Hero without Blood or Tear - Chapter 223

[223] Epilogue . (7) Everybody is wondering what I'm going to say . Already an auction was not important .
Today I was willing to accept her challenge . But with kindness from my heart, I made a restriction myself . I just want to bid on pizza .
Everyone was surprised that I participated in the auction with only the penny in my pocket .
I admit her victory today, but I do not think that Ricciatius' s housekeeper is poor . I want to show that there are still a lot of good things in my hand though I lost the auction .
I lifted my hand to say so, but my palm was filled with diamonds that were sparkling like stars . The dragons were amazed by the fascinating light .
Three, my goodness! That big blue diamond!
The size of the diamonds varied . I shed it on the ground like sand .
Lurr .
With a pleasant sound, the diamonds are poured like starlight waterfalls .
When the precious diamonds are discarded, the dragons are amazed and get up from their seats . But this was only the beginning . It was filled with diamonds that were abandoned in my palm .
Thank you for your interest in this precious gem .
Alena watched the splendid diamonds falling near her feet .
What is this … ?
I was overwhelmed with the wealth she had in my hand . The value of a large blue diamond, especially in the middle, was really great .
Lady Alena, do you like my jewelry?
It was a sarcastic tone to anyone . And this time I poured a diamond over her head .
Lurler .
A brilliant diamond flows down her body . Beauty and diamonds are actually paintings . But this cheeky beauty was overwhelmed by the diamond's preponderance .

Diamonds flowed endlessly from my hand above her head . He poured diamonds into his hair like water in a shower, but Alena had not yet responded to his lips . I knew from the beginning that I played with him .
I received tens of thousands of planets made of diamonds to the boiling abyss . Most planets are larger than Richenthiastus . Thanks to the diamonds I have, it is hard to count .
The universe is a mysterious planet with diamonds, but that is not allowed by mortals . No matter how great a dragon is, it is a tremendous asset that you can not imagine .
Lurler .
Because of magic, diamonds flowed endlessly from my hand . All of the auction houses I watched lost their horses . Only in the curious silence was the sound of the gem falling down on the beauty of the beauty .
Why do not you say? Lady Alena .
There were diamonds piled up to her ankles . Eventually, she shouted like a seizure .
Really? It's funny to have me! I do not want to borrow money!
I was tired of being able to play like a toy completely . Still, I will admit to me that one of my knees is dying in half . Unfortunately, the trial of Alenna was not the end of this .
Funny of course . Congratulations, though . You won the auction, right? Though I bought 2 billion pines in 6 billion pines .
I do not care! It does not change that your girl was a necessary thing! It looks good! There was a lot of money, but it got lost!
I shivered and shook my body . So why not install the topic can not understand . I applied to this place where I was still .
Hamabarasasu .
Suddenly when I called him, Alena was embarrassed .
Yes, great one .
As Hamabaras appeared to be Yeonha party, Alena seemed to feel something was wrong .
No, wait! You!
I ignored whatever Alena said, and reached out to Hamabaras .
Hamabaras . I want you to transfer the bonds you have on Lady Alena . I'll pay for diamonds here .
I handed a handful of diamonds to Hamabaras . He liked his mouth so much . This is because not only watering a woman who cares about her genius, but also doing a great deal of business .
I wonder if there is . Here it is .
Hamabaras gave the diamonds in exchange for the bonds . From now on the debt of Alena has come to this side .
This is ridiculous!
Alena thunders and shouts .
Why not?
Why should I owe you a debt?
Because the bond has crossed this way .
I never allowed it!
Yes . But you do not have to be allowed . This is because there is no such thing as a transfer ban on this bond . Because Hamabaras somehow tried to water Alena, the contract was full of toxic provisions . For example .
For reference, the reimbursement must be made within 72 hours .
That's… It was a condition to be deferred when I was dating Hamabarasu!
Alena shouted as she screamed, and the auction house became disturbed .
It was a rumor that they were also going to carry men .
You're a lightweight butt .
The city has a lot of extreme conditions when it lends money to the gambling community . There is no government to regulate it . Within 24 hours, reimbursement within 48 hours, reimbursement within 72 hours .
The shorter the period, the more you can borrow . Gamblers are making too much lending because they think they can pay off if they succeed . But if you can not handle the debt in time, it will cost you a harsh price .
Simply put, I pay my bills .
Many of the dragons who came here as slaves in the auction house were so excited by the pleasures of the city until yesterday . The city enjoyed the dragons, but it was a place to swallow them up . The dragons knew that well .
It was also a great sight to see who is selling for pleasure . Especially if you do not want to look like the usual good . So the eyes of the ladies' ladies who covered their faces with their fans were making a crescent moon . Maybe after today 's event they will meet in Chalong for a few days and they will be so excited about the ruin of Lady Alena .
