Chapter 605: 605

Chapter 605: Wu Jiang

Hundreds of people suddenly surrounded the Baicaotang . The shopkeeper in the medical hall was so scared that he ran out in a hurry . When he saw Hu Feng’s, he immediately recognized him . He and a little girl came to the shop before .

“This, young man, are you going to buy medicine?”

Hu Feng said: “I heard that the two captured villagers who had escaped came back and are being treated here . Is that true?”

The shopkeeper busily nodded his head: “They are here, they are being treated, shall I call them for you?”

Hu Feng waved his hand, “No, I’ll go by myself . ”

Everyone waited outside, only Hu Feng and Zhou Gang went in .

Doctor Song was giving a man medicine . The man’s leg was badly injured, and it seems that it was bitten by a fierce beast .

Hu Feng recognized the man, it was Wu Jiang in Huangtuo Village .

The other one was Wu Jiang’s wife . They originally had a child, but he didn’t saw the child . He’s afraid that it has been killed .

When Wu Jiang saw Hu Feng, Wu Jiang became excited: “Hu Feng, are you Hu Feng?”

Hu Feng nodded his head: “I am, where is my father? Where is Bai Zhi?” He asked .

Wu Jiang busily replied: “After we killed all those heartless beast, we fled to return to the village, but we got lost in the forest . We walked several days before we got off there . At that time, we didn’t know where we are . We didn’t know if it was the Chu or Xiye Country . Bai Zhi suggested that we should go separately . A large group of people can easily attract attention or being targeted . ”

“So you left separately?” He raised an eyebrow .

Wu Jiang nodded his head: “We went in different directions . We were originally lucky . We walked into a city in just one day, but who knows, that there are so many vicious dogs in that city . We were bitten by the dogs as soon as we entered the city . My son was, was—” He choked up and couldn’t talk anymore . His son was bitten to death by the dogs in front of his eyes . He was so hungry and had no strength, so he couldn’t beat those vicious dogs at all . When the passerby saw them pitiful, they helped and saved them . Some people reported to the officials . The government immediately sent some people to send them back to Qingyuan after learning about their affairs .

When they arrived in Qingyuan, they learned that none of the people who had been captured had returned except for them, husband and wife .

“So you don’t know where Bai Zhi and my father are right now?” Hu Feng asked .

Wu Jiang shook his head: “I don’t know . I didn’t even know that I was bitten by a dog at that time . I was unconscious when I was sent back . ”

Zhou Gang asked: “How are the others? My son, Xiaofeng and Ru’er, are they alright?”

Wu Jiang replied: “They are all good . Its all thanks to Bai Zhi . If it weren’t for her, I’m afraid that we have died in the hands of those villains . ”

Hu Feng nodded his head and patted Wu Jiang on the shoulder: “You have taken good care of yourself . ” Then he glanced at Zhou Gang .

Zhou Gang understood his meaning and he quickly took out two ingots of silver from his body and stuffed them into Wu Jiang’s hands: “Take these and buy some clothes and food . Let’s get through this winter first . ”

Wu Jiang thanked them again and again . He was very miserable . His original good day was destroyed by this predicament .

He hated heaven for not having eyes . He hated God for not showing his mercy .

After leaving the Baicaotang, Zhou Gang asked Hu Feng, “Your Highness, what should we do now?”

Hu Feng sighed from the bottom of his heart and remained silent for a while, then said: “Let’s return to the camp first, leave some of our brothers to stay in Qingyuan Town and Huangtuo Village . Tell them to go to the camp as soon as possible, if there is news . ”

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