God and Devil World - Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Slaughter

“I’m sorry, Yue . I was wrong!” Looking at those murderous thugs that are like wild beasts, Chen Yao with tears of remorse, apologized to Yue .

Wang Zhiguang glanced at Chen Yao, frowned, then murderously shouted towards Yue: “You three men, throw your backpack over here . Otherwise, I chop you to death . ”

Wang Zhiguang gave an order, and those thugs pointed their machetes and bats at Yue’s group, all of a sudden a very tense situation . More than 10 men armed with machetes and baseball bats standing together, gave a heavy sense of oppression .

Yue with coldness in his eyes, slowly said: “Put down your weapons now, and leave immediately!”

“F***! All together! Chop those three little f****r!” Killing intent appeared in Wang Zhiguang’s eyes, loudly shouted the phrase, then led the way, armed with machetes rushing towards Yue .

Under the leadership of Wang Zhiguang, the rest of the thugs charged towards Yue’s group like beasts with crimson eyes .

“Damn you!” Yue pulled pulled out his sword from behind, rushed forward, with a slash like a streaking meteor, strike at Wang Zhiguang body .

Yue current agility and power was far beyond the average person . Wang Zhiguang did not have time to react, and his head was whisked into the sky, blood splashing everywhere . The headless body continue moving forward a few steps then fell to the ground .

Human blood splattered on Yue’s body, he had killed the first human!

Time seems to stop as the thugs are watching the scene in disbelief . Wang Zhiguang was capable of being the leader of these thugs base on his fighting ability, fearlessness, and extreme ruthlessness . Even 4 or 5 zombies are no match for Wang Zhiguang, precisely because of this, that those biker thugs would serve him . They simply did not think that Wang Zhiguang would fall from one strike by Yue .

After decapitating Wang Zhiguang, Yue took a step forward, and cut off the arm of 2 thugs . Flooding spraying from the separated arms .

At the same time, White Bones previously hidden under the canvas rushed out . With a swing of his axe, a thug’s head flew off immediately . blood splattering everywhere .


“Ah, quickly escape!”

Seeing Yue so daring, the biker thugs fled . They are motley crowd without special training, with the leader dead, there was no point in fighting .

“Don’t run away! All together, kill their boss for revenge!” A thug with crimson eyes yelled loudly .

Yue with a flash of coldness in his eyes, stepped forward and decapitate the thug with a sword slash . The blood splashing everywhere as the limp body collapsed on the ground .

The thug died, and rest of the biker thugs fled, unwilling to fight Yue .

“Fuck! Go die!” Two thugs, loyal to Wang Zhiguang got on their motorcycles, shortly after drove towards Chen Yao and Ji Qing Wu, trying to hit them .

Looking at the 2 motorcycles about to hit her, Chen Yao was filled with fear . Frozen by fear, she was unable to move even an inch .

Just as Chen Yao was about to get hit by a motorcycle, Ji Qing Wu pushed Chen Yao to the side, and evaded the collision .

But Chi Qing Wu was mercilessly hit by another motorcycle, causing her to spewed a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground .

“Qing Wu!!!” Chen Yao suddenly uttered a shrill scream, then crawled on the ground towards Ji Qing Wu, not knowing if she is alive or dead .

On the other side, following Yue’s order, White Bones rushed over . Swinging his axe, cut down the motorcycle thug in half, blood and guts spilled all over the floor .

“Ah!!!” The thugs who had been cut down suddenly was still alive, and as his upper body fell to the ground, let out a sad cry .

Seeing the thugs getting cut in half by White Bones, the thugs no longer dare to mess with Yue . They all got on their motorcycles and quickly fled .

While Lu Wen was watching this horrible scene, her face paled, started vomiting . Although she is known as the little witch, but where would she see such horrors . Killing zombies had already made her sick, but now killing people .

Chi yang looked at the bloody scene, his face is a little pale, but he is mentally strong, so was not very shaken .

After routing the biker thugs, Yue now went over to Ji Qing Wu’s side .

Chen Yao helplessly grabbed Yue, crying and said: “Boo, hoo, hoo! Yue, I beg you, help Qing Wu . Please save her life! Boo hoo! It’s all my fault, I cause her to be this way . ”

“Quiet!” Yue frowned, and shouted .

Chen Yao immediately covered her mouth, sobbing in a low voice .

Yue reached over Ji Qing Wu towards her nose and checked, then immediately said: “She is not dead . Wen wen come here, use your Minor Injury Healing on her . ”

Lu Wen walked over with a paled face, put her 2 hands of Ji Qing Wu’s body . 2 white lights pouring from her hands, merged with Ji Qing Wu’s body .

After a while, Ji Qing Wu with a paled face, slowly opened her eyes .

“Very good! Qing Wu, fortunately, nothing bad happen to you . ” Seeing Ji Qing Wu opened her eyes, Chen Yao hugged her and cried out loud .

Seeing Chen Yao holding her, a hint of softness appears in Ji Qing Wu’s eyes .

Yue frowned and said: “Chen Yao, you need to quiet down for me . I have something to ask Ji Qing Wu . ”

Chen Yao immediately stopped crying,, but still hold Chi Qing Wu .

Yue looked at Ji Qing Wu, in a deep voice said: “You have multiple injuries, you are not able to fight? Lu Wen’s skill have not completely healed you? ”

Ji Qing Wu’s body moved slightly, pretty soon her eyebrows furrowed, with a faint tone, said: “My injuries are not light, I estimated that there are several bone fractures, if there are no doctor, I’m afraid I can not fight within a month . ”

Hearing Ji Qing Wu’ words, Chen Yao inside felt a sense of fear . Without protection from Ji Qing Wu, she did not know how to survive in this world . Wang Zhiguang and the thugs showed her the cruelty of the world today .

Ji Qing Wu after saying that, with those beautiful eyes staring quietly at Yue to see his reaction . With the end of the world, no one likes to take a burden around .

Chen Yao stands beside Yue Zhong, a firm face said: “I will replace Ji Qing Wu and fight! I will be driving and cooking . No matter what you say, I will listen . Please don’t abandon us!”

“Who said anything about abandoning you? I just want to ask, so I can make the right judgement . Go drive . ” Yue frowned, went to Ji Qing Wu’s body, picked her up and onto the school bus .


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