Chapter 1: 1
Since the history of the Kronos Empire as a hegemonic state dominating the continent the most important factor that has been able to remain strong without a single shake is a clear fact that even a three-year-old child living in t he corner of the country knows .

The Duke of Landgel is a descendant of Emperor Landgel, the second son of the first emperor Aragon, who founded the Kronos Empire .
When his brother, Prince Max, became the second emperor of the empire, Landgel assumed the emperor’s most powerful helper .
For thousands of years, the Duke of Landgel served as the empire’s guardian and roof and defended it .
The Duke of Landgel had no power after the emperor, but never had a desire for power to covet a position on the man’s Land .
Of course, noble groups, such as monks, often used the Duke of Landgel to do all kinds of tricks to eat but the Duke of Landgel did not fall into a greedy trick .
During the rise and fall of many surrounding kingdoms or the many powerful nobles of the empire, only the imperial family and the Duke of Landgel were always able to continue their history as winners .
In Aragon, the first emperor of the Kronos Empire, was a paladin who served as a priest Aragon, the fifth prince of a small country, gave up his succession to the throne and joined as a priest in an attempt to escape the filthy brotherhood fight in a small country .

Not long after Aragon became the priest the human world became involved in a war between the demon and the new world .
Due to the Thousand Horse Wars, many countries of the human world disappeared, and the kingdom of Aragon was burned out . Aragon, who loved his kingdom only because he didn’t like the sibling battle for the throne, was desperate and angry .
He prayed to God with all his might . And they make a contract with the god who answered the prayer . Aragon took off the priest’s uniform and participated in the Chunma War as a paladin, defeating the demons and bringing victory to the gods .
In the place where the nations of the continent were burned out an empire was built in the name of God, and the place where the hometown was once was the capital, and named after the kingdom’s name, Akshara .
In the war, the lost demons disappeared completely underground, and the empire built on the barren land was quickly overhauled with the grace of God to find stability .
Aragon was originally a prince, and before joining the Chunma War, he was just a new priest who had just finished his probationary period .
When he was a prince, the prosecutor’s qualities were sufficiently revealed, but his qualities as a priest were lacking . The reason he was able to win the war as an unprecedented paladin full of holy power was also because of his deal with God . He obtained a kingdom that was favored by God in exchange for winning t he war to God .
This is only known from the outside world, and no one know s more about the contract between God and Aragon except the parties to the contract .

After the war, God considered the cause of the war with the demon world to be too deeply involved in the human world to balance the divine power . With God’s willingness not to engage in the human world any more, he reaped the divine power, leaving only the minimum that could sustain the world .
During the post-war restoration, humans did not feel that the divine power had disappeared as they tried to find stability . When some stability and the temple were completely restored, they began to pray to the gods, but humans could no longer communicate with the gods .
The priest’s prayer, the only hope, did not reach God, and humans were gradually engulfed in fear of being abandoned by God . However, the divine power of Emperor Aragon, the only paladin who had not completely abandoned humans, remained the same . It relieved the imperial people, and Emperor Aragon was considered more sacred .
After about 10 years, the Kronos Empire developed into the most powerful country on the continent . So Aragon’s heroic story seemed to end with everyone living happily .
By the time the first prince was born, Aragon seemed to possess all the love of God . He got the most beautiful wife in the world, and he even got a son who could succeed the throne, who was beautiful as his wife .
Everyone followed and worshiped the Emperor, the only paladin who defeated the demons . It was a triumphant victory without anything harsh .
Then the second prince was born . The second prince was black in black eyes . The imperial palace began to sway . The second prince has black eyes and black hair that only demons or gods can have!

When the emperor first saw the dark eyes that resemble the abyss of his second son, he felt a primitive fear from his children . The pitch-black hair reminded me of the hundreds of demons he had cut off with his own hands, an d because of that he was very reluctant to have his new-born veins .
He could soon see where the negative feelings for his younger son had originated . I could instinctively feel that the unique and unique divine power o f the emperor was gradually being passed on to the second prince .
The emperor was angry and rejected his young son who might threaten the imperial power . It was affirmed when his divine power would all disappear, but there was no way to prevent succession .
However, it was impossible to remove the second prince with the symbol of the divine power . Even though the second prince possessed the divine power, he was very weak and severely sick from the time he was born .
He passed the hurdle several times that he would immediately die from all kinds of diseases, but he survived persistently without dying . It was difficult to get a proper education as a prince because he had to lie in bed for a long time, and there were few days when he was sane while he was sick .
The emperor has been consistent with indifference since he learned that he was not a threat when he was rejecting the second prince . Even though the empress was a child, he paid some attention to it, but soon became exhausted and chose to look away .
The child, who grew up in indifference and outward appearance, had to go out to the imperial castle so that he could n of threaten the prince with his succession to the throne before he became a dull .
The fragile Prince Landel was of no use and was abandoned by the imperial family .

As if going into exile, he had to be expelled from the imperial family after receiving the territory of the northern empire far away from the ecliptic . For Prince Landgel, fighting a sick horse, a cold trip to the north was like a death sentence .
Even when he was in the imperial palace, he was lonely, but the loneliness and pain in the cold north was not comparable .
As the years passed and Landgel became of adulthood, the ills that had p lagued him until now disappeared like a lie .
Gained a cleansing power against injured body and poison It was the influence of the divine power that completely ended succession as he reached adulthood .
Having acquired a body stronger than steel, Duke Landgel took the lead in countless battles from generation to generation, triumphed, and continued the glory of the empire .
Unfortunately, for thousands of years, people have buried the Tianma War and Paladins into legends and forgot that the gods really existed .
Landgel’s heroic story that was handed down from mouth to mouth was increasingly distorting the truth . The glory was forgotten, and the fear grew . People were afraid of an unrealistic body that humans could never have .
And fear spread like wildfire, making Landgel’s symbol of black eyes and dark hair afraid . As the years of fear passed and accumulated, Duke Landgel, who defended the empire, eventually became a monster duke cursed by God .