How To Become A Great White Moonlight - Chapter 37

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How To Become A Great White Moonlight 37

As soon as he saw Qin Shuyao, Xia Fanyi immediately greeted her with a bright smile, without concealing his enthusiasm.

Turning around, they found that Yan Shiying and Yue Xiuning had also sat down on the chair beside him.

He hesitated and said, “You also have an appointment with Yaoyao” and said that his eyes were turning around Yue Xiuning.

Yue Xiu Ning calmly nodded towards Qin Shuyao, showing no panic on his face.

Xia Fanyi glanced at Qin Shuyao, and stopped talking, but Qin Shuyao didn’t pay attention to him at all.

“Yingying” Qin Shuyao took Yan Shiying’s hand, and took her to look at her with guilt

“I asked you to come here because I have bad news to tell you. I know your birthday party in a few days. I can’t go,” she looked at her apologetically, “cur agency sent me an invitation. I had to go for an interview that day and I couldn’t be absent. I’m sorry, Yingying.”

Cur is one of the most famous music institutions in a city. One, Yan Shiying knew that Qin Shuyao would definitely not be able to refuse this kind of invitation.

It was precisely this point that she had fancy, so she deliberately chose the time of her birthday to give Qin Shuyao this opportunity, and Qin Shuyao’s choice did not disappoint her.

Yan Shiying couldn’t hide the loss of expression on her face, but she smiled and comforted her, “It doesn’t matter, of course the interview with cur is more important, don’t worry.”

But she was thinking in her heart, she would like to know her birthday party. Shang Qin Shuyao did not attend, and Yan’s father and mother had never seen Qin Shuyao, so how could the plot of her real life go on.

“But next week’s three-day tour our department is going to hold an event. There are not enough people. Can I invite you to join us?” Qin Shuyao looked at Xia Fanyi and Yue Xiuning.

Xia Fanyi immediately regained consciousness, “Of course I am fine, but why does this guy want to be together?” He glanced at Yue Xiuning somewhat depressed.

Yan Shiying looked at Yue Xiuning with interest.

Xia Fanyi probably didn’t know that his good brother was robbing Qin Shuyao with him. From Xia Fanyi’s reaction just now, she can see that the more Xiuning had hid the matter very well, she wanted to hear how he would answer. .

Unexpectedly, it was Qin Shuyao who spoke first, “Because he is your good friend, so I invited it together.” She paused, and blinked in confusion, “Why not?”

Yue Xiuning also said. Naturally, his face nodded in agreement.

Yan Shiying couldn’t help but sigh secretly that Qin Shuyao was really a good fisherman. After all, all three of them had seen her when she first came to Shengbo, so it seemed that there was nothing wrong with this kind of rhetoric.

It seems that she doesn’t want to give up, even if it is a few people traveling together, as long as she is there, it is a wonderful shield to give her room to deal with. Yan Shiying somewhat understands that the three heroes of the original plot cannot let Qin Shuyao put it down. The reason is.

However, Xia Fanyi had known that Qin Shuyao liked Ji Luoqing because she had touched him for the first time, but the more Xiuning seemed to be unaware of this.

Even her titular best friend was also a variety of side-by-side guessing, so Qin Shuyao took the initiative to tell her what she liked about Ji Luoqing. Usually, she rarely sees Ji Luoqing when these two people are present, and she hides her secret love for Ji Luoqing.

It just happened to have the opportunity of a three-day trip. She really wanted to know what would happen if Yue Xiuning found out that she was also a member of the fishery.

Thinking about it, Yan Shiying said, “I may not be able to go.”

Qin Shuyao was surprised “Why?”

“Sorry, I have an appointment with someone.” Yan Shiying shook her head towards Qin Shuyao with regret, “Go ahead,” I won’t go.”

No matter what, she wouldn’t be Qin Shuyao’s shield. She digs the hole and prepares to see how she jumps.

Just after speaking, Yue Xiuning suddenly said, “Who has an appointment with?”

Yan Shiying was startled.

