Godly Empress Doctor - Chapter 1389

Chapter 1389: 1389

Chapter 1389: Untitled

With the help of Feng Wu’s formation and spiritual medicine, as well as the Book of Tongtian, the manual which Feng Wu had specially written for him…

He made rapid progress as if he were on a rocket!

“Miss, this can’t be happening . Something’s wrong, isn’t it?”

Even someone as level-headed as Uncle Qiu was speaking in a shaky voice .

Because the speed at which he was making progress was simply too unbelievable!

Feng Wu smiled and said, “Uncle Qiu, don’t you think that you’re much more capable now?”

“I do . ”

“Then, do you think you’re not worthy of your cultivation level?”

“Well, not exactly, but… How is this speed possible?” Uncle Qiu was in his 50s, but he now looked as baffled as a primary school student . He had yet to recover from the astonishment .

Feng Wu smiled . “It won’t be possible for other people, but we have my spiritual medicine . Uncle Qiu, do you remember the Black Tiger Pills in that black porcelain bottle?”

Uncle Qiu nodded . “Those are some very effective pills . ”

Feng Wu chuckled . “Of course they’re effective . They’re Supreme Level pills . ”

“Supreme Level?!” Uncle Qiu’s eyes widened and he looked astonished . “They’re so expensive! I’ve seen the price in large pharmacies . One single pill is worth our entire courtyard!”

“What? That’s so expensive!” Granny Zhao was hanging the laundry when she heard this, and she cried out in amazement .

Uncle Qiu nodded . “That’s right . Plus, you can’t buy them even if you have money . Nearly all Supreme Level pills are in the hands of the auction houses, and anyone who wants them has to bid for them . The price is exorbitantly high . ”

He then realized something . “Miss, why didn’t you tell me they were Supreme Level pills in the beginning?”

Feng Wu grinned . “Would you have taken them if I had told you?”

At the thought of the precious pills, Granny Zhao scolded Uncle Qiu . “I can’t believe this! How many have you taken?”

Uncle Qiu said, “Miss Wu told me to take one every morning when I got up . After that, I should cultivate in the morning sunlight to absorb the spiritual essence of nature…”

“One pill a day?!” Granny Zhao almost jumped to her feet . “That is to say, you’ve been eating one Fallen Star Yard every single day?!”

Uncle Qiu didn’t know what to say .

“You’ve used up so many of Miss Wu’s resources! How dare you! You!” Granny Zhao looked like she wanted to dig the Black Tiger Pills out of Uncle Qiu’s belly .

Feng Wu stopped her with a smile . “It’s true . The Supreme Level pills are very expensive on the market, because there are only a handful of Supreme Level medicine refiners out there, and the success rate is extremely low — 5% is considered quite high . ”

That was to say, only 5 out of every 100 Supreme Level pills would turn out to be effective ones, which was already very impressive .

“However —” Feng Wu looked quite pleased when she said, “This Supreme Level medicine refiner right in front of you has an extremely high success rate . 50% of the pills I make are effective ones . ”

She chuckled and said, “I only used a lot of raw materials, that’s all . Don’t use the price outside as your standard . ”

But that’s still a lot of money…” The thought of Uncle Qiu ingesting a pill every day that was worth a courtyard in the imperial capital still made Granny Zhao frown .

Feng Wu smiled . “We have enough money but not enough capable people . Granny Zhao, we all have to make progress as fast as we can, because only then can we protect our Fallen Star Yard, right?”