God of Fishing - Chapter 935

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Chapter 935: Professional Painting Examiner

Everyone was dumbfounded. They all lived on the ocean, on the floating island, but had never seen such a painting.

Zhai Shun from the Mountain Sea Pavilion said, “At first sight, I can tell this painting is extraordinary.”

Chu Xun from the Grand Void Academy sneered. “You’re telling me. If it was ordinary, why would we be here?”

Next to Han Fei, Qing Chen smacked his tongue. “It seems that the better-looking things are, the more dangerous they are. This always seems to be the case…”

Han Fei nodded slightly. “I think the same. Why don’t you give up? I’ll help you take the risk.”

Qing Chen: “…”

Chu Linyuan sighed. “The scene is too grand. It shows that the world in the painting is huge.”

Li Luoluo said, “Ah! This painting itself is a treasure, but how can we get it?”

Youye smiled and said, “Don’t you know yet? We’ll have to go into the painting and find the thing that can control this painting before we can take it!”

Nameless pointed to a mountain peak and said, “This peak looks really impressive.”

Ning Jingyao scratched his head and said, “Why aren’t there any knife-like peaks?”

Everyone was looking at the painting, including Han Fei. But he was looking at it from a different perspective.

The array of stars he saw was weird and was almost all-inclusive, but he thought there must be something wrong with it.

He tried to enter the star map with an array but failed. In particular, what was the relationship between the floating island in the painting and the star map?

Most people were looking at the floating island. In most people’s minds, where people gathered, there would be treasures.

Almost everyone thought the key to the painting was the city.

But Han Fei thought that the key to the painting was definitely not only this city. He regarded this painting as a landscape of mountains and rivers.

However, if it was a landscape of mountains and rivers, why was it called the Sea Quelling Painting?

Suddenly, Han Fei paused. Was there a floating island back then? At that time, the ocean hadn’t overtaken the land, and everything was living in harmony. Where did the floating island come from?

Mountains, rivers, earth, the floating island, star maps, what is the relationship between these?

Han Fei looked at the edge of the painting and found that this painting was actually not complete.

Han Fei couldn’t help thinking, Could there actually be many Sea Quelling Paintings?

If there are, what would happen if all the pictures were put together?

But Han Fei immediately laughed. How could it be so easy? A single Sea Quelling Painting is already a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure. How could it be possible to put multiple Sea Quelling Paintings together?

Han Fei couldn’t help but look at Ren Tianfei. The latter still looked lazy and casual.

He turned his gaze to the painting again, the golden light had disappeared, and the painting had been fully unfolded. The whole painting was 3 meters wide and more than 20 meters long. At this moment, it fluttered with the wind, like a jade edict descending from the sky.


All of a sudden, a white shadow flashed. It was Ye Baiyu again. He dove into the painting.

Ye Baiyu’s figure seemed to be thrown into the water and disappeared.

Someone immediately shouted, “No, we can’t let him get ahead of us!”

“Humph, the painting is mine. No one else can grab it.”

“Let’s see which of us has the best luck.”

Swish… Swish… Swish…

One person after another got into the painting, including Nameless, Youye, Li Luoluo, and others beside Han Fei.

Almost in a minute, there were no more than 20 people left before the painting. Everyone else had entered the painting.

Han Fei looked at Wang Dashuai and Chu Linyuan. “Senior Brother, I don’t think we will be together after we go in. So, please go in first!”

Chu Linyuan frowned and said, “Little Junior Brother, what if we are in there together?”

Han Fei shook his head. “Impossible. We will definitely not be together. We are fighting for a chance, more than the painting itself. Everyone’s luck is different, so it is impossible for us to be together.”

Chu Linyuan pondered. “Okay, I will go in with Dashuai and explore the way for you.”

At the other end, the three of the Cao Family were still there. Looking at the painting, Cao Jiaren was in a daze, or to be exact, musing.

After a while, seven or eight more people entered.

Qing Chen shrugged. “Fine, I’m going in. Brother Han, take your time if you want to look at it carefully!”

Yue Shier scratched his head. “I can’t find anything special from the painting! I’m going in it too!”

