Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself - Chapter 992

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Chapter 992: Extra Chapter 2: I’m Being Serious

“Let’s get married.” Jiang Yeqing came back to the topic. “Let’s pick a ring. Grandma will be very happy if we got married.”

Bo Chengcheng placed the plate back and reached out to put her hand on his.

Having his hand held by her warmed Jiang Yeqing’s heart.

“Jiang Yeqing.” Bo Chengcheng called out his name. Then, she looked as though she was about to say something, but fell silent again.

Jiang Yeqing’s heart sank a little. He pretended not to understand and hugged her even more tightly. He placed his head on her shoulder and gently brushed his face against hers. “Chengcheng, Grandma called me yesterday. She told us to settle down early since we’re of this age.”

Bo Chengcheng pushed against his hand. it did not budge.

Instead of letting go, Jiang Yeqing became even more forceful. Not only did he brush his face against hers, he tried to kiss her.

Bo Chengcheng frowned impatiently.

Her impatience was like a thorn that was driven further into the man, who was already hungover in the first place.

Jiang Yeqing paused and picked her up forcefully.

Caught off guard, Bo Chengcheng exclaimed, “Jiang Yeqing, what are you doing!”

Jiang Yeqing placed her on the sofa and lowered his body. He placed his hands on her knees and said with a calm expression, “Grandma said that once we’ve settled on it, we can select a date. Our birth characters have already been matched and we’re very compatible. Later on, we’ll buy a ring and go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get our marriage certificate.”

He spoke quickly as if he was afraid that she would reject him.

The fact was, Bo Chengcheng had no intention of going along with his suggestion.

She looked at him quietly and turned away.

Jiang Yeqing was furious. He stood up and kicked the table as though he was on the verge of a meltdown. He shouted, “What kind of attitude is this? I’m having a discussion with you. Can’t you f*ucking look at me? You make me feel like I’m a f*cking fool. Bo Chengcheng, what do you take me for!”

Jiang Yeqing was a bad tempered man, but ever since he met Bo Chengcheng, he had been rather restrained.

In front of her, he would always wear a smile or a sloppy grin, and would be easygoing. He would hug and kiss her like a ruffian. It was rare for him to lose his temper like this.

Bo Chengcheng pursed her lips and kept silent.

Jiang Yeqing kicked the table again. His head was throbbing sharply, and it felt like someone had hit him hard. His vision darkened.

Jiang Yeqing’s body swayed a little, but he quickly stabilized himself and leaned towards Bo Chengcheng. He held her shoulders with both hands and calmed himself. He said softly, “What exactly have you been unhappy about recently? Tell me, are you busy with work? Let me find you a new job, alright? If you’re in a bad mood, I’ll take you on a vacation, but don’t throw a tantrum with me anymore. Chengcheng, I won’t be able to take it, I’d think you’re being serious…”

As soon as Jiang Yeqing had said this, Bo Chengcheng interrupted, “I’m being serious.”

Jiang Yeqing stopped speaking.

Bo Chengcheng continued, “I’m being serious. I don’t want to marry you. Let’s break up. I’m tired of it.”

Jiang Yeqing tightened his grip on her shoulder. He gritted his teeth and creased his brow as he stared at her.

Bo Chengcheng tolerated the pain but frowned and instinctively tried to free herself, but he held her tightly.

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