He looked at her with a faint smile, and said unintentionally, “It’s a rare opportunity to play together, don’t you want to bring your friends with you?”

Xia Fanyi also followed, “Yes, are you really not with us?” He looked After Qin Shuyao glanced at it, he seemed to want her to help persuade.

Qin Shuyao was stunned, and after a few seconds of silence, she smiled and said, “Yingying, or?”

“You should go and play.” Yan Shiying chuckled and shook her head at her, expressing her refusal.

Now Xia Fanyi became more curious, “Who the hell is it? Or you can tell me quietly when you’re on the scene later.”

“Also quietly telling you that if I tell you, the people in the whole club will know, okay.

” I don’t know how to tell others.” 

“Don’t tell me, the last time I told him, I don’t know how to let the agency next door know it. If you tell him, it’s better to tell me.”

Several people said each sentence and she said one sentence. Gradually, Qin Shuyao couldn’t say a word. Seeing how the conversation got hotter and hotter, the smile on Qin Shuyao’s face slowly faded.

She lowered her head and pinched the corners of her skirt tightly. When she heard the laughter of a few people, she suddenly tingled slightly in her heart, and she stood up.

Several people stopped talking and looked at her with some surprise.

“You talk first, I’ll leave a little bit beforehand.” Qin Shuyao lowered her head and said in a low voice, then hurriedly walked away from them.

Xia Fanyi felt that her reaction was not right, and he was in a daze when he heard Yue

Xiuning say “You are not hurrying to chase her?” Xia Fanyi quickly followed Qin Shuyao, and in a blink of an eye there were only two of him and Yan Shiying left.

As soon as Xia Fanyi left, Yue Xiuning took off his nonchalant mask, drooping his face, and pressing Yan Shiying onto the white pillar behind him.

“You have an appointment.” He spit out a few words with a frosty face, and forced her to lift her chin to let her look at him, “Why don’t I know if you have to go on a date with someone on a three-day trip?”

Yan Shiying seemed a little surprised, but her pupils still stared at him clearly, “You misunderstood.”

Her slightly alienated attitude stung him, Yue Xiuning’s eyes condensed, and he leaned forward without hesitation before listening to her. Kiss down.

The moment the lips met, the more Xiuning felt a slight tingling sensation. It’s just that he hasn’t touched her for a few days, and he already misses her damnably.

Yue Xiuning couldn’t help holding her waist up on the steps so that he could kiss her deeper. He greedily and rudely demanded from her, his lips and tongue entangled with her eagerly and hotly, until she whimpered because she couldn’t breathe, he let her go and slowly straightened up.

Unexpectedly, her first sentence after speaking was “Will Xia Fanyi come back?”

Yue Xiu Ning smiled back, “You still have the mind to care about others?”

Even so, he still paid attention to the surrounding movement.

It’s already lunch break, most people go to the cafeteria to eat, almost no one will come here, it’s quiet all around.

Yue Xiuning lazily wiped the moist corners of her mouth, “He is probably with Qin Shuyao now, he will probably go to dinner together, and he probably won’t come back again.” Seeing her eyes moist and blushing, she looked at him with blushing cheeks. He couldn’t help but pecked her red lips.

“You can tell me honestly, did you have a boyfriend and who is the person you made an appointment with?” Yue Xiuning lowered his eyes, and said in an unusually gentle voice, “Don’t worry, I just want to hear the truth from you and won’t do anything to you. “That’s strange.

Yue Xiuning hugged her waist tightly, his eyes rolled around her face seemingly unintentionally.

But when he saw Yan Shiying’s lips curled up with astringent meaning, “I’m just afraid that Yaoyao will misunderstand it.” She turned her head and looked into the distance lightly, her voice was very soft, “Yaoyao seems to think I’ve been too close to you recently. I don’t want her to misunderstand you.”

Yue Xiuning was startled, staring at her with a heavy gaze, “She told you personally”

Yan Shiying shook her head and was silent.

