Hero without Blood or Tear - Chapter 221

[221] Epilogue . (5) *** Auctions started . When I said that it was a famous place, all kinds of real things started popping out . It was interesting to watch . I do not think I have to buy something . Particularly, the beauty that was exhibited successively enthused the participants .
Ho Such a cute dragon girl comes out as an auction .
The beautiful girl who was still very busy was making a fearful look .
Sadly, I rarely buy gold . Do not people buy and sell their own people?
Oh… That's right .
I felt that it was strange for the dragon to buy and sell the dragon . That's right . In addition, this city is a place filled with pleasure to the air . There is nothing good to be a greedy object like a dragon girl who looks complicated and innocent . She will sell it and hold on to someone tonight .
If you care, you can use it as a maid . Rarely a pretty child . I'll teach you to keep your good .
No thanks . Where are they? Leave it because you may meet a good owner .
There was much to attract attention to the auction, not the girl . For a while, the original purpose of 'glazed goddess of tears' was enough to forget .
Now, this is the product to introduce you!
The moment the introducer introduced the things, my merciful mother held my hand tightly . So far, even when all the luxurious things have gone by, she has responded .
Tears of the goddess of glare . It is a necessity for the kind mother who cares about the inhabitants of the lake .
Alena will interfere .
But is he really your brother?
Yes, I am now less than I am .
Alena, in front of me, looks at this side and makes a rotten smile .
– See who's winning? Sibling
Her smile was saying that . It was not a lie to have a lot of money, but VIP seat occupied . If I knew, I would be booking .
“…You are blatantly revealing your hostility . Hoo …
The merciful mother takes a long sigh . I thought that it was not appropriate for a nice woman who was somewhat delightful .

“…Hmm … If you are such a talented person, it would be nice to be able to make such an unlucky face with such a pretty face .
Alena was a brilliant beauty resembling her kind mother . If I was that beautiful, I would look lovely, but Alena had a special skill to make people mad .
My eyes were like lizards, so I did not care much, but my loving mother is different . She was alone with her thumb and nose .
What happened in the past?
Because of that child 's selfishness, cute animals have died incredibly . I can not forgive you .
Well …
If we are loving mothers, love of animals is also God . I do not know the details, but if the animals were killed by the flock, I would not be able to stop them .
do not worry . The auction will win .
I have a lot of money to stack gold coins like a castle .
When I say that I care about such a penny, my merciful mother is absurd .
It is the amount of gold mining that has been mined for thousands of years by a certain degree of civilization …
So, when I was in the earth, I said that the total amount of gold mined by mankind in the documentary was only about to fill three pools . What? I can only remember that I was surprised .
It's only that much .
But I can not play with children . Among the properties that were given to the boiling abyss, there were many real estate, and there were tens of thousands of planets full of gold .
There were countless asteroids, not even planetary class, but about 100 million tons of platinum . I give up counting how many . Currently, asteroids have been caught shortly before and are being administered by the large armies of slaves . It is a sting of the great army of darkness, which is not well known in the universe . I was deliberately talking about my strength .
“…My sense is different from myself .
I stroked her hair instead of the answer .
But you are much better off than that .
Asteroids filled with platinum are in the universe . But a good woman like a loving mother is hard to find anywhere . I liked her as she watched and touched her horns .
Suh Suh .
Dragon's horn can not touch anyone because of pride . I gave it to my lover, and I was the only one able to pat her horn so calmly .
Sir, I'm ashamed .
My loving mother tears her body with a face that seems to be troubled . But I did not push me, I was only making a difficult look .
Oh, it's a passionate couple .
I'm bold, I'm humiliating a lover's horn in public .
I heard a rumble around me . What is it, Jain?
Uh …
Even the always gracious mother, whose face is red, does not know what to do .
Is there a problem?
Oh, no … . The Westerner is touching … Aan! I have a problem … . Huh …
When she began to nod her loudly beautiful voice, the auction was stopped for a moment . All the dragons who participated were watching this way .
Boo, I envy you . He calls me a beautiful dragon . By the way, where did the beauty come out all of a sudden?
Iknow, right . There are a lot of people in the universe, but I have not seen beauty that much .
Men are not dragons, but how did they get such a woman?
Ahh! That girl, I know . A few hundred years ago, the dragon was in the top 100 list …
Five hundred fifty-five
The turmoil grew even bigger .
Ahhh! The hair like that aquamarine . It was her symbol . The legendary beauty will appear again .
There is no mistake . That big booby!
What was that? Your loving mother seems more famous than you think . I am not the only one who has been deeply impressed by his busty figure .
