God Rank Upgrade System - Chapter 357

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Chapter 357: Return

Speaking of this, there was a special glint in Luo Yue’s eyes.

She recalled something that happened before and her eyes gradually became cold.

“Then it must have been really tiring for you in the past?” Lin Xiu stared at her, then said.

Hearing Lin Xiu’s words, Luo Yue was taken aback.

‘Tired? I guess I was?’

She has been training every day for as long as she could recall and she has withstood all kinds of tests that ordinary people had not experienced.

Because she is a member of ‘that family’, she must make herself stronger in order to survive.

“I will protect you in the future.” Lin Xiu looked at her, then took a deep breath and said seriously.

Hearing Lin Xiu’s words, Luo Yue’s expression changed and her cold eyes seemed to soften.

But this was merely a fleeting thing. At this time, Luo Yue’s expression seemed to become a little unnatural, then she snorted coldly, “Who…who needs your protection huh!”

“You should protect yourself first!”

After speaking, Luo Yue walked directly to the front without looking back, leaving Lin Xiu standing alone.

“Don’t tell me that this girl is… shy?” Lin Xiu stared blankly at Luo Yue’s retreating back and laughed.

He wasn’t sure why but after going through the dark forest, Lin Xiu felt that his relationship with Luo Yue seemed to be closer.

Lin Xiu shook his head as he watched Luo Yue walking away, then quickly caught up with her.

“Head, where did these two people come from!?”

As Lin Xiu and Luo Yue left, the people from the Luo Cha team hiding nearby also walked out and looked in the direction where Lin Xiu and Luo Yue left.

Some of the warriors trembled when they recalled how Luo Yue killed a warrior so easily.

This kind of strength was really terrifying.

“She is different from us, let’s not mess with them. The head of the Luo Cha team said aloud with a nasty expression at this time.

He seemed to have recalled something and there was still a trace of terror in his eyes.

And Lin Xiu had already returned to the hotel.

At this time, Luo Yue walked over to the bed, then turned and looked at Lin Xiu who came by and said indifferently, “Come here, sleep here.”

Lin Xiu’s eyes widened when he heard Luo Yue’s words. Looking at this bed that wasn’t very big, Lin Xiu couldn’t help but swallowed secretly and said, “This…is it too fast?”

Luo Yue saw Lin Xiu’s appearance and looked as if she was looking at an idiot, then pointed to the spot next to the bed and said, “You’re sleeping here.”

Lin Xiu, who was initially quite eager, walked a few steps closer and saw that on the ground on the side of the bed, there was a quilt spread on the ground and a small pillow.

Seeing this, Lin Xiu’s eyes widened and he was dumbfounded.

Seeing Lin Xiu’s expression, Luo Yue revealed a mischievous smile, but it was fleeting.

After washing up, Luo Yue laid on the bed then went to sleep.

Lin Xiu curled his lips when he saw this scene, then muttered: “You’re really not worried about me, huh.”

“Because you’re not a threat to me.” Luo Yue responded.

Lin Xiu was taken aback, then he looked towards Luo Yue and found that Luo Yue, who seemed to be asleep, had already opened her eyes, and was waving a dagger in front of Lin Xiu.

She glanced coldly at a certain part of Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu suddenly felt chilly, then forced a smile and said, “I’m a gentleman.”

Lin Xiu spoke and laid on the quilt on the ground.

Then he closed his eyes and rest.

As the lights were turned off, the area became completely dark.

Previously, Lin Xiu didn’t really think much about it but now lying on the quilt on the ground and knowing that Luo Yue was sleeping on the bed next to him, Lin Xiu felt a little strange.

He opened his eyes and couldn’t really fall asleep.

At the same time, Luo Yue, who was lying on the bed, seemed to feel the same way as she looked at the ceiling with her eyes open.

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It was a silent night and morning soon came

“Get up.”

Lin Xiu was still in a daze when he heard a cold voice.

He rubbed his eyes and saw a white figure already standing in front of him.


Lin Xiu sat up, stretched out, and said aloud.

His mind had been racing all night and he couldn’t sleep well so he was still a little sleepy.

“Eat your breakfast, we’ll leave for Deep Blue City at seven o’clock.” Luo Yue said.

Taking a closer look, Luo Yue had already put on a new set of white combat suits. The skirt was very long, the texture was very hard and she looked like a female warrior.

On the table next to him, there was already a set of breakfast prepared.

“Have you eaten?” Lin Xiu asked.

Luo Yue nodded.

Lin Xiu stood up quickly, and after devouring the breakfast, he wiped the corners of his mouth with a tissue.

“The giant android tiger I rode before is at the dark forest. It probably wouldn’t be so easy to rush back to the Deep Blue City…” Lin Xiu seemed to have thought of something and said aloud.

“We’ll just walk.”


Lin Xiu was taken aback. After he walked out of this small town, Lin Xiu knew what Luo Yue meant.

She meant that they were going to run forward with full strength!

As for this kind of running at full-strength, Lin Xiu was quite comfortable with it because he has done a lot of such training before.

What surprised Lin Xiu was Luo Yue’s speed.

At this moment, there were some tall trees all around, but Luo Yue’s speed has not decreased in the slightest. While avoiding those trees at a very fast speed, she was advancing crazily. This speed was no less than that of an ordinary car speed!

Seeing Luo Yue’s speed, Lin Xiu gritted his teeth, and then quickly caught up.

At this time, the two of them were advancing frantically towards the Deep Blue City at extremely fast speeds.

After some time, when Luo Yue finally stopped, the sun was already setting!

“How long have we been running?” Lin Xiu stopped and said, panting.

Looking ahead, he could already see a town in the distance!

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