Although she didn’t reveal any details, Yue Xiuning quickly gave birth to many associations from her words. Even Qin Shuyao took the initiative to invite him to meet today, feeling that she was ringing the alarm, intentionally or unintentionally.

No wonder three people will come together today.

The more Xiu Ning felt clear, and then looked at Yan Shiying, only to feel that the way she pressed her lips was unspeakable, her heart softened, “I just blamed you just now.”

He patiently thought of her. After explaining the bracelet, he softened her voice and coaxed her, “Yingying, don’t be angry with me, huh,”

He leaned over and pecked her lips, Yan Shiying’s cheeks reddened, and he whispered softly.

Yue Xiu waited quietly for a while, only to find that Yan Shiying hadn’t asked him anything, and he couldn’t help being surprised.

In the past, if the lover or girlfriend around him was wronged by this kind of grievance, he might have begun to make all kinds of requests to him at this time, or he would turn out the old account and beg him to coax her.

But Yan Shiying didn’t ask him for anything, and never even asked him for gifts.

As if all she had been asking for was just him.

When this thought was clearly formed in his mind, Yue Xiuning couldn’t help his eyes deepening, and leaned forward again.

He held her lips and sucked a few times, leaned into her lips and licked and sucked heavily against her lips and tongue. His breathing became unconsciously heavy and strange. He had kissed her many times, so why did he still feel the smell of her? Never tasted enough to feel that, she was clinging to his chest unconsciously, the more Xiuning’s eyes filled with a smile, and the hotter entanglement with her.

After the kiss, Yan Shiying’s feet softened and almost couldn’t stand.

She leaned against Yue Xiuning and couldn’t help breathing, letting him hold her tightly.

If it’s not against her plan, Yan Shiying almost wants to sleep. He tastes her taste.

Although she only wanted to use him to destroy the world’s nuclear, Yan Shiying had to admit that Yue Xiuning’s skill and experience in this area made her very satisfied. Compared with Ji Luoqing’s kiss like a white paper, Yue Xiuning is impeccable in technique and physical strength.

It’s just today that she is extremely enthusiastic about him.

Although Yue Xiuning was also panting, it was very shallow, and his chest undulating after a few breathing rates adjusted.

He looked down at Yan Shiying. Yan Shiying’s eyes were moisturized, her face flushed, and her eyes half-squinted like a fox. She was indescribably gorgeous and attractive, and beautiful enough to make him a little bit contemplative.

Yue Xiu Ning couldn’t help but leaned forward, just about to touch her lips when she held out a finger.

“I should go to eat.” Yan Shiying looked at him faintly , “Otherwise someone would be suspicious.” Yue Xiu Ning was slightly taken aback, and wanted to say something more, Yan Shiying did not wait for him to speak, so she pushed away. She pulled away and walked out.

Suddenly, Yue Xiuning looked at Yan Shiying’s ruthlessly gone figure with a deep gaze, closed his eyes and took a few breaths before he felt the desire that kept flowing in his body calmed down.

Yan Shiying took out the mirror and took lipstick to touch up her makeup as she walked. Almost everyone went to dinner at this time, and she saw no one on the way.

The surrounding area also seemed extremely quiet, so quiet that she could hear the sound of her footsteps on the road.

But at this moment, Yan Shiying heard a subtle sound that was not easily noticeable.

She couldn’t help turning her head, but only saw a bush shaking in the distance, and it seemed that someone was passing by.

Yan Shiying’s gaze condensed, and immediately put away the mirror and walked quickly to the shrub. She pushed aside the shrub, only to see a bunch of remnant flowers on the ground that had been brutally crushed.

The flower seemed to be cruelly crushed by someone holding it in the palm of the hand. The whole flower was almost pinched out of juice, and there were a few dirty petals scattered on the ground. At first glance, she knew that someone must have been here just now.

Suddenly, Yan Shiying thought of something. With a heartbeat, she walked into the bushes and leaned out to look around, and found that this position could clearly see the positions of her and Yue Xiuning just now.

Yan Shiying’s eyes couldn’t help but become solemn.

Who is hiding here?

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