Hero without Blood or Tear - Chapter 222

[222] Epilogue . (6) Alena 's face was distorted when I heard my words . She woke up from her seat and cast a castle .
This is an excuse, even if it is an alternative .
Oh, I still have enough to bluff .
It's an unprofessional act!
In her argument, I had to laugh at her .
Certainly . But I do not have a lady in front of me, but do you need a gentleman?
When you turn around to act like you or a lady, the face of Alena rises . I escorted my benevolent mother to sit down first . If your loving mother is your opponent, you can be the best manners in the world . On the other hand, Alena had only fingers .
Come on, sit down . I do not call it twice because it's annoying .
I know who can sit!
In her attitude, the auction house staff was reluctant to rush over . I really do not know how terrible the puppy dog ​​is . If there is no original concept or a non-canon . When I think about it, I stretched out like this to the big army of the dark without any nerves . But Alena and the crucial difference is that I had a solution .
Lady Alena has a water heater .
I do not think anyone would be great .
Instead of going in front of the … Is it fenced or stupid?
It's just a stone .
The dragons watching around were excited by the popcorn angle . Everyone is a precious person on his planet . It is a named dragon that makes the continent tremble, a Suho of the kingdom, or a dragon rod .
Even such high-ranking ones are pretending like a dog whose tail is shaking in front of me .
How pride ruins everything .
I was not very angry . Alena and me are so different . For example, when catching a beetle, there is no one who is thrilled to lift a body stiffly . It's just fun . It was my feeling right now .
Lady Alena . We would appreciate it . Please … , I was afraid that I would have a problem, but after a frightened auction staff did not ejaculate, Alessa sat on my left side as if I could not help it . Two handsome dragon boys who followed her like a folding screen hesitated, but when I shot him once, he hit straight away .

Do not mind me!
I could not help but catch my tongue because I ran away after not seeing it .
From now on, you'd better go with a better man . I'm running away from a woman like that .
Never mind .
I was stuck with a point, but Alena was a very bad heart . I did not know that the guys who followed him would easily bounce like that . I spoke to her merciful mother when she saw her horns or wines in succession .
From now on, scratch his temper .
The loving mother is not good at sarcasm in character but now she needs her help .
All right .
She nodded slightly and provoked Alenna across the street .
Why do not you go back now?
Oh, are you afraid that you will not get the things you want? I can think of giving a concession when I ask for it .
Alena, like a swollen balloon …
The sobbed mother who spoke up there muttered a little while watching Alena's chest .
Would not it be a good idea to think about how to inflate your flat heart at that time? I think you need some bravado .
I fired a punch in the river .
My sister, you have a bad word .
Heavily . I'll be getting smaller in the bosom that goes so far .
The affectionate mother, with one side of her mouth, leans forward on the table and tilts her cups forward . A plump figure shows off her presence in her arms . It was an explicit pose .
shaking .
Alena screamed as soon as the goddess of the goddess, who seemed so divine, appeared .
One billion bottles!
Pina is the money unit in this auction house .
Male breeding .
There was a stir in Alena 's cry . The tears of the glazed goddess are 200 million baht . I have called five times at once, so I have to surprise everyone .
Good to come to the auction today .
It's exciting .
The dragons were now wondering how I would get out . The merciful mother was unable to hide the flood . It was a necessity, but I did not know how to play five times suddenly . Alena set a sigh for such a figure .
My sister, why do not you take a bite to the person next to you? If not, I will win my sister's wishes . Hoho . Why Was there a shortage of copycats we had last night?
Much better than the fair value, the pride struggle began . There was no reason not to respond .
1 . 1 billion pine .
When I bid, Alena laughs .
Instead, do you call me 100 million more? Yes! I am 1 . 2 billion Pina .
There is a reason to go very well . I want to give up and give up because I'm too scared .
1 . 3 billion pine .
1 . 4 billion pine!
1 . 5 billion pine .
1 . 6 billion pine!
As the price went up, the heat of the auction house became even hotter . The two of us continued the chicken race, which seemed to never end . But then, I came in contact with magic secretly .
-Excuse me . Instead .
– Who's at the auction now?
– I am Hamabaras, the dragon Lord of Uribe planetary system . Sorry to be busy . I thought I would be interested and contacted you .
– The good news is welcome at any time . Tell me something .
– Information about Lady Alena . She does not have much money than she thought .
What is this? That dragon believed in money and was not upset in front of me .
– Keep telling me .
– She is now in bankruptcy and kicked out of her home country . It's not known yet because the rumor has not turned out yet . Now she is here with her money and she is in love with her forgotten future .
– She was more stupid than I thought .
It is inevitable to save residence and plan resurgence . I've been pouring everything I have to give my bad sister a break . It is such a personality that you are forgiving the money left in these places .
– But Lady Alena has a strange skill .
– What is it?
– I was in the gods' position to grab men's money . I do not know anything else, but the beauty one is born .
She said that those who had been wearing the folding screen were the restraints of a lot of famous people . Ever since I came to this city, Alena has solved money problems by attracting many male dragons .
– Are you a victim? You too .
– Keum … Just know that the innocent is the man who was raped .
I'll see this scum . When I saw my tongue, I saw sympathy for Alenna 's country . Well, you know that if you look like that .
