Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend! - Chapter 869

Chapter 869: The scandal in Qingan Palace (3)

The Empress said angrily: “Who do you think you are? You dare to say such things in front of this empress?”

Meng Zhangling shrugged her shoulders and said, “I’m really nothing to compared to the Empress . But, Empress, you really should tell Prince Xiao to take things easy . Maybe the next time, the emperor will probably not be so magnanimous . ”

At this moment, the door of the sleeping hall suddenly opened . Chu Feng rushed out naked, his eyes were red like blood . When he saw the palace maid standing at the door, he immediately rushed forward .

Su Chun’s complexion was pale . Meng Zhangling smiled coldly, her eyes were full of mockery: “The empress, this concubine will retire . ”

Who can think of it? That His Royal Highness, Prince Xiao, a dignified prince will look like this now? Like devil came out of hell .

It can be seen that this medicine was so powerful . It was hard to imagine, that if someone as weak as Bai Zhi was caught by this medicine, what would be the consequences will be?


After Chu Yan returned from the city defense camp, he went directly to the palace and reported to his father . After talking about the business, the emperor let him stay alone in the imperial study room .

The emperor looked at Chu Yan with scorching eyes: “Yan’er, I will make you the crown prince, do you agree?”

Chu Yan didn’t know what his father meant . Is he asking whether he wants to be the crown prince or not? If he says he doesn’t want to, would he let him not be the crown prince?

“This son will agree to the arrangement of Imperial Father . ” He said quietly .

In his heart, he didn’t want to be the crown prince or an emperor . But right now, if he wanted to protect himself and the people important to him, he had to keep going up .

The emperor frowned slightly and asked, “I remember you said before, that you didn’t want to be the crown prince . Why have you changed your mind now?”

Chu Yan raised his eyes to look at Emperor . In his eyes, he saw some emotions that he had never seen before .

“This son wants to live up to his father’s expectations . ”

“Really? If so, it’s fine!” He sighed, looked at Chu Yan, and said again: “Yan’er, in any case, Feng’er is your brother . Although brothers killing each other are common in the imperial family, I hope that you and Feng’er can be well . You are both my sons . My flesh and blood . I don’t want you to turn against each other . ”

Chu Yan didn’t understand what his father meant when he said these words to him . In regards to treating brother as an enemy, wasn’t it always Chu Feng?

“Father, this son has never done anything to be sorry for his brother, but this son will not let himself be bullied . This son will fight back . ”

The emperor’s face immediately sank, his voice became colder: “So, you let Bai Zhi drugged Feng’er? It hurt him—” Even him couldn’t say such words .

“Causing him to do such a scandal in Qing’an Palace . ”

Chu Yan’s expression became sharp: “What did you say? What drug? What scandal? What happened?”

Looking at Chu Yan’s appearance, it seemed that he didn’t know this . Could it be that he misunderstood?

The emperor said, “Today, the empress called Bai Zhi to Qingan Palace . After Bai Zhi left, your fourth brother went crazy and was poisoned . She acted recklessly in the palace . Concubine Shu led me to see . Isn’t this all your arrangement?”

Chu Yan almost burst in anger: “Imperial Father, in your heart, this son is such kind of person?” He was disappointed, so he turned away angrily .

Chu Yan rushed all the way to the Imperial Hospital . He happened to meet Bai Zhi who had come out of the Imperial Hospital . He rushed forward, grabbed her by the arms, and looked up and down: “How are you? Are you okay?” When he asked this, his voice slightly trembled .

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