After a while, among the people still left here, Sun Mu gave Han Fei a faint look. “I’ll wait for you inside.”

Mo Feiyan looked at Han Fei and snorted. “Don’t trouble me anymore.”

Now there were only six people left.

Han Fei, Ren Tianfei, the three from the Cao Family, and Gong Yuehan.

Gong Yuehan came to Han Fei and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Han Fei said leisurely, “Do you think I’d tell you what I was looking at? Oh, the ocean is full of water. Oh, that horse has four legs…”

Gong Yuehan: “…”

Gong Yuehan was not stupid. Now she could still get an overview of the whole painting. But if she went into it, she would be like a drop in the ocean and lose her direction.

Ignoring Gong Yuehan, Han Fei went to Ren Tianfei and nudged him, asking, “You’ve been watching the painting for a long time. Have you gained any insight?”

Ren Tianfei looked at Han Fei with a smile. “Even if I have, why should I tell you?”

Han Fei shrugged. “Well, maybe I can correct you if you’re wrong.”


After half an hour, Gong Yuhan seemed to discover something and got into the painting.

At the other end, Cao Qiu waved at Han Fei and said, “Han Fei, why aren’t you in?”

Han Fei chuckled. “I still want to have another hot pot.”

Cao Qiu nodded. “I’ll eat with you!”

Han Fei said, “Well, then I don’t want to eat anymore…”

Cao Jiaren had scanned the painting many times. She was sure that there was a problem with the starry sky, but could not find what the problem was.

She was not an array master. She just intuitively felt that the starry sky and the earth seemed to be related.

Less than half an hour later, Cao Jiaren seemed to say something to Cao Qiu and Cao Tian. Then she turned her head and glanced at Han Fei and Ren Tianfei, saying, “Let’s go in!”

When only he and Ren Tianfei were left here, Han Fei stopped pretending. “Old guy, what does the star arrangement mean? You have studied it for more than 300 years. Don’t tell me you have no idea.”

Ren Tianfei bared his teeth and looked at Han Fei. “You know me?”

Han Fei put a hand on Ren Tianfei’s shoulder. “Old Ren, don’t pretend. You’re Ren Tianfei, right? Come on, tell me what you know of the painting!”

Ren Tianfei smacked his tongue. “I didn’t expect that I would find a disciple like you. If I tell you all I know, what is your use?”

Han Fei sneered and said, “What use am I? Of course, to create an ocean and become a king! Alas, you guys are too useless and I know I’m the chosen one…”

Han Fei said, “So, the floating island in the painting is not the Thousand Star City, right? The stars seem to be arranged according to some array, which I don’t know. In other words, the mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas in this painting are all corresponding to constellations and stars. If one wants to take the painting, he just needs to understand these stars. But there are still some things hidden in the painting.”

Ren Tianfei looked at Han Fei in surprise. “Oh? You’re quite smart. Keep speaking.”

Han Fei smacked his tongue. “The painting is not important. The important thing is that there is a chance to become a king. Therefore, it is not important whether you can control this painting. There must be one thing in this painting that has nothing to do with the painting itself.”

Ren Tianfei couldn’t help becoming serious. “Not bad! Yes, compared to the chance of becoming a king, this painting is really not important. If you find the opportunity, it doesn’t matter if the painting belongs to you or not. I came to this conclusion after thinking for a long time. Unexpectedly, you came to the same conclusion after such a short time. No wonder you could find my treasures.”

Han Fei chuckled. “I’m flattered. So, you have been visualizing it for more than 300 years now. What have you come up with?”

Ren Tianfei shook his head. “At first I couldn’t figure it out, but I’m sure what we’re looking for must be very small and not a substantive object. I even thought about whether it would be a drop of water in the ocean? But then it would be impossible for me to find it. So, after thinking about it, I thought I still had to control this painting. Then, through the control of this painting, I could exclude the things that didn’t belong to this painting, so that it was possible for me to find the opportunity.”

Han Fei said in a bad mood, “So I still have to grab the painting first?”

Ren Tianfei chuckled. “Otherwise, what else can you do?”

Han Fei said, “The five elements in this painting are all complete, so the thing must be outside the five elements.”

