God of Fishing - Chapter 934

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Chapter 934: Sea Quelling Painting

“Little Junior Brother, what’s wrong with you? Is there a problem with that person?”

Chu Linyuan had already come up.

However, Mu Qingchuan didn’t come up because she didn’t have a Sea Token. And Chu Linyuan and Wang Dashuai came up for nothing but to help Han Fei.

Han Fei shook his head. “No problem. Let’s just wait for the spiritual barrier to open.”

Everyone looked at Ren Tianfei because he was the only one who didn’t speak. Some people couldn’t help being curious because they had never seen this person before.

Someone said, “Do you know this guy? Where is he from?”

Someone shook his head. “No, he seems to be from the Empyrean Waterfall.”

But the people from the Empyrean Waterfall were also curious about him. Li Luoluo’s eyes widened. “Hey, hey! I feel that this person seems to be very powerful, but why is he the last one to come up?”

Youye smiled faintly. “He knew he would attract the most attention if he came up last.”

Chu Linyuan said, “Little Junior Brother, remember, from now on, be careful. Even if it’s me and Dashuai, if you find that we are not right, don’t have any contact with us. When necessary, you may treat us as enemies…”

Han Fei frowned. “Is it that horrible?”

Chu Linyuan said solemnly. “Yes, you must take it seriously. I didn’t tell you about some things before lest our thinking limits you. In fact, the Sea Quelling Painting is not just a painting, and the danger here is not normal. You’ll find out when you see it.”

Han Fei couldn’t help but wonder, “Seriously?”

Chu Linyuan nodded. “Very serious.”

Han Fei nodded. “Okay!”

Chu Linyuan seemed very serious.

He would just roll with the punches. No matter what the secret of the Sea Quelling Painting was, he would find out.

When everyone looked at Ren Tianfei, the guy chuckled. “Do you want my Sea Token? It’s simple. On the way here, my Sea Swallowing Seashell was smashed. Now I want ten thousand catties of spiritual spring and ten thousand kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid, a low-quality Divine battle suit, a low-quality Divine long stick, 10,000 high-quality spiritual stones, 1,000 energy fruits, and spiritual energy fruit each… OK, that’s all.”

Someone was dumbfounded. “Is this guy an idiot? What does it have to do with us that his things are gone? Does he think we are stupid?”

A sect disciple shouted, “Are you out of your mind? Why should we give these things to you?”

Yang Deyu yelled angrily, “You must be crazy! What are you going to do if we don’t give them to you?”

For a while, everyone was outraged. They had never seen such a shameless person before.

Only Han Fei figured out the reason almost instantly.

When he came, Ren Tianfei was close to death. He had been sitting there because he had nothing on him.

Han Fei could be sure that the last person to come was robbed by Ren Tianfei and probably had been killed by him.

He came up last after snatching that person’s Sea Token. Because of the restrictions here, no one could attack him, so he could unscrupulously demand whatever he wanted now.

This old fox!

Han Fei was shocked. Ren Tianfei is really a cunning fox! Why didn’t I think of this?

If it were him, he would have just given Ren Tianfei whatever he demanded.

But Han Fei didn’t understand why Ren Tianfei didn’t ask him for these things in the first place.

Ren Tianfei smiled and said, “Then I won’t take out my Sea Token. Bite me! Anyway, without my Sea Token, you can’t do anything… I don’t mind. Let’s just wait here.”

“Ahhhhh! I’m gonna kill you.”

Yang Deyu jumped up in a rage, chopping at Ren Tianfei with an axe.

However, Ren Tianfei was just picking his ears, his face full of disdain.


A bolt of thunder smashed down, directly smashing Yang Deyu to the ground.

Ren Tianfei smiled. “Oh! Why are you kneeling down to me? You don’t have to be so polite.”


Han Fei couldn’t help but laugh, he said to Ren Tianfei via voice transmission, Why don’t you ask for more?

Ren Tianfei didn’t even look at Han Fei, but a voice rang in Han Fei’s head, Idiot, do you think others can’t hear your voice transmission? It’s no use asking for more. Everything I need is in the Sea Quelling Painting.

Han Fei. “???”

For a time, several people looked at Han Fei.

However, no one said anything, and Han Fei didn’t know what they were thinking.

Han Fei threw out 1,000 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid and said, “Look at you, aren’t you descendants of big clans or disciples of major sects? Why are you stingy about these trivial things? Can’t you scrape these things together?”

Ren Tianfei reached out, took the mass of Spirit Awakening Fluid, and swallowed it. “See, there are still some sensible people here. What about the rest of you?”

He said lazily, “I will give you ten seconds time to consider. After ten seconds, I’ll charge double.”

For a while, most people looked gloomy and wanted to kill Ren Tianfei.

But the thunder reminded them of this damn rule. If Ren Tianfei didn’t take the initiative to take out the Sea Token, other people couldn’t do anything to him!

Suddenly, Gong Yue Han said, “I can give you 5,000 catties of spiritual spring.”

