Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian - Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715: That’s Why Mommy Doesn’t Love You at All

Nian Juntingi hurriedly parked his car by the side of the road, got down from the car, and strode over. However, when he saw the man’s face clearly, a dark look flashed across his eyes.

“Yi Jingxi, aren’t you in jail?”

Yi Jingxi also noticed Nian Junting. Although a few years had passed, Nian Junting, who was two years older than him, did not seem to be affected by the passage of time. On the contrary, he was wearing dark gray pants and a black t-shirt, which made him look exceptionally handsome, his facial features were handsome and cold.

He stood side by side with Luosang, which made Luosang, who used to be so beautiful, look as soft and gentle as if she had been washed clean.

Bitter envy rose in his heart, but it was only envy. He had brought this upon himself.

The two men looked at each other and did not say anything. Luosang had no choice but to explain, “He said that he did a good job, so he was released early.”

Nian Junting tensed up like a lion who had been stabbed by a hedgehog, “The prison nowadays is too casual. He acts like he can be released to harm others. What’s the use of being good? Can he change what he did? Can he make up for what others did to him? Do you believe that I can continue to sue you?”

“I believe you,” Yi Jingxi looked at him calmly, “But I’ve really changed.”

“Really?” Nian Junting sneered. If he had changed, why did he still appear by his woman’s side? He was trying to steal her. “You used to pretend to be a good man and lie to Luosang.”

Yi Jingxi felt sad. He had to admit that what happened in the past was a thorn in his heart.

Luosang was not as sharp and angry as Nian Junting. Instead, she held Xiao Pingguo’s hand and said generously, “Since you’re out, you should start over. Do you live near here now?”

Yi Jingxi nodded slightly and said, “I have a small company nearby.”

“Good luck with your company. We’re going home,” Luosang said with a faint smile.

Nian Junting immediately put his hand on Luosang’s body and said intimately, “Let’s go, honey. Let’s go to the car and eat the cake I bought for you.”

After saying that, he did not give them another chance to speak. He held Luosang tightly and walked into the car.

Xiao Pingguo turned around and looked at Yi Jingxi with confusion, but he still hopped into the car with his parents.

Yi Jingxi stood by the roadside and watched the three of them get into the SUV and drive away. Confusion flashed across his eyes, but he soon regained his clarity.

Some things had really passed, and Luosang and Nian Junting were the people he could only look up to. However, this was good too. He would work hard and start over slowly. Fortunately, she was living a happy life now.

The car was filled with a quiet atmosphere. Nian Junting’s face was very unpleasant, really unpleasant. He did not understand how someone like Yi Jingxi could be released so early. Not only was he released, but he also showed up in front of him.

The car stopped at an intersection. He turned to look at the woman behind him. Luosang and Xiao Pingguo were eating cake happily, while Xiao Pingguo was munching on the cake, he asked curiously, “Mom, who’s that handsome uncle? Has he been in prison before? He doesn’t look like a bad guy.”

“You’re really your mom’s son,” Nian Junting sneered, “Your mom was as innocent and ignorant as you were, and then she was tricked into losing everything. Luckily, your dad came down from the sky like the Monkey King, and saved your mom from the fire and water.”

Xiao Pingguo was stunned, “So mommy didn’t love you at all. Did she marry you because she was grateful to you for saving him?”

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