Suddenly, Han Fei’s heart did a flip. If it is outside of the five elements, only the starry sky is left.

But how can people reach the starry sky?

Ren Tianfei shook his head. “Humans cannot reach the starry sky. Even if the thing is in the starry sky, how can you get it?”

Yes, what he said was right.

Ren Tianfei pointed to a star in the sky and said, “Look, this star is hidden among the stars. If you don’t pay attention, you can’t find its subtle changes! It keeps flickering, and every time it flickers, it turns red!”

Han Fei frowned. “Will it change color?”

Ren Tianfei nodded. “In a moment, it will change color.”

After about half an hour, about an hour from the unfolding of the painting, Han Fei saw the star turn red and immediately took a breath. “That’s it…”

Ren Tianfei sneered. “Yes, but what can you do? How can you reach it?”

These people ah… Qin Yi could clearly deal with Chu Jiaojiao herself. She, Qin Yi, wasn’t a saint, and those whom she had a vendetta against, she wouldn’t let them go.

But she had Wang Wenwen, who had a prince charming complex, and Feng Qingge, who had a sister complex, by her side. And now, she had Ze Ning, who also had a sister complex.

All of them rushed to the front, trying to help her take revenge. She hasn’t even taken action and the other party was already ravaged to the point of death.

“Clean your mouth! It’s so smelly, did you eat sh*t? Since you don’t know how to talk properly, I don’t mind teaching you. I’ve never met such a shameless person! You’re the one with wicked ideas, but when your scheme didn’t go as planned, you pushed the blame onto others. Does your family know how shameless you are?”

Wang Wenwen was enraged—damn! Chu Jiaojiao was truly shameless.

Soon, Wang Wenwen would find out whether Chu Jiaojiao’s family knew about it or not.

A woman with a tear-stained face crawled towards Qin Yi and tugged on the corner of her pants, “Qin Yi ah, we were wrong, but we’ve been punished and are so miserable now. Please save us! I’m begging you!”

Qin Yi’s body moved in a flash to dodge the woman’s hand, which the woman didn’t expect Qin Yi to do.

She didn’t know where to put her hand and was a little awkward. And she also forgot to squeeze her tears out.

“Who are you?” Qin Yi frowned. This woman looked very old. Her hair was a mess and Qin Yi could not recognize her; she just thought that the voice was quite familiar.

“I’m Jiaojiao’s mother ah. I’m Mrs. Chu,” Mrs. Chu told Qin Yi with tears in her eyes.

“Oh, it’s you.”

Qin Yi had a slight impression of Mrs. Chu. She was wealthy-looking but always condescending and liked looking down on people with a disdainful face.

But the woman in front of her was very thin, had sunken in eyes, and wasn’t as arrogant as she had been before.

“It’s me, it’s me! I am aunty ah. Qin Yi ah, save us. We used to be from the same base before, and we know that we were in the wrong. Please save us.”

Mrs. Chu’s tears flowed nonstop, really wanting to leave this place. This was the devil’s hell ah.

Chu Jiaojiao was young, and even if she wasn’t very beautiful, she was fresh and juicy, and people were still quite nice to her. But things were different for her—she was old and ugly, the people here actually made her serve those old perverts and vulgar vagrants.

Often, she had to accompany them all day just for a few supplies. They were so perverted, and she was now covered in wounds.

If this went on, she was going to die here. But she was still so young, and she didn’t want to die.

So when she saw Qin Yi, she saw hope that she could finally leave this hell.

“Mom, Mom, could you please get a backbone? Why are you begging in front of her? If not for her, we wouldn’t be in this state. You should kill her. Kill her!” Chu Jiaojiao screeched, looking down on Mrs. Chu’s humble appearance now.

She stood up straight, thinking that she was great. Look! Everyone was begging Qin Yi and trying to curry favor with her, but she, Chu Jiaojiao, wouldn’t do that. She hated Qin Yi and only she dared to fight, not giving in to Qin Yi.

“Shut up!” Mrs. Chu yelled at Chu Jiaojiao, her eyes red with anger. “You don’t want to leave because the people here are nice to you, but have you spared a single thought for your mother? How I have been living?”

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