God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 356

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Chapter 356: Killing Techniques


At this very moment, a light blue barrier burst out of Luo Yue’s body!

His long sword pierced the light blue barrier directly and it got stuck. There was no way of piercing it in further.


When the man saw this scene, the look in his eyes changed.

This girl actually has the strength of a rank 6 warrior! It’s no wonder that several of their warriors couldn’t attack Luo Yue just now.

This meant that her strength should be at the peak of rank 6.

With this thought, the man’s expression turned nasty.

And Luo Yue’s eyes became gloomier and there was a hint of anger in her beautiful eyes.

When the man saw her eyes, he immediately felt as if he was falling into an ice cave. The long sword in his hand was retracted and when he was about to get away from Luo Yue, he found that Luo Yue had come to her senses at some point and rushed directly to him. The dagger in her hand slashed his neck directly!


There was a burst of air in a moment and the man hadn’t reacted yet, a spatter of blood sputtered out of his neck.


His eyes widened and before he had time to say anything, he fell to the ground, covering his neck with his hands, but the blood still kept flowing out all over the ground.

He struggled and after a while, his whole body twitched and he fell to the ground without a sound.

Luo Yue dealt with a rank 6 warrior just like that.

The rest of the people were shocked when they saw this scene. The girl is so strong!

Under their siege, not only did she not concede but she even beheaded one of them.

“What should we do?” One of the warriors couldn’t help trembling when he saw this scene.

That man that Luo Yue killed was stronger than the warrior who spoke.

Luo Yue could kill this man so easily, wouldn’t he be courting death if he fought against her!?

“Withdraw!” Hearing this man’s words, another man who obviously held the power in the team had a change of expression and he called out.

The skill that Luo Yue displayed just now wasn’t that of an ordinary warrior, she was more like a horrifying… killer!

A person of this strength wasn’t someone they can handle, so he chose to retreat immediately.

As soon as he ordered, the rest of the people left the place at a very fast speed.

They even took away those men who had just been knocked down by Lin Xiu.

“Gone?” Lin Xiu originally wanted to help but was a little surprised to see this scene.

Luo Yue nodded then swung the dagger in her right hand wildly and all the blood on the dagger was shaken off.

Those warriors who originally wanted to watch a good show did not expect that such a thing would happen in the end.

The strength of these two young people was really terrifying.

Lin Xiu looked at the dagger in Luo Yue’s hand, slightly taken aback.

When they came together, he didn’t see where Luo Yue’s dagger was placed.

And Luo Yue was not only good at using swords but she was also very good with this kind of dagger, just like… a killer.

“Brother Lin, what’s the matter?” Zhang Zong walked out of the tunnel inside at this time and was a little surprised to see the mess.

As he was basking in happiness when he got the Unicorn terror beast, he didn’t come out.

As soon as he came out, he saw this scene and was very surprised.

Moreover, there was a warrior on the ground. It was obvious that he was cut by the dagger in Luo Yue’s hand and died.

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“Nothing. I just encountered a little trouble.” Lin Xiu shook his head and said.

Zhang Zong was taken aback for a moment then he looked over to the back and saw the pub owner in the back and some people who had planned on watching a good show.

The pub owner gave Zhang Zong a wink at this time; Zhang Zong was taken aback, but he also understood what it meant and didn’t say much.

“We’ll get going now, goodbye.” Lin Xiu looked at Zhang Zong then said aloud.

“Oh, okay, come over and have fun when you’re free.” Zhang Zong was stunned, but he quickly came to his senses, then nodded and said aloud.

“En.” Lin Xiu nodded then left the place with Luo Yue.

Just now, Lin Xiu didn’t have time to get rid of those warriors, so he hasn’t gained any experience.

The pub owner heaved a sigh of relief after the two left.

“Old Deng, what happened just now!?” Zhang Zong looked at Lin Xiu and Luo Yue after they went out then said to the tavern owner.

He was very familiar with the pub owner and this was the first time he had seen him with this expression.

“Do you know those two people?” The pub owner looked at Zhang Zong, then whispered.

“Sort of, I just had a deal with them.” Zhang Zong thought for a moment then said aloud.

“Did you know that the person from the Luo Cha team had a conflict with those two people and they started fighting here?” The pub owner nodded then continued to say aloud.

“That’s a member of the Luo Cha team?” Zhang Zong was taken aback, then looked behind at the corpse lying on the ground.

“Yup.” The pub owner nodded

There were many warrior teams that often enter and exit this small town closest to the dark forest.

This Luo Cha team was also a small team with a little reputation.

But what he didn’t expect was that all seven or eight members of their team were not a match for Lin Xiu and Luo Yue and one member was even killed. This was very surprising.

Hearing what the pub owner had just told him, Zhang Zong was stunned as he looked in the direction that Lin Xiu and Luo Yue left.

What are these two people??

At the same time, Lin Xiu and Luo Yue had already walked out.

Walking on the street outside, Luo Yue’s slender, straight black hair swayed slightly as a cold wind blew.

“Are you very curious?” After walking for a while, Luo Yue stopped suddenly, then looked at Lin Xiu and asked.

Lin Xiu originally seemed to be thinking about something, when he suddenly heard Luo Yue’s words and was stunned for a moment.

“Curious about?”

“I have received various training since I was a child and they were the ones that taught me these killing techniques.” Luo Yue looked at Lin Xiu, then swung the dagger in her hand and said aloud.

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