Chapter 2: 2
The Balta region, home to the Duke of Landgel, was located in the north, where the winter was long, and the land was very barren .

Landgel has an expansive manor, but the harsh land and cold climate make it difficult to produce crops, so much of its food is dependent on imports . In addition, as barbarians frequently invade near the border, they had to continue to strengthen their troop .
When looking at the surrounding kingdoms, these provinces are usually avoided by high—ranking nobles, so lower—level local native nobles manage them separately, and when troops are needed, they take the form of dispatching troops from the capital . This type of form is often incapable of properly defending against the invasion of the enemy, so there is a risk of serious damage .
There were many countries that had collapsed in the same real case, and for that reason, the more a country with a large land mass such as the Kronos Empire, the more it had to be done to defend the border .
The northern part of the Kronos Empire was directly ruled by the Duke of Landgel, so it has always been kept safe from the danger of invasion . From the defense level alone, the Duke of Landgel was in the form of a principality, but since everyone knew that Landgel was loyal to the Empire, few people thought disrespectfully of the Duke’s troops .
The Balta region, which serves as the roof of the Kronos Empire, where the Duke of Landgel and his vassals reside, spans the Balta Mountains, making the entire region like a fortress . Most of the Yeongii people living in the Balta are a are commoners who can be used as soldiers when wartimes occur, and they the characteristic northern temperament, so they are tougher and sharper than the capitals .
They had strong vigilance against outsiders because they had to always consider the invasion of barbarians . The Balta region, where the Duke of Landgel’s nature is located, was particularly severe, perhaps because it was directly managed by the Duke .
Jay stood in front of the central Balta region of the northern part of the empire, the Duke of Landgel, said to have the highest boundaries on the continent .
Already, the guards at the gates and towers entered emergency alerts when Jay’s figure began to be seen from a distance . Duke Fortress, located on the top of the mountain, was tightly controlled because the castle itself served as a fortress .
Except for the states and the vassals, there are only a few people who enter and exit the Duke Castle by necessity . Most of them were breakdowns to deliver supplies and food that are regularly needed by the castle, or to deliver emergency information sent from out side . All of them came up on a cart or horse, so it should be considered that there are no people walking up to the castle from the manor under the mountain .
In particular, due to his notoriety for Duke Landgel, even the nobles, not to mention the commoners, were very reluctant to visit the Duke . Furthermore, it was strange to walk up alone from the bottom of the mountain toward such a d uke castle, but even the clothes were bizarre, so I couldn’t decide whether it w as a barbarian or not .
“Isn’t it clear that you’ve been lurking around?”

Bern, the head of the Knights of the Duke of Landgel, asked, looking down from the tower above the castle gate, frowning .
“As soon as that stranger was caught, we sent a search team to the outskirts, but there is no one near the castle other than him . ”
“For what purpose are you approaching the castle?”
“that’s… . ”
Jason, in charge of the gate guard, couldn’t find the right answer, so he sweated his forehead and blew his lips . Only the person concerned knows the purpose of the stranger who is now approaching the castle .
Bern also looked at the stranger who was approaching the city gate, whether it was a question asking for an answer . ‘Is it a woman, not a man?’
Bern quickly scanned the outline of the stranger with the knight’s keen gaze . For a man, he feels some curvature of his body, and his skeleton is thin overall . I thought it might be a child with a small height, but the skeleton seems to have already grown…
 ‘So, not a girl, but a short adult woman . ’
When the Gentiles approached the gates, Bern sharply determined the gender and age in seconds . But that’s all . Aside from being a young woman who is a little short and has a thin skeleton, it was unclear her status, her job, and even her country of origin .
She was wearing a woolen, ear—covered hat, so I don’t know the color of her hair, but her little by little skin was definitely a color he had never seen before . Half of the face is covered with black glass, a large dark, bright blue hooded jacket that is difficult to see with imperial dyeing techniques, a windbreaker coat, tight pants, and even a transparent jewel powder, reflecting light whenever you walk .
Even shiny shoes . It was a very bizarre costume . It was as if she fell from another world . The guards at the entrance to the gate will find out what purpose the stranger approached Duke Castle . That’s their job .

