Chapter 722

Clenching her fists tightly, Li Yufeng stared at Zhuang Nainai and bit her lip .

 Meanwhile, Ding Mengya stared straight into her eyes, showing no signs of relenting . As she used to be the CEO of the Imperial Group, the dominance in her gaze right now could make one concede defeat .

Li Yufeng pursed her lips as she dared not look Ding Mengya in her eyes . She looked at Zhuang Nainai again and changed the topic of discussion . She said, “Zhuang Nainai, Mi Nuo knows that she has done something wrong . Just forgive her this time around . ”

 After hearing this, Zhuang Nainai was very surprised . Raising her head, she looked at Li Yufeng . “Forgive Mi Nuo? Why should I?”

 Li Yufeng answered, “She is not doing very well right now . Others may not know this, but you should be aware that she has something she can use against me . If the online commotion continues, the Gu family might not be the only one losing face! You might be affected too! There is a saying that goes, ‘Give yourself some room for whatever you do in case we meet again . ’ You have already pushed Mi Nuo to her limits . Can’t you just let her off this time?”

 Her words made Zhuang Nainai smile . “I have never put her in a spot before . She asked for it . ”

 “But she is already so miserable . Will you only become satisfied when she is at the end of her rope?”

 Zhuang Nainai became more speechless . “But I’m not doing anything to her now . How am I supposed to let her off?”

 Li Yufeng said, “You can post something or tell the reporters that you have forgiven her, so that the reporters won’t chase her around anymore . ”

 Upon hearing Li Yufeng’s words, Zhuang Nainai really wanted to curse at her .

 Firstly, she ain’t no Virgin Mary . She wasn’t capable of sympathizing with someone who had harmed her .

 Secondly, if she really did that, she would probably be flooded by criticisms!

 Then, the netizens would make her their target instead of Mi Nuo .

 This Li Yufeng…

 She was utterly speechless .

 Ding Mengya, who was standing beside her, also could not help but say, “Madam Li, I really wonder if Nainai is your daughter . If wasn’t aware of the context, I would have thought Mi Nuo is your daughter!’

 As soon as she heard this, Zhuang Nainai’s eyes narrowed as she stared at Li Yufeng intently .

 However, Li Yufeng’s gaze looked complicated . No one could tell anything from it . She just pursed her lips again and straightened her back arrogantly . She had wanted to say something, but taking into consideration Ding Mengya’s presence, she just scoffed after staring at Zhuang Nainai for a while . “I’m leaving now . ”

 After saying this, she turned around and left .

 Not far away from the cafe, a man wearing a baseball cap stuck his head out stealthily . No one had noticed him .

 Following a message reminder on his phone, he was counting the table numbers in the cafe using his fingers . At last, his gaze landed on the table near the window .

 That girl seemed to look slightly different from five years ago .

 Her general features still looked the same . Her eyes looked the same, but her belly was huge and she had gained weight . Hu Zi couldn’t help but narrow his eyes .

 The girl he had met five years ago was still wearing her school uniform and carrying a backpack . She had looked extremely pure and beautiful . However, that rich lady behind the glass window exuded classiness with her every move . Her aura was also very different from five years ago .

 Is that really her?

 Just as Hu Zi was in a dilemma, he saw Li Yufeng walking toward Zhuang Nainai . After seeing Li Yufeng clearly, his eyes narrowed suddenly!

 He widened his eyes and stepped back . Immediately, he hid behind that shabby truck and concealed himself entirely .