You give me a date? Hahaha Of course, Hamabaras would honor his honor and faithfully fulfill that promise . Is not it? Hamabaras .
Absolutely .
One of the planet 's dragon – loaders, he looked down at me politely .
But Lady Alena . Now that the debt has passed over me, how can he keep his promise?
Inconceivable! Kenichi Momoyama
makes no sense, Because the contract is so determined . I raised my arms to my merciful mother .
Will it only happen? Lady
Yes, sir .
With a merciful mother and her arms folded, she tears the goddess of the glare that Alenna won .
This is not the end! It's 6 billion pounds! Paying the debt and leaving enough … Oops
I took the tears of the Goddess gleaned from the hands of Alena .
I'll take 200 million pounds .
Have you forgotten? Lady Alena . The connoisseur of this thing is 200 million . It is not worth the actual value up to 6 billion pine that it is tired . Thank you anyway .
I grabbed the glazed goddamn tears in my pocket . Then he threw his fingers and withdrew all the diamonds poured on the floor .
Then we'll see you in 72 hours .
He stepped out of the auction house and sprinkled diamonds in some air .
My friends! I do not think there is any idiot to lend her money!
I was told not to give the diamond money and give it to Alena . The dragons will gladly do it, picking up thick diamonds like seeds that fell on the floor . I walked out of the auction house so I could hear some people admiring my personality .
I have never seen such personality …
This world is not human …
*** Until I arrived at the hostel after leaving the auction house, my grudging mother had nothing to say . But I wonder if the expression that looks at me is faint . I keep blinking at the ball and glancing at it gently .
What? tired?
I could not believe that I was alright, my merciful mother suddenly shed a strange noise .
Huh ~ .
I even came to hang on to me . Her frizzy and lusty body crushed me . I usually whispered to me in a voice that was hot like a lady like Yoojo .
You will not leave me alone tonight?
There was no need to say more . I went to the door of the hotel with a sparkling greeting to the princess . Then he threw his merciful mother into a luxurious bed that the emperor could use .
꺄 ans .
On top of her bed she fell down with a loud voice . Her body flickered on the futon, and her busty chest was beautifully fluttering .
Now, come on .
The merciful mother lifted her dress completely and exposed her white thigh .
Sir, will not you summon a dragon with me?♥ That was the last scene I remember with reason . I do not know what happened after that .
Something like that happened all night long .
*** After the incident of the auction house, I was piled up in the skirt of my kind mother in the hotel . It was also annoying to go outside . It was good to just drown in her smooth and soft skin . I did not let her catch me naked all night .
You are a beast . The West is .
Why was she called beast or beast, but her gaze on me was filled with affection . So while we had such a fascinating time, the fate of the other fell to hell . Alena, after all, failed to pay off her debts and became a slave . Nobody in the city lent her her money and did not want to take revenge instead .
When Hamabaras brought her personally, I gave her a present that matched her current status to a woman who once went too far .
I'll fill the neckline . I would be a dog collar .
I had her wear a leather choker with a lock .
Well, call me your master .
Darkness … Lord, Master …
Alena had no choice . Now her destiny has fallen into hell .
Would you like me to be a slave?
Unexpectedly, she shook her head when she offered it to her merciful mother . It was an attitude that I did not want to see it .
That kid has caused extinction on my planet . If you stay close, you will not have a day that you did not miss .
I will abandon the temperament of a loving mother . So where do I use it . Alena is a dragon in the form of excellent combat power . Well, the kingdom Suho is like a dragon .
The dragon protects the kingdom, so this country is the country of choice . It's okay to use a mascot because the dragon is good visual once .
Finally, there is a proper place .
I'll give it to the Dalatan .
After the end of the end, the empire was disbanded and humans underwent many changes . After Kaliónega led all the Asmodians to the south, the humans left behind in the old empire continued their struggle .
If I was sent to clean up the confusion of the Asmodians, I sent them to Calione to organize human confusion .
If there is a difference between two of them, if Kallione becomes the founder of the majere and becomes the founding monarch, DalTatan remains as a captain . Now she is a powerful power that has enormous influence on all of the differentiated human kingdoms .
There is a lot of information nets spread all over the place called the Queen of Spiders queen . The time has come for many to get up, and the rest of the kingdoms are worried .
It is because the various kingdoms now maintain peace with the charisma of DalTatan . When she left, it would be obvious that she would be back again . I said that eventually human beings can handle it, but it is different from her position to make stability and make one by one . People who have been through a lot of hard work say that they should stay peaceful for a while .
I am also a problem because my ladies are too nice personality . So I intend to give a dragon to the Dalatan . The dragon is enough to have deterrence in the human world .
Alena .
Four master .
A dog collar looks good .