When I was young, I thought I was blown away?
I am still young! Sir!
Oh, well, that's right .
It's about mid-20s by Dragon standards .
Male breeding .
It was not until the past that her past that she was ranked # 1 in the beauty of the dragon could not go any further . So I got up and declared .
I am the man who will be her husband .
In this uncompromising confession, the dragons laughed shortly after laughing .
Wow ha ha ha!
You're nervous .
Everyone was soaked with the cheerfulness of this city . In addition, I relaxed enough to put a partner next to me and to see an auction .
There was no reason not to laugh at such happening . Moreover, my mother's appearance was so funny as to be so proud of my attitude . She was blushing with a red ball, and she was constantly beating me with her palms to sit down .
Ladies and gentlemen, the woman who will be my fiancée is so adorable and excused during the auction . Please forgive me for a drink in the meaning of apology .
Perfect . As I fingered my finger, a beautiful cup appeared in front of all the participants . And a clear liquid in the flask caused the air bubbles to rise .
Heo Great magic!
The skill of controlling magic is great .
I also learned my skill as a magical dragon . It takes about a hundred cups at a time to make liquor come up, but it does require a lot of computing power .
Especially when talking like this now, it is much harder to mentalize in your head . Instead, it was a simple thing to do, but the dragons who did not know my identity were impressed . Maybe he thought he had polished the magic fairly hard .
We are proud of our planet's Champagne region . Please enjoy .
Thank you!
It was a generous atmosphere in a glass of wine . In addition, the wine was particularly tasty, so I was impressed .
Excellent .
Everyone chatted lightly and it was like a break in the middle of something auction . The moderator was too lazy to proceed and was relaxed . But then the atmosphere changed because someone said it .
Champagne … Nu Champagne
Why? Do you know anything?
Everyone was curious to speak with unbelievable momentum .
That Champagne is named for Richenthiatus .
Oh, Richenthiatus! Is not that a place where you can gain a reputation as a free trade zone that can not touch the dark forces?
exactly . But that's not the point . As far as I know, there is only one person who has a beautiful dragon wife in Richenthiastus .
The man was as sharp as a detective who lighted the criminal .
That 's the Richettus Thousand Mansin' s substitute . My guess is that he must be Baler .
What, what!
Instead you are coming!
There was a stir . The dragons got up and came to me so that I could not compare with the previous encounter .
Are you really Rachstedt Balzers instead of Richenthiatus?
It is an honor to meet you!
I do not deal with Riken Tiatus, though . If we were going to talk to our company …
Instead . I know you have a partner . But how about dinner with the girl tomorrow?
Suddenly there was interest . He has no choice but to take care of Riken Tiatus these days . It was a great merit that the armies of darkness could not reach .
In the meantime, there are a lot of things I can not do because it seems to be against the planting of the great army of the darkness . For example, to study the nature of the great army of darkness . When you do that, you can get rid of the rat without knowing the birds . However, since there was an environment for studying avoiding the hands of the dark forces, there were scholars from all over the world flocking to Ricentiatus .
Not only that . The trade of things that Gus was planting the army of darkness was also done in Lecuttiars . Or, to the great army of the dark, the souls have plundered those who have been mortgaged and have applied for asylum .
Since now, Richenthiatus is hot .
The Dark Ages are complaining about this, but there is no doubt that they have the privilege of being given by the abyss . The one who is crouching at the top of the darkest army, the inexplicable darkness, even the death-stricken death, is around the absurd who is asleep now and is making a tearful show of tears .
Thank you for your attention . I will stay here for a few days .
The face of Alena in front of me was speculating as I was exchanging business cards with the dragon 's influential people . She sweats with her embarrassed face .
Yes . I would not have thought that my opponent would have been out of place . Instead, it is the absoluteness of a planetary system . The majesty is not a dragon who is just a resident of the planet .
Growing smart duck duck .
In front of me, the moderator was in close discussions with the staff . And hastily rushed to this side and leaned back at 90 degrees .
Great one . It is an honor to visit you . Please wait a moment, because I want the ceremony to match its dignity .
Instead, it is a foreign visitor or a state visit . They are the best places in front of the new seat auction hastily began to install .
I will tell you . Please wait a moment because the auction will be resumed soon .
The new seat was much more luxurious than the VIP seated Alena . I put a large sofa and placed a table made of precious rock . Also, I set up several guards and beautiful maid around .
Baler-sama . Come this way .
Thank you .
I walked with a smile, guided by the staff, and paused .
What's this about? Do you have anything you want?
In the question of the staff, I pointed to Aleyna who still can not solve the embarrassed expression .
She's sitting next to me .