stared blankly at the figure in the sky!

There was only shock in their eyes, deep shock!

It was this person who single-handedly defeated the three gods and Sword Saint Yagyu Aida!

These four were the top powerhouses in Japan . Even in East Asia, they were world-class figures!

The result of such an earth-shattering battle left everyone trembling inside!

Mad Southern Ye had won!

Not only had he won, but he had also almost annihilated his opponent with his invincible might!

Other than the successful escape of Demon Blade Muramasa, the other three, including Shutendoji, Heavenly Crow Dog, and Sword Saint Yagyu, all of them died under his blade!

Such an invincible figure!

How could it not make their hearts tremble!

The Japanese fell into despair!

Right at this moment, two figures with terrifying auras appeared above everyone’s heads like a storm was about to arrive!

“Mad Southern Ye, I told you not to kill Yagyu Aida . How dare you disobey my orders?” Fire Emperor stood proudly in the air as the flames on his body burned more intensely . He was emitting the aura of the fire god .

Titan’s killing intent that was almost tangible locked onto Ye Chen as he said with an extremely grim expression, “Mad Southern Ye? We represent the International Tribunal . How dare you disrespect us?”

At this moment, the suppression from the two of them seemed to be shaking heaven and earth!

Countless people’s expressions changed!

Were Fire Emperor and Titan going to attack Mad Southern Ye?

“International Tribunal? What’s that?”

Ye Chen scoffed in disdain when he met their cold gazes, “It’s not up to the mere International Tribunal to interfere with who I want to kill!”

The Japanese were secretly delighted!

To them, even if Ye Chen killed Sword Saint Yagyu and the rest, he must have paid a certain price . Perhaps he was just putting up a strong front .

On the other hand, Fire Emperor and Titan barely fought from the beginning to the end . They would definitely be able to kill Mad Southern Ye if they worked together!

Fire Emperor was enraged, “How dare you!”

“You’re the ones who are insolent!”

Ye Chen suddenly shouted . He looked at the two of them coldly, “The two of you have been interfering with me from the beginning . Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re up to!

I’ll say it again . If the two of you are unhappy with me, you can test if my blade is fast enough!”

The moment that was said, Fire Emperor and Titan’s expressions turned cold!


A blatant provocation!

The two of them were world-class giants and big shots in the West . They became famous before Ye Chen did and had never been provoked like this before!

“Kill him!”

A loud roar was heard, it sounded like the roar of a ferocious beast!

Titan was the first to attack!


An extremely terrifying presence erupted from his body . A blinding red light suddenly radiated from his body .

When everyone looked at him again, they discovered that his skin was bronze in color . From afar, it looked like his entire body was covered in a layer of copper powder . It shone with an unknown glow .

“It’s the Indestructible Vajra Body, Titan’s innate ability!”

“Rumor has it that Titan could destroy an armored tank with one punch and even take a bullet head-on . Seems like it’s true!”

“Mad Southern Ye has met his match now . Both of them have powerful bodies!”


When everyone on the ground saw Titan’s transformation, their expressions changed, while the joy on the Japanese’s face grew .

“Mad Southern Ye, die!”

Titan’s enormous body tore through the air . He was faster than any Martial Dao master Ye Chen had encountered . Before he could finish his sentence, he threw a punch at Ye Chen .

“Body cultivator?”

Ye Chen was slightly shocked!

Body cultivators, as the name suggested, were cultivators who specialized in cultivating the physical body . Once they mastered it, they would be able to tear open space and cross worlds with their bare hands .

He did not expect there to be a body cultivator on earth .

Even so, Ye Chen was not afraid at all!

In terms of physical strength, when had he ever been afraid of anyone?

“Perfect timing!”

Ye Chen threw a punch . Golden gleam exploded around his fist and collide heavily with Titan’s punch!


The space that the two of them were in was instantly filled with a huge ball of fire . Everyone on the ground was shocked .

Even though they were so far away, everyone could feel the violent air and the lingering power that made their hearts palpitate!

Someone inhaled sharply . He could not stop the shock inside of him, “These two are so powerful . They are terrifying . I wonder who is more powerful!”

Everyone nodded .

Even Tang Jianfeng and Luo Yao could not help but pay close attention to the situation in the sky . They would attack the moment they noticed something amiss!

Bang, bang, bang…

At this moment, a rather disheveled figure flew out from the flames . Every step he retreated would tear the air apart .

It was Titan!


At this moment, everyone cried out in surprise!

It was because the corner of Titan’s lips was covered in blood . One of his hands was shaking violently like it was cramping . If one took a closer look, they would realize that his right joint had completely exploded .

On the contrary, Ye Chen stood still . He did not look like he was injured at all . It was as if he was not affected by the power earlier .

“Titan with the Indestructible Vajra Body is at a loss and is injured . How is this possible?!”

At this moment, the faces of the people on the ground were stunned .

‘How can this guy’s body be so powerful?!’

Titan roared in his head, he was shocked .

He knew that his physical body was invincible in this world, but he was injured after fighting Ye Chen!

“Let me kill him!”

A roar shook the void!

Fire Emperor made his move!

At that moment, his entire body was covered in flames . He suddenly opened his mouth and spat a huge wave of fire at Ye Chen .

The fire wave seemed to have received some kind of nourishment as soon as it appeared . It suddenly expanded and attacked Ye Chen like a fire dragon!

The air burned wherever it passed, forming a vacuum filled with endless flames . The flames charged at Ye Chen like a wall of fire following the fire dragon .

At the same time, the temperature in the air suddenly rose .

Many people felt as if they were in a furnace, and sweat kept seeping out of their foreheads . Their mouths were dry as they said, “As expected of Fire Emperor . This fire ability alone is enough to incinerate everything!”

“Are you playing with fire with me?”

Ye Chen was not afraid at all when faced with such a situation . Instead, he scoffed .

He slowly raised his right palm, a fireball condensed in his palm out of thin air . The fireball was only the size of a fist, and it seemed very small compared to Fire Emperor’s fire dragon .

Fire Emperor burst into laughter as if he had heard a joke when he saw that, “Mad Southern Ye, don’t tell me you want to compete with me in fire ability?”