– I think you have something to think about when you contacted me like this . Do you want to be revenge?
Right exactly . Even if you are intense, there are many things that you have committed to her .
– Could be blamed for being intolerant . Will there be a ladies and gentlemen in the plural?
– Thank you for saying that . My plan is this .
I lifted up a hundred million signposts diligently and listened to Hamabaras' plan . It was quite a favorite operation as well as a dragon head turning well .
Agreed . At the end, I will do what I want .
Clear right .
Originally, I shot Aleena with money and tried to kill him . However, the plan was changed because of the man who was suddenly exposed to the rustle . It looks like a much better result .
Do not touch … . This is true .
When I went up to 3 . 2 billion Phinas, I made a sick sound . Alena, who was next to me, reacted sensitively when I realized that I had difficulty because I had no money .
Hoho, is that a limit now? This is enough for my sister .
It's difficult for you .
The auction house was sulking because the money seemed to be embarrassing because it was troubled . I guess you did not know it was going to cost you instead .
Lady Alena, it's not a joke .
I go out and try to win . When I get to this degree, I have to be honest with it .
Alena was an excited face right now . But when I see another 100 million marks, I crack the lips .
That's it!
Of course Alena did not give up and bid again . Because of the unexpected informant, she knew that she did not have much money .
She has a fairly good shape for pennies, but gold coins and gold bullion that have been stacked like a castle in my home country are said to be long . If you go over 4 billion pines, you will hit the limit . 3 . 4 billion pines!
3 . 5 billion pine!
Three billion pines!
3 . 7 billion pine!
While I showed my desire to give up, I continued to run the auction, and all of them were banging .
Are you deceived?
But it looks really embarrassing . You put the sign after you have been worried for a while, right?
Of course it is acting . But my acting skills were also eaten by the dark forces . I can not help eating a dragon . Alena immediately seemed to think that if she added a little more, she would win . But at the end of the 4 billion pines, her funds were no longer available .
Uh …
I looked at her with her lips and her bruised smile, and I wiped her sweat with her relieved face .
Haha, now you give up . It was almost a big day .
I leaned on the couch as if I had left a few moments . It was full of authenticity .
Uh … Do you know how to give up?
But I can not afford the money . She was very dismal . Because of the auction, it seemed that I had no choice but to narrow my view completely .
I can do a little more …
It seems to have forgotten that it was already only 200 million pi of the conception price of the thing already . I just had no choice but to knock me down .
You want to rest for a while .
Alena seems to be trying to make some money .
Would that be OK? Baller?
In the question of the facilitator, I agreed to pretend to wash my sweat .
Certainly .
Clear right . Then I will rest after 10 minutes and start again .
As soon as the auction is temporarily suspended, my merciful mother catches me .
I think you are too strong . I do not have to do that, so please quit at this point .
Are you worried?
Of course . It's my job for you!
She said she was okay with her excited . And he pointed to Alena, who was standing up and talking to somebody .
Look good .
Well, I know .
Alena tried to borrow money here and there, but was refused every time . But then a middle-aged gentleman dressed well appeared . Then Alena was embarrassed and approached him as soon as he was determined .
Himabara .
Ho Lady Alena . I thought you were not interested in a man like me anymore .
Is that possible? I apologize the other day . It was not my heart .
Thank goodness . Do you have any difficulties? It would be an honor if I could help .
Would you mind if I want to have dinner instead tomorrow?
I am an honor .
Alena laughed brightly thinking that things were going well . But I did not realize that I made a huge mistake now . When she borrowed the money and signed the contract, Hamabaras looked at me and swung her thumb up .
Cuckoo .
I was satisfied and nodded a little . Then her merciful mother seemed to have no idea .
How is it going now? The Sir .
A little more, you'll know . You do not need a slave anyway?
Suddenly the purpose of the auction changed . Perhaps the auction will win Alena as she wishes . My purchasing goal was changed to Lady Alena, not the tears of glazed goddess .
I'll start again .
When the auction was resumed, there was a fierce fighting . I tried to pull up all the bids and the winning bidder .
Oh, shit!
Just a little more!
Uhh! I do not have gold coins anymore!
I buried bottled water on my forehead and pretended to be sweaty . Even though I think it was a postponed performance . Alenna became a victorious expression on my loneliness that popped up next . Now you're imagining yourself to be a woman with even a sassy nose .
And when the auction price reached 6 billion pine, I got up from my seat . This is because the time has come to wake up from this dreamless dream .
Everyone, I can not help but acknowledge Lady Alena's victory here . Her distribution is not normal .
I did not know that I would lose .
Wow!! Instead of winning money with money?
To be honest, I won . I'm going to buy 2 billion pines for 6 billion .
I understand that you have subtracted your feet instead .
But Alena, who was a party, seemed to have no problem at all . He laughed greatly at his vanity, which was fully satisfied .
Oh ho ho ho! My sister is sad . Your sister's man, you have no power than you think .
Those who watched were unexpected situations . But it 's no fun when the play is over . All the good plays have a good reversal . For reference, the reversal of this play is from now on .
Tak/??? .
I bounced my finger to attract everyone's attention .
Yes, one thing I have to tell you .