Hello Mr. King - Chapter 557

“Hehe . ”
Yun Xiangxiang sneered and pulled her hand out .
She touched his Song Mian’s face with a pained expression . “I feel sorry for you . It’s late . You should take care of yourself and rest early . ” Her heart beating quicker, she pulled out her hand and pushed him out of the room
With that, she closed the door with a smile and locked it with a bang . She did it cleanly .
Song Mian looked at the tightly shut door and couldn’t help but chuckle .
It was at this moment that Song Yao came upstairs . At the corner of the stairs, he saw his young master being chased out of Yun Xiangxiang’s room .
Song Yao thought about how his young master didn’t get angry when she closed the door so forcefully . Instead, he smiled!
He suspected that his young master had changed his mind and was no longer the young master he used to be .
Song Mian stood there for a while . When he turned around, he saw Song Yao’s bewildered expression .
Song Mian knew very well what the butler was thinking . He was in a good mood, so he didn’t want to argue with him .
On the day of the opening ceremony, the venue of the film festival was very lively . Movie stars from all over the world were gathered together .
This was not the red carpet for the awards ceremony . It was held during the day, so there was no need for Yun Xiangxiang to follow the production team . Yun Xiangxiang also followed the procedure at a leisurely pace .
There were quite a number of procedures for the opening ceremony . Although He Wei didn’t follow her, he had already prepared everything for her . Yun Xiangxiang only needed to follow the procedures . There was also a short interview with the media, Yun Xiangxiang’s answers would be published .
There were also some who would shoot indoors . Yun Xiangxiang didn’t bring her own cameraman, nor did she have such plans .
The next few days were the film festival activities . There would be films from various countries competing to be broadcasted in fixed locations . However, it was impossible for so many films to be broadcasted in one day . Of course, they would be distributed in batches .
“The King’s Plan” and “First Love” would be shown in the next few days . However, Yun Xiangxiang thought that she would come every day in the beginning .
She planned to watch other films and discuss with people she knew . She wanted to observe how other film festival activities would be conducted .
Originally, she wanted to meet and greet the members of the jury . However, she couldn’t chat with them since there were too many people . If she went forward without knowing anything about them, she would only attract the disgust of others .
It was at this time that she realized that she had met the chairman of the judging panel once before, a friend of Xie Manliang . Previously, he had even gone to China to help guide the scene that went through the alarm system .
Yun Xiangxiang only smiled and nodded politely when she saw him . There were too many people around him, so she didn’t want to squeeze past them .
She got to know a few actors that she had not interacted with in the country before . They were all capable people . After chatting for a while, she greeted her acquaintances and then started to focus on the film festival alone .
Suddenly, a voice sounded beside her, “What style of film do you like?”
Yun Xiangxiang turned her head and met Brendan’s pair of blue eyes . She couldn’t help but look left and right . To her surprise, there was no one following him, and she had unknowingly come to a small corner that no one was interested in .
“I don’t pick a style, nor do I pick a theme . I like all good-looking films,” Yun Xiangxiang replied with a smile .
Brendan was Xie Manliang’s good friend and the chairman of the judging panel for this year’s film festival .
“Your words show me your ambition,” Brendan said expressionlessly .
Yun Xiangxiang was not frightened . Instead, she met his gaze calmly . “I think any actor has the same ambition . They want to participate in films with different styles and themes, mold different characters, and export different works . ”
Brendan examined Yun Xiangxiang seriously for a while before saying, “What do you think of Joseph’s ‘Confessions of Jean-jacques Rousseau’ and Xie Manliang’s ‘David’ to me?”
Yun Xiangxiang pursed her lips and smiled . “Regardless of fate, face it with your head held high . ”
She successfully saw a hint of surprise flash in Brendan’s calm eyes .
The last time they met, he had to come and go in a hurry, so they didn’t have the chance to speak to each other .
Other than the brief interaction during filming, they probably didn’t interfere too much out of respect . At most, they only gave Xie Manliang advice . Therefore, Yun Xiangxiang basically didn’t speak to them .
After they left, Yun Xiangxiang would occasionally chat with Xie Manliang . Xie Manliang had said everything she could .
One day, she was so happy that she even revealed to Yun Xiangxiang and Xue Yu that the famous director, Brendan, was actually a fan of fantasy novels .
Brendan was a legendary director . Six years ago, he directed a film that swept through the top 15 film awards and became a god .
However, his film didn’t make much of a splash in the past six years . However, his glorious record was enough to establish his status .
His road to fame was also very bumpy . Xie Manliang once said that his two wives divorced him because he was poor .
One could imagine how depressed he was before he became famous, but he didn’t let it pull his ambitions down . He faced difficulties head-on and persevered until today .
Yun Xiangxiang’s words not only suited him personally, but it was also a classic quote from a famous fantasy novel .
This didn’t contain any scheming . It was purely to encourage herself .
“What do you think of the ending of this novel?” Brendan asked calmly .
It was unknown whether he was testing Yun Xiangxiang to see if she had really read the novel, or if he wanted to communicate with her .
In fact, this novel was something stored in the original memory . The memory was quite deep, and Yun Xiangxiang could almost do it with ease .
“Many people said that the ending was very rushed, and there wasn’t a great battle, but I think it was very full . It let me know that darkness and light are coexisting . evil and justice can not completely destroy one side . ”
Yun Xiangxiang yearned for the good . She also hoped that there would be more good in the world, but she knew that it was impossible for all places to be true, good, and beautiful . One had to know that when the water was clear, there would be no fish .
How could one know whether happiness was happiness without pain? And how could one know whether pain was pain without happiness?
“You surprised me . I hope that we can have the opportunity to work together in the future . ” Brendan reached out his hand .
“I also hope to receive your guidance . ” Yun Xiangxiang shook his hand .
Brendan had many things to do, so he had to leave soon enough . It was already rare for him to talk to Yun Xiangxiang for a few minutes .
After he left, Yun Xiangxiang was not affected at all . She continued to watch the movies that she was interested in .
After attending for five days, Yun Xiangxiang decided to rest for two days . Not everyone had to attend every day .
“Tomorrow, I’ll stay at home with you . ” Yun Xiangxiang wrapped her arms around Song Mian’s back and rested her chin on his shoulders .
Song Mian was tidying up his textbooks . These few days, when Yun Xiangxiang returned from watching movies, she would fill in the knowledge for the next semester in advance . Those she didn’t understand would be guided by Song Mian .
“Perfect, I’ll take you out to play tomorrow . ”
“Where to?” She was very curious .
“You’ll know tomorrow . ” Song Mian lovingly tapped her nose .