“Wow…” Jay looked at the castle from the middle of the mountain and admired it several times . Duke Castle was much more elegant and beautiful than the German castles that were impressed when I went backpacking in Europe when I was in college . The appearance of a collection of pointed spiers all over the place looked cute like a castle on the Disney logo, and the white bricks that sparkle reflected in the sunlight looked like an ice princess with a high nose .
The appearance of the castle, which I thought ‘cute, pretty,’ made Jay’s mouth wide open when she arrived at the entrance of the castle gate . She couldn’t shut her mouth down because she was so impressed with how solid and magnificent the look from right under the castle was .
With such a stupid look, she felt somebody approaching, while its like her neck broke for a while looking at the castle . It was one of the soldiers standing in armor at the entrance of the castle gate .
A guard, almost twice as tall as Jay, was approaching him with a spear taller than him . Bern, who was watching the situation on the tower, looked like an enemy of persecuting a child and frowned . It was Jay who had already frowned on the knight commander’s eyebrows several times, consistent with his expressionless expression in any situation .
“Hello . ”
Jay was on the lookout for herself and bowed lightly to the oncoming guard . The guard, who stopped flinching for an instant attack, and the soldiers watching the two with their breath, thought simultaneously .
‘Woman?’ I was surprised to hear the thin and clear voice of a stranger who I knew only as a guy, but the appearance of a stranger bowing down to greet me instantly immersed in silence around the castle gate .
Jay, who quickly confused those who watched, said in a cheerful voice without noticing the silence .
“Is Duke of Landgel right here?” Jay innocently asked, and the guard, who had been dazed for a moment in t he clear and fine tone, regained his senses and pointed right at the spear that had slightly descended .
 “What is the identity?”
“My identity? There is not much like that, but… Hmm… can you tell me if this is Duke Landgel’s castle right?” Jay smiled and replied

However, a smile could not break the guard’s boundaries . It has been said that it has been impossible to spit on a smiling face, but it seems that this is the case in this world .
‘It’s not a joke because the boundary is severe . ’ Jay eagerly rolled her eyes in the sunglasses, looking over the shoulders of the guards and around the walls and towers . Even if it wasn’t an exhibition, it was really a very strict boundary if it was this kind of defense .
“This is the Duke of Landgel . What is your identity?”
“I came to the right place haha . ” Jay, a gilchi (person with no sense of direction), felt boldly as he came to him without turning on the navigation .
‘Is gilchi graduating now? When you meet a puppy, you have to show off hehehe . ’ Jay, feeling better, said to herself with a big smile .
“I am from Earth . I came to see Duke Landgel . ”
 * * *
The Duke of Ludwig Landgel became the complete northern ruler eight years after the death of his predecessor and he succeeded him . Although he was 27 years old, the Duke of Landgel has been handed down to a young age from generation to generation .
Several barbarians and small nations who were struggling near the northern borders of the empire rebelled in the early days of the Duke’s rule to get rid of the newly reigning Duke and occupy the North . It was enough to be considered .
Each time, the young soldiers went to the forefront of war and imprinted the power of Landgel on the bones of neighboring countries and barbarians, subduing them, and making them obedient .
Each time the rank of the Duke of Landgel was succeeded, the same actions were repeated, and the stories of the Duke’s tremendous ruthlessness  from the battlefield instilled awe and a great sense of fear in the people .

People already pushed the story of the first emperor and the divine power thousands of years ago, when they were blessed by God, to the corners of legend, and few people remembered God .
Instead, like a testament, Landgel was cursed by a god or mixed with the blood of demons, and the vain stories spread, and it was increasingly accepted as true . It can be said that the misfortunes of the Duchess of Landgel, which have been passed down from generation to generation, have also contributed to the spread of rumors that may appear in these stories .
In the early days of the founding of the Kronos Empire, the Duke of Landgel had a wedding with high—ranking nobles similar to that of the Duke . The duchess, married to the barren and cold Landgel, had to give up their splendid life in the capital .
It was difficult for the duchess, who were foreigners, to mix easily among the northerners who rejected strangers and had a rough s*x, and could not rely on her husband, who was scared and afraid just by looking at them .
Life as the Duchess of Landgel was like a struggle against loneliness to the young lady, who were the flower of the capital . They wished to escape from the cold and lonely Balta, contacting their parents from time to time and begging for an end to this unfortunate marriage .
However, no family in the empire that could demand a divorce from Duke Landgel did not exist in the empire, and the women who had to endure them eventually became engulfed in misfortune and gradually withered .
As the previous cases piled up, rumors began to circulate that a woman married to Landgel could not be happy someday . As the years passed and the fear of the Duke of Landgel grew, the number of high—ranking nobles who wished to marry gradually declined .
In the duke family, who needed successive descendants, in the end, instead of the high—ranking nobleman who fits the duke’s prestige, they were forced to buy the rituals of the junior nobles as the duke’s bride with enormous wealth . When they first met the Duke, the brides who had been sold like that were mostly fainted with fear .
They lived with fear all the time, whether he would be cursed by God if he touched the duke . Although there were often duchess who tried to escape at night, most of them couldn’t even dream of fleeing because they were all caught shortly, and as an example, they had to hold their parents accountable and face a miserable death .
Although she was given a bed with the duke who didn’t want to touch her, there were occasional moments when the duchess tried to give affection to the duke because she had been on a boat for ten months .
However, Duke Landgel’s veins were black eyes and black hair from generation to generation . It was difficult for the mother to give full affection to the child who was born with resemblance to the duke, the object of fear . Cursing and resentful the blood of the Duke Landgel, which was too thick to be diluted, they gradually went crazy .
Over the years, this tragic cycle has been repeated indefinitely, and people have no choice but to believe that the Duke of Landgel has been cursed by God