Suddenly, some people realized that those who gave out their resources first could choose what to give. Who would be willing to give out Divine weapons?

Cao Jia said, “I’ll also give you 5,000 catties of spiritual spring.”

Sun Mu added, “500 spiritual energy fruits.”

Zhang Wen was about to say he would give out spiritual spring but Cao Jiaren got ahead of him, so he immediately shouted, “I can give 2,000 high-quality spiritual stones!”

The others quickly followed them.

“I’ll give you 1,000 high-quality spiritual stones.”

“I can give 300 energy fruits.”

“Me, 300 spiritual energy fruits.”

Finally, when there were only low-quality Divine weapons left, everyone looked at Zhang Wen.

Zhang Wen was speechless. “Why are you looking at me? I’ve given him 2,000 high-quality spiritual stones!”

Li Heiye said, “Brother Zhang, your family is the richest. You should give him the Divine weapons he wants.”

Li Baizhou echoed, “Yes, Brother Zhang, don’t be stingy.”

Zhang Wen’s face turned black, and in the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “Fine, I’ll give him a low-quality Divine battle suit.”

Suddenly, Ren Tianfei pointed to Cao Tian. “Hey, you. Yes, you. Give me your gloves, I don’t want a long stick anymore.”

Cao Tian frowned but then gave an honest smile. “Do you know me?”

Ren Tianfei chuckled. “The Cao Family! The clans good at fist techniques in the Thousand Star City are only the Cao Family and Chen Family. I guess you are from the Cao Family. Are you giving them to me or not?”

Just as Han Fei suggested, now he demanded more.

The honest smile disappeared from Cao Tian’s face. He reluctantly threw his gloves to Ren Tianfei.

The latter took them casually and rubbed them to erase Cao Tian’s soul mark. Seeing this, many people were shocked: this man is quite strong.

Han Fei couldn’t help admiring Ren Tianfei. This is really a unique way of robbing! The victims even scrambled to give him what he wanted. I should learn this trick for future use.

After receiving all he wanted, under the angry stare of the others, Ren Tianfei reached into his clothes and a Sea Token appeared in his hand, which then turned into a flash of blue light and flew into the spiritual barrier.

Chu Linyuan said to Han Fei in a voice transmission, Little Junior Brother, be careful of this person. He’s really cunning.

Han Fei thought, If I tell you this guy is actually a Venerable expert, will you be scared to death?

He heard from Old Han that Ren Tianfei was once a Venerable expert but was beaten disabled by someone.

So he couldn’t be just a Hidden Fisher. Ren Tianfei made this dummy sit here for decades or even hundreds of years. How could it be an ordinary dummy?

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz~

The spiritual barrier began to ripple and then disappeared.

Like a flash of light, Ye Baiyu had already pushed the door of the temple open.

However, the next second, Ye Baiyu was sent flying backward. A terrifying force shook him back.

At this time, a painting scroll slowly flew out of the door, floating in the air.

Someone was overjoyed. “The Sea Quelling Painting!”

Yang Deyu jumped up, reaching out to grab it.

Chen Aochen punched the air, Mo Feiyan swung her whip out, and more than 20 people took action at the same time.

Boom… Boom… Boom… Boom…

Bolts of lightning fell one after another, and all of these people stiffened and plunged to the ground.

Han Fei smiled contemptuously. These idiots! If the Sea Quelling Painting could be obtained in this way, why did we take so much effort to come here?

Someone shouted, “Everyone, this is not the time to grab the painting. Let’s wait for a while.”

Yang Deyu cursed, “F*ck, how dare it hit me? I’m gonna tear it up!”

Han Fei said leisurely, “OK, do it then. Show me.”

Yang Deyu glanced at Han Fei. “Humph! Han Fei, you have offended a lot of people here. Don’t be so arrogant. I can fight you for 500 rounds.”

Han Fei smiled contemptuously. “Cut the crap, OK?”

Yang Deyu snorted, swearing in his heart, I’m gonna kill you one day.

In mid-air…

The scroll opened, the golden brilliance was overflowing in the sky, and the clouds dissipated.

The scroll was up to three meters tall and was unfolded inch by inch. After the golden light dissipated, Han Fei saw rolling mountains, surging rivers, billowing oceans, flowers, birds, fish, and insects…

And the painting was still opening…

Then everyone saw a floating island with a peculiar shape, prominent edges and corners, and pedestrians on it.

In the upper half of the Sea Quelling Painting, there was also a dense starry sky.

When Han Fei saw the starry sky, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

The stars in the painting should be arranged in disorder, but in that painting, there were 28 constellations and 36 stars. In the vast galaxy, there were still many other stars that seemed to be messy but were actually arranged regularly.

In the painting, there was almost everything: scenes of mountains, rivers, forests, water, and fire…

It was hard to imagine there were so many mysteries gathered in a single painting!

But in this painting, everything was very harmonious, like a painting of a whole country.

Han Fei took a breath. He understood. The Sea Tokens were the key to open the Sea Quelling Painting.

When the key opened the door, all beings